I have never heard the term "web 3" used in any context other than trying to sell some cryptocurrency, to the point where I cannot take it seriously at all.

@Gargron What Ethereum developers call the web3 looks like predation of the web as an actual technology, from another technology tying information distribution and integrity to economic transactions mechanisms, while what people on #SocialHub the “Web 3.0” would appear as reclaiming the Web 2.0 (“social web”) from monolithic corporations like Facebook.

The “social web” being different from the “Web 1.0” by enabling anyone to share contents on Wikipedia or WordPress, start an online shop on Etsy or something similar, without having to write HTML code.

As you can see, it wouldn’t make sense to add versioning semantics to three different eras if this wasn’t communication and the goal wasn’t to be catchy towards a non-technical audience.

@Gargron In other words blockchains call themselves the web3 as an EEE operation happening between two different technologies, while to paraphrase Tim Berners Lee our values "can be thought of as a mid-course correction".

@af @Gargron

Yes, I agree. Very annoying terminology use, an EEE operation indeed. They also try to capture "decentralized" for themselves and make reference to the "DWeb" and "DApps".

Maybe we should brainstorm a clear catchphrase as terminology that defines the open, human web.. the one that is for everyone, and constitutes the evolution away from the corporate web.

Maybe "OpenWeb" can already be this thing, idk.


@humanetech @af @Gargron

The scuttlebutts consider blockchains to be "P2P versions of centralized systems":

To participate in an Ethereum-based system, you must use the same blockchain. A cloned blockchain is stored in every full node, but each clone is the same.

Vs in the fediverse, many nodes use different software and are not clones but can still federate.

And with the stuff that @cwebber and others are working on, fedi shd be able to provide secure transactions.

@bhaugen @humanetech @af @gargron There are really two versions of decentralization: "convergent decentralization", which results in multiple people participating convergently in the same machine. If this is the "only" machine, then it can be snarkily called "decentralized centralization"

The other kind is "decentralized communicating encapsulated objects", and it's what the fediverse does by and large and also CapTP.

@bhaugen @humanetech @af @gargron
What Agoric has figured out is that the former can just be a node on the latter. See the first five minutes of youtube.com/watch?v=7u0yVJjBBe

There are some times where you might want convergent machines. They aren't as many as the zeitgeist currently thinks.


Quite OT, but I'm having issues with fedi notifications and they seem server-related. Did not receive Reply notification of the above toots by @cwebber and @bhaugen

And never a notification of replies from Bob Mottram (whose account also doesn't show up on Mention right now).

Plus today this weird notification (see image) where Bob favourited me, but the post was from @alcinnz

Think its server-related because both masto Web UI and Fedilab android client don't notify me.


@humanetech @Gargron @cwebber @bhaugen @alcinnz @af I have assumed that this is a bug and changed the like behavior in #Epicyon back to be more similar to what it was previously. So now it will always try to like the post announced, rather than the announce itself, even though in the UI the announce should appear liked.

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