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We need to see tackling the challenges before us as an adventure, not something to overwhelm us.

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Bittorrent is all about sharing in abundance as fast as possible, Blockchain is about preserving ownership through inefficiency

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#SurveillanceCapitalism is like the Global Warming of the Information Technology world.

- Most people don't know about it.
- People whose behavior helps it don't want to talk about it.
- A few corporations make ridiculous profits from it.
- No immediate side-effects are felt at an individual level but only over the long run.
- The people who warn about its dangers are dismissed as being paranoid.

Also, surveillance capitalism indirectly helped global warming by getting Trump elected.

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Even capitalist Forbes magazine is telling us capitalism is the problem, and still no one listens,,,,

quarterly reports are the motive of every corporation. corpos are zombies. only the living can stop them.
#Capitalism #Anthropocene

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“Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says“

There is a hard limit to how much of an effect lifestyle changes alone can have.

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so to power a single rpi for 24h you need to capture 120 Wh of energy while the sun is up.

good solar panels are around 3 USD / W

you can get a 200 Wh power pack for about 200 USD that will hold you over for an extra day if you don't have sun

but you'll need to make sure you can fill it up <1 sunny day

200 * 1.5 = 300

200 * 2 = 400

which translates to 600-800 USD worth of solar panels

really depends on what kind of safety margin you want to have

assuming, of course, that you need this to run 24/7
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@njoseph @bhaugen @maiki @maloki

In most democracies it's long been illegal for authorities to enter your house without a warrant.

It should be illegal to view your server/data without a warrant, for exactly the same reasons.

If our lives are going online, the legal principles that protect us offline need to go online too. The current situation is at least as much a regulatory problem as a technical one.

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linux coc Show more

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It's been a long time since I wrote a post on the blog, but the occasion deserves it. I have a new job! And one of our goals at @moodlenet is to make the world freer and less dependent on large corporations #ActivityPub

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@bhaugen @maiki @maloki Well, the downside of portable devices being servers is that it becomes easy and perfectly legal for border security agents to make full copies of your data since it's all on your device and not in the cloud.

Maybe there will be some kind of backup to a remote machine, delete local data and restore later mechanism that will help people avoid this situation.

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@dajbelshaw @laura My reasoning parallels @laura . To me the logical endpoint of federation is individual instances, and it fits into what I call networked agency. Blogged about it at

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"Welcome to the sustainability revolution."
"We believe it represents the biggest investment opportunity in history."

When a Swiss private bank try to profit from the collapse that is coming...
These fucking banks are part of the problem, they are the problem! Not the solution!

Go fuck yourselves banksters!

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@clacke This is part of the theory behind Spritely: the dream to build a distributed massively multiplayer secure gaming environment might not succeed, but that's okay because it will almost certainly result in very interesting things. Flickr, Google Earth, much of object capability design, Python's Twisted framework... all of these things started out with the aim of building such a massively multiplayer game.

So I think even if the game bit doesn't succeed, we'll end up someplace interesting.

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Installed Manyverse from FDroid. Sure, I'll experiment. Though I'll keep it installed even if I don't use it, because that way I can use FDroid to share the app with others if the net ever goes down for prolonged periods, so we can nucleate a little disaster-resilient social network. Phones have great batteries, can be easily solar-charged, and are portable to sync between distant networks to spread news and help.
I think that's pretty #Solarpunk.

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I wrote a thing about decentralizing the internet !
But in the U.K. they spell it with an ‘s’ it’s weird

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