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The progress I’ve been making with projects like and are giving me more hope in seeing what I’d like to for the IndieWeb. I really want to build stuff that I can gladly show to friends and help them join as well. That’s part of the reason why I joined Glitch, in a way, the company’s attempting to bring back `view source` to the Web. I want to help bring back the actual social nature of it as well.

That’s a ramble, though…

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imagine if instead of designing and maintaining counterfeit-proof tickets, payment machines, card scanners, and police... they just let people ride the bus for free. imagine!!

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To developers of FOSS:

Please do not use Creative Commons/CC licenses (other than CC0) for your code! Some CC licenses are incompatible with things people may do with your code, like package it for distributions, derive new works from it, or even sell it on discs at loss to schools. The GNU GPL, BSD, MIT, etc. licenses are much better for software.

CC licenses don't target software, meaning using one could cause serious legal trouble for you.

More info:

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Imagine being Barbara Liskov, winning the Turing award, and still have the legitimacy of your work called into question by some online keyboard warriors.

Great interview on topics like AI, code composition, the internet, "lowering the bar" and more.

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The person at Google who requested the calendar snooping plugin is also the one that has been meeting with a union busting consultancy for months

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`typeof(NaN) returns... “number.” A more obvious return value would be “HAIL BEELZEBUB, LORD OF DARK-NESS,” but I digress.`

just reading some James Mickens...

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So #littrme is up and running as an #ActivityPub C2S client for #fedbox.

Federation is not finished yet of course, and you can't do much except post things, comment on them and like or dislike them.

This is a bit underwhelming for almost two years of work, but a lot of things have happened under the hood, so it's not all wasted time.

If you are interested in playing with its very basic features give it a spin at:

Thank you!

#fediverse #activitypubdev #announcement

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Fat cowboys with big trucks, gun racks, horse haulers and 3000 sqft houses surrounded by barbed wire fences don't understand #ecology.

They call themselves "ranchers" or "farmers", but they are delusional.

Our lands were made for Bison, not cattle.

"He found out by fencing off small patches of land along the bison migration route. By comparing the plants within and beyond the fences, the team learned that bison graze so intensely that they freeze plants in early spring for weeks at a time, preventing them from maturing and forcing them to continuously produce young shoots. Other North American mammals like mule deer can’t do this, because they travel in small-enough groups that plants can still outgrow the effects of their grazing. Bison, however, gather in the thousands. By moving in synchrony, they don’t have to surf the green wave. Uniquely, they can also create it.

Their actions change the landscape. In areas where bison graze, plants contain 50 to 90 percent more nutrients by the end of the summer. This not only provides extra nourishment for other grazers, but prolongs the growing season of the plants themselves. And by trimming back the plant cover in one year, bison allow more sunlight to fall on the next year’s greenery, accelerating its growth. When Geremia’s team looked at parts of Yellowstone where bison numbers have fluctuated, it found that the green wave grew in intensity and crested over a longer period as the herds grew larger. The bison engineer and intensify the spring. And astonishingly, they had a stronger influence on the timing of plant growth than weather and other environmental variables. They’re equivalent to a force of nature."

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♲ #OtD 19 Nov 1915, Joe Hill, Swedish-American @iww member and songwriter was executed by firing squad for a murder he did not commit. In his final letter he wrote: "don't waste any time in mourning. Organize." More info in this book:…

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Me and @gavcloud just watched @aral's speech to the EU Parliament about the future of the internet and how it relates to the #fediverse and #mastodon and damn did they do a good job! Fierce!

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Weekend progress: PeachCloud physical interface now allows switching between client and AP mode (WiFi), turning off the display and shutting down the device.


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Fediverse: We are family - We are Community - We are Future
(deutsche Version darunter)

----(English Version)----
While I was watching the EU talk "The future internet regulation" I came across the idea that we shouldn't proceed calling the fediverse, federation and ourselves as an "alternative social network" or an alternative to facebook, twitter or other social networks. In german I would call that "tiefstapeln" that can maybe translated as "to be overmodest".

We should be conscious that decentralized systems like the fediverse and federation are the future of the internet. So, when we are talking about us and our communities, we should start talking instead of the alternatives of the internet/social networks / etc about the future of the internet !

With decentralized systems like the fediverse and the federation are, it is possible to create _real_ digital communities. Regardless if they are virtual worldwide or regional local. Start realizing that the fediverse and federation is the start to a future, where community and democracy could go hand in hand.

It's just our mindset. But it is important to understand that this small change in words, how we describe ourselves makes a huge difference. So let's state:

We are family - We are Community - We are Future

----(Deutsche Version)----
Als ich die EU-Vortrag "The future internet regulation" sah, stieß ich auf die Idee, dass wir das Fediverse und die Federation und uns selbst nicht mehr als "alternatives soziales Netzwerk" oder als Alternative zu Facebook, Twitter oder anderen sozialen Netzwerken bezeichnen sollten. Auf Deutsch würde ich das "tiefstapeln" nennen, das vielleicht als "to be overmodest" übersetzt werden kann.

Wir sollten uns bewusst sein, dass dezentrale Systeme wie das Fediverse und die Federation die Zukunft des Internets sind. Wenn wir also über uns und unsere Communities (Gemeinschaft) sprechen, sollten wir anfangen, anstelle von Alternativen des Internets / sozialer Netzwerke / etc. über die Zukunft des Internets zu sprechen!

Mit dezentralen Systemen wie dem Fediverse und der Föderation ist es möglich, _reale_ digitale Communities zu schaffen. Unabhängig davon, ob es sich um virtuell weltweite oder regional lokale Systeme handelt. Beginnt zu begreifen, dass das Fediverse und die Federation der Beginn einer Zukunft ist, in der Communities und Demokratie Hand in Hand gehen können.

Es ist nur unsere Denkweise. Aber es ist wichtig zu verstehen, dass diese kleine Veränderung in Worten, wie wir uns selbst beschreiben, einen sehr großen Unterschied bewirkt. Also lasst uns darüber im Klaren sein:

We are family - We are Community - We are Future

#Fediverse #Federation #Friendica #Mastodon #Pleroma #Hubzilla #Pixelfed #Peertube #Funkwhale #Diaspora #ActivityPub

#WeAreFamily #WeAreCommunity #WeAreFuture

Disroot pads are starting to work for me! Yay! @muppeth fixed the broken comments!

I have escaped!

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Yah! The first #DjangoConAfrica is going to take place in #Ethiopia come November 2020. The exact conference dates will be announced soon. So excited about this 🥳🥳 Read more 👇

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