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Please don't fall for the #deathcult libdems hideing behind there smiling soft social face.

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My creative partner and I are setting up our #OpenCollective page. Whether the role in our project is copy or code, we're basing cost estimates and payouts from contributions for our labor at $15USD/hour

The project involves updating 3 games from the end of the golden era of play by email to play over ActivityPub. The first milestone involves creating a gateway for the games to replace the role of the mail server and bespoke web services of the original games and refactoring the games to generate JSON instead of HTML for the gateway. The goal is to eventually federate all aspects of game play, administration, and development on an ActivityPub network that gateways an acceptable amount of traffic to the Fediverse

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I vaguely remember someone running a fedi instance in Africa and for Africans, but I cannot find it. Anyone knows which one that could be?

Asking for a friend, who's driving up from South Africa to Uganda with a mobile maker space in a transporter. She's only on birdsite now, and it'd be perfect to spread some fedi goodness around.

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Thoughts on Red Hat's advice to FSF Show more

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I like coding a lot, other people should too!
It's like learning to build and creates something new.
As you go, you'll meet people who're grumpy and mean
Don't let them get you down, let your brightness be seen!

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We are skipping the blog post this week, so here is a summary of #Glimpse progress:

* We now have a new About window & splash screen

* Mac port is blocked, so will be pushed out until after 0.1 is released.

* @trechnex is making good progress on the Windows port and is continuing to develop our Travis CI integration

* @chaomodus has is fixing the metadata in our Linux flatpak.

* @brainblasted is remodeling our website

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I'm working on a new project to add "groups" functionality to the . It will work entirely via federation protocols, so you'll keep using your existing or other app account and join groups by following them.

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I want to see a world where we no longer center software developers in our endeavors. Where "source code" is no longer our main concern. GitHub created a world where we take source code for granted. Let's keep doing that!

Now stop taking for granted the labor that requires.

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An upgraded Confederate monument Show more

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I'm increasingly of the opinion that the way forward for us is to build a dual-purpose Commons: one where our communities can freely partake and share and collaborate and learn and build each other up, while those who seek to profit on their own terms put cold hard cash down.

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The next FLOSS philosophy Show more

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Godot: a FREE & Open Source game engine is $200 shy of being able to hire their 3rd full time contributor!

Godot is in the same league as the current commercial ones, with many innovations in workflow, features and usability.

A complete editor, dedicated 2D and 3D engines, animation tools, multi-platform exports, plugins, a Free asset store +more.

Please contribute if able; times of much change are upon us.

#Godot #GameEngine #OPENSOURCE #gaming #freedom

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There is corporate open-source software made in the software equivalent of sweat shops in developing countries. It doesn't respect the freedom of its developers. Is it only the user's freedom that's important? What about the rights of the worker who made it?

Shouldn't real free software respect the freedom of both the developers and the users? Maybe it's time to extend the definition.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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A friend suggested today that it's time for a manifesto and I agree. Another friend in another conversation mentioned that "free software" and "open source" are not relevant terms for what we need. I also agree.

It's time for something new. A new, community-centered ecosystem.

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What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us Show more

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@joeyh I've taken to watching YT exclusively in Incognite mode, by Web.

Actually, I've taken to watching YT exclusively via

No tracking, option to switch to Reddit comments. No ads.

And the suggestions are ... well, they're what they are.

mpv and mps-youtube are also far better -- audio only which for most of what I'm interested in is a net win.

Ability to easily search and create temporary or permanent playliists also hugely useful.

@sillystring @sir
P.S. I am not saying evolutionarily successful is a mark of goodness in any larger sense of the idea. Look at capitalism. But the minimum is evolutionarily successful.

My alltime fave language, Smalltalk, did not quite make it.

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It begins, the largest strike in over a decade as 49,000 workers walkout st General Motors nationwide – At GMCH Main Lot

@sillystring @sir
I wonder if somebody deleted the toot I was responding to there. It was about hating on JS, which is also easy to do...

@sillystring @sir
Everybody got their own favorite evolutionarily successful language(s) to hate on....

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