is a free open source platform for reviewing anything, supported by data from open sources such as Wikidata, OpenStreetMap etc.

It's sort of a Libre alternative to Yelp.

You can follow the project at:

➡️ @lib_reviews

The project website is at

You can see the code or contribute at

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“GP receptionists like me shouldn’t have to play God with who gets the Covid vaccine. The abuse we receive is profound” Receptionists play such a key role in making practices more accessible and reducing stigma, and generally they’re good! Give them a break.

“Sydney-based fund manager Pinnacle paid the $641,000 it received in JobKeeper to charity after it reported profits of $67 million from the year, up from $32.2 million the prior year.” That’s public money, shouldn’t we get to decide where it goes rather than to a charity an ASX listed company deems worthy?

suicide, self harm, public architecture 

Makes some important points about the inaccessiblility and frankly dangerous design of edifices that pretend to be part of the public realm.

“I Knew the Vessel Was Going to Have a Suicide Problem Years Before It Was Built”

Good article on the way COVID is laying bare the inequalities In society and relying on them to spread in South Western Sydney, with comment from Julie Leask and I

An important Guardian Full Story epsiode on how the Tampa affair changed Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers – and unleashed a toxic policy innovation into the world that continues to poison the politics of the US, the UK and Italy to name a few

Regime starts on Saturday. Still no way to apply - “Registration for workers leaving or entering a COVID-19 area of concern” Only affects more than a million people, no biggie

Article refers to self-harm, suicidal ideation, depression 

“Depression is why I’m writing this. Shame is why I’m writing it under a pseudonym” amp-theguardian-com.cdn.amppro

Thinking of setting up a Gemini capsule as a lockdown project. I presume this is where people info it dwell - any advice?


The episode where I become COVID concerned aerosol school dad: We should install air purifiers with HEPA filters in every classroom. It could help with COVID, bushfire smoke and asthma

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