One bonus of having our army of weird, bespoke instances is that most of them arenโ€™t blocked here in China, unlike those popular sites that shall not be named.

Glucose and HbA1c screening alone does not increase detection of previously unidentified diabetes in patients admitted from EDs Unlike the paperโ€™s conclusion, Iโ€™m not sure dedicated staff and resourcing would change this either

Australian Genomics is calling for a change in research ethics and governance frameworks Multisite approvals do slow down research (and can be frustrating), but we need to make sure any changes protect participants

@hugh do I recall correctly that you made a toot deleter? Iโ€™d love it if you could please steer me towards it.

Do they though? Building RNN/deep learning models of things like โ€œfeelingsโ€ and โ€œlearningโ€ without fundamentally understanding the phenomena seems kind of silly.

'I live on the street now': how Americans fall into medical bankruptcy This used to happen in Australia before Medicare, and this is why we need to resist calls for expanded/unfettered markets in healthcare

For All Mankind hasnโ€™t been kindly reviewed, but I found it kind of thrilling. @liamvhogan youโ€™d like the Red Plenty qualifies, at least I think you would.

Do general practice management and/or team care arrangements reduce avoidable hospitalisations in Central and Eastern Sydney, Australia? bmchealthservres.biomedcentral

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