Ok j'en ai assez de l'ethic washing dans le design / la tech. Je commence une archive de captures d'événements / articles / blogposts où je remplacerai systématiquement "design" ou "technology" par "crystal meth".


Yahoo Groups is shutting down and all the archives will be deleted vice.com/en_us/article/8xwe9p/ via MeFi

I still get emails from the Most Significant Change evaluation group.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take a group you administer, try groups.io

I don’t mind spiders but after finding five huntsmen, a redback and a Sydney funnelweb today I think I’m done.

@JPEG Hey I saw Allegory is profiled on the MacOS App Store - great! Downloading it now.

A great Twitter thread on how to write useful image descriptions mobile.twitter.com/RobotHugsCo

Much more relevant for us on Masto because we actually try to do it.

Catalan separatist leaders given lengthy prison sentences theguardian.com/world/2019/oct The aftermath of austerity and the damage it’s done to democracy is everywhere in Catalonia.

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