tl;dr: prehistoric conch horn still works - First record of the sound produced by the oldest Upper Paleolithic seashell horn

AI can detect human emotions with wireless signals The total absence of considerations about whether this should be done highlights the urgent need for much stricter ethical oversight of AI research

Interesting article on the role several animal species are playing in covid research - and the toll it’s taking on their species

I’ve been rewatching the excellent series Counterpart. It was prescient in imagining a world recovering from a respiratory pandemic. Perhaps our world might resemble Prime more than Alpha ten years from now. This post places it in a post-COVID context

@JPEG saw allegory is app of the day - congrats!

The backyard, an experiment in using monochrome watercolours for shading(ish). Didn’t really work but Fresco’s watercolour tool is very interesting and something I want to muck around with more.

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