“An Examination of Building Defects in Residential Multi-owned Properties” Pretty striking stuff in this report from Nicole Johnstone and @drsachareid@twitter.com deakin365-my.sharepoint.com/pe

Forget twelve years, we’ve got maybe five. “People have the misapprehension that we can recover from this state just by reducing carbon emissions, Anderson said.” forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2

I don’t know if it’s a guilty pleasure exactly, but I love Olivia Jaimes’ Nancy comics a lot

"Our data indicate that climate change mitigation, i.e., following the Paris Agreement, could considerably help in suppressing risks of increased abundance and emergence of A. aegypti globally in the second half of the twenty-first century." frontiersin.org/articles/10.33

“the scientific status quo “lends itself to universalizing, extractive, and colonial tendencies, even if it starts with good intentions.”” theatlantic.com/video/index/59

'Children are the real victims of conflict' - @Muheisen81@twitter.com’s exceptional work profiled by @SBS@twitter.com sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/greek/

I can’t recall asking them to, but Microsoft has started sending me emails to depress me about work

Early success with room for improvement: influenza vaccination of young Australian children - @DrFrankBeard@twitter.com and colleagues in @theMJA@twitter.com onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/fu

Important research on motivated numeracy and climate change from @matt_nurse@twitter.com and @willozap@twitter.com, which has broad implications for risk communication theconversation.com/we-asked-p

A rather concise indictment of U.S. higher education and healthcare, and why both sectors should be wary about taking 𝘢𝘯𝘺 lessons from America chronicle.com/interactives/201

Legend @Lizzie_OShea@twitter.com now officially also a hero: Lizzie O’Shea declared “Hero” for mobilizing the Australian public against the government’s anti-encryption legislation accessnow.org/lizzie-oshea-hum

The Burial Files, a new podcast from @statelibrarynsw@twitter.com on the 30,000 people who buried in the Devonshire Street Cemetery before Central Station was built


One of my former teachers received an OAM for service to the Indigenous community of Bourke today. It’s very deserved recognition for a lifetime of service.

“The problem is that liberal democracies in their current form are in a state of collapse for a reason: they are, indeed, incapable of addressing the systemic complexity of the crisis of civilization.” medium.com/insurge-intelligenc

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