Happy Motherfuckers Day, you motherfuckers. Now go give that mother who made you a father some appreciation for it.

Interestingly, ownership of the unused solidarityeconomy.org domain is redacted in the registry.

Hey, let’s move to Asheville and start a brewery.

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I just joined the Ampled Co-op as a community member. They are an artist-owned co-op for musicians with an economic model very similar to Cosmos. Good vibes from this gang...


"Direct support for all musicians. Collectively owned, community supported." #music #coop #artists #platformcoop

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"“Name the colors, blind the eye” is an old Zen saying, illustrating that the intellect’s habitual ways of branding and labeling creates a terrible experiential loss by displacing the vibrant, living reality with a steady stream of labels. It is the same way with space, which is solely the conceptual mind’s way of clearing its throat, of pausing between identified symbols."

That’s quite an interesting thing to consider while having coffee under the morning sun. Also, good morning.

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I think one of the hardest things for people with traditional biz backgrounds to understand about is that the model seeks to de-commodify the firm.

In particular, that means that thinking in terms of % of doesn't work, which throws many for a loop. Instead, value is delivered to members as the return of profits that would have otherwise been extracted from their labor or custom, but the value of the firm itself is generally not part of the equation.

“Because if what’s good for you is also good for society then the word selfish doesn’t have any meaning anymore.”
Scott Barry Kaufman

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social.coop meta meta 

What would it mean to apply C Alexander's 15 principles to Social.Coop, for example? How could we cultivate and support life in this space by being aware of centers, echoes, repetition, gradients, contrast, good shape, roughness, borders, and the rest?

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As slow as dial-up modems were, it sure was nice to be able to switch ISPs by changing phone numbers.

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Three wolf pups were found in Colorado. 🐺🐺🐺

They are the first wolves native to Colorado since the state government, at the behest of ranchers, killed the last one in 1945.

This is a small step in the decolonization process of restoring keystone species and repairing the sacred bond wolves and humans once held.


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Proposal to change the abbreviation of lavalier from lav to lava so "hot mic" has more entendre.

Sharing the flonase bottle with your partner is true love.

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Opinion: 'Landlord' feudal, correctly dated term that helps paint housing hoarders backed by police violence honestly.

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@hakanto in my co-op studies at the university it was explained that in a sense the co-op owns itself, ie. it's a common good for the members. This can be seen in the fact that a member isn't entitled to more than their own investment of the co-op capital, the rest is for the commons, as well as the surplus, and should not be demutualized.

Hence co-op members are not owners in the same sense as in a corporation, so terminological distinction can be useful.

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Coops should scrap charitable donations and instead invest the money into new coops. Charity tackles symptoms, coops change structural root causes.

It would have a deeper, more sustainable social impact, improve the bottom line and distinguish coops more from capitalist firms.

Right now the charitable work coops do is indistinguishable from that of their capitalist competitors, at least to the ordinary member.

What’s that open alternative to google docs for collaborative text composition?

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