The leading edge of this hurricane extends from Savannah to Beaufort (NC).

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I don't think it's true that fascism is capitalism in crisis

It's more accurate to say that capitalism is fascism in times of domestic peace

Hurricane Ian has been hanging off of the Florida coast all day at cat 3 strength. Nightmare.

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the experience of moving through the subway is one of crumbling neglected public infrastructure illuminated by bright and well maintained advertisements

Last fall a few of us organized to raise funds to defend our friend and mentor Jessica Gordon Nembhard from a vindictive lawsuit. We had some technical issues and are restarting the fundraiser on a better platform.

Please give your attention and a little money to help Dr. Gordon Nembhard retire those lawyers bills! And please share this link.

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill one night, and then he texted me. I said, "but Joe, you're decades dead." "I never died, said he. I live on electronically."

I buy things on eBay to avoid using Amazon. It really bugs me when my eBay purchases arrive in Amazon packaging.

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I have no idea why men talk about the cost of alcohol when you can literally get it for free in any bar you walk into. I've gotten all my free drinks on merit, why do men have to drag something irrelevant like gender into things?


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I've been trying to explain this for two years now. N95s were designed primarily for male caucasian faces. KN95 and KF94 standards came about not because we wanted a knockoff mask standard, but because Asian faces could not pass fit tests with N95 masks.

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I've just noticed that Douglas Adams died 21 years ago. It seems like only yesterday.

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Once again, for the people in the back:

Corporate greed, not wages, is behind inflation. It’s time for price controls

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Last one, the Litany Against Fear from Dune. A4 size on good quality art paper with archival ink.

$150 USD which includes shipping. Note the postage time disclaimer in the thread above, too.

#calligraphy #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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housing in fiction 

I think we're in an odd situation where on the one hand, younger generations don't know what's been lost so they look at older sitcoms and think "that lifestyle is unrealistic for someone who has that job". At the same time we've got older generations who don't know what's been lost producing contemporary fiction thinking "this lifestyle is realistic for someone who's got this job" when it's not anymore

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"There will very likely be some softening of labor market conditions," Powell said on Wednesday. "We will keep at it until we are confident the job is done."

It's so reassuring to know that the people responsible for managing our national economy are hard at working making sure more people become unemployed ("softening labor market conditions"). Heart-warming stuff, that.

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"Communist society"; in the sense of a society organized exclusively on that single principle -- could never exist. But all social systems, even economic systems like capitalism, have always been built on top of a bedrock of actually-existing communism.
-- David Graeber

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Message from the Federation of Anarchism Era, about the Iranian uprising (1/2) 

<How can the International community help the uprising in Iran?
1) Please continue being the voice of the people of Iran outside the country.
2) This is important. Keep Ibrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic, out of Iran.>

<There are multiple reasons why this uprising is going better than our previous experiences.>

<1) The regime got caught unprepared. With the uprising of the thirsty (2021), the hungry (2022), & November 2019, the regime had prepared for the possibility of revolt. Not this time.>

<2) Ibrahim Raisi, the executive chief of Iran, is at the UN. Khamenei is old and sick, not present in governance as much as before.
So, one of the most senior authorities in Iran is not present to lead the police and IRGC effectively to clamp down on the protests.>

<3) The police have no clear directive. Also, the regime's hands are tied as they are trying to advance their goals on the negotiation tables. They can't afford the world to see them butchering people for Hijab.>

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