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Is there a 'power chart' of mastodon users?

Something like "Number of followers" against "Number of users with this many followers"?

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Magic: The Gathering newbie help 


There are some kids at school that A) are pretty good kids (objectively better than the kids my oldest hangs out with there by default) and B) play a lot of Magic: The Gathering.

My oldest *does* want to hang out with them more but he doesn't know how to play MTG nor does he have any cards.

He has a decent collection of Pokemon cards and plays that very well.

Where do I start?

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@Matt_Noyes @beckett I'd also throw out that more or less put to bed the marxist notion of a direct linkage between investment capitalization and productive capacity in favor of capitalization reflecting relative amounts of power to order and reorder economic life.

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I know you all already know how ignorant US conservatives are, but the fact that they think the Queen of England actually decides the policies in the Queen's Speech is some way beyond embarrassing. It's like if I assumed Hunter Biden was going to inherit the presidency when his dad dies.

How does anyone who subscribes the Labor Theory of Value get behind bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

What are good alternatives to Quicken, Mint, and other data-harvesting personal accounts management software? Is GNUcash a viable option? Moneydance? TIA

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Despair, conceptual claustrophobia 

Like, wearing masks was an absolute nothing of a social expectation for treating the people around you like their life had worth and HUGE SWATHS OF PEOPLE COULDN'T EVEN BE ASSED TO DO IT.

I'm supposed to "go back to normal" with that knowledge? I can't unlearn that I'm surrounded by sociopaths.

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Is Firefox normally a memory hog or is it just the umpteen tabs I have open?

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