"But the two archetypes are rooted in the same basic belief: that to be visible in the world as a high-achieving, creative woman, you’d best be a little bit of a fuck-up."

"Why High-Achieving Women Pretend Their Lives Are in Shambles"

It would be cool if we all made a semi-commitment to post and interact here :TwinPines: all at the same time in synchronicity each week for one hour like every Saturday at 3 pm. Doing things together is easier than doing them alone. 😀

college mentioned numerous times, trade schools not once.

When will those of us who choose other paths get equally addressed by the left?

Two thirds of Americans don't have a college degree. Average electrician gets paid more than average college graduate.

It's pretty socialist for a blue collar worker getting rid of the capitalist by going voluntarily self-employed. Yet these people identify with the right, as they see themselves as entrepreneurs (that they are).

An object lesson in how being fancy or clever rarely makes for a good user interface. This is a calendar UI to choose a booking time for a game.

(Source: lockedinprague.com/?l=en)

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Eager to see part 3 of 2 ;-), but meanwhile. I think the "work of social.coop" is not so narrow as you suggest - again, DisCO is interesting because it integrates care as work. And everyone who toots is producing content and creating (reinforcing) relationships, network building...

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I just accidentally discovered that you can italicize emojis in a Google Doc. I have so many feelings. This is too much on a Friday.

To be clear, I'm still not keen on Yang, this is not an endorsement. But still, the take was interesting.

A surprisingly positive take on what Yang gets right, from very socialist Jacobin: "Dear Yang and Gang, Nothing but Love and Respect to You"

Late-stage capitalism woodpecker: stashes 300 lbs of acorns that they themselves can't access or use.

RT @gunsnrosesgirl3@twitter.com

This is a wireless antenna in California. Network coverage was disrupted by an Acorn woodpecker, a 3 ounce bird stashing an estimated 35-50 gallons/300lbs of acorns.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/gunsnrosesgirl3/st

one of the most efficient things about capitalism is how every website you go to pings like 300 other websites so they can try to serve you ads for shit like a chair that you already bought

"And, as Wiener made clear to me, “Silicon Valley is just one of the massive American institutions that reflect the interests and anxieties and failures of our time. It’s not the root of everything.”
“It’s just sort of a steroidal version of capitalism… It’s intoxicating. Until,” she said, “you’re hungover.”

Anna Wiener: On Hustle-Porn Culture and the Death of Benign Tech

New Ordinance effective immediately:

White people *must* say "as a white person," before commenting *anything* about race.

Perhaps identifying themselves will cause them to reflect before posting foolishness.

Exciting call for art submissions for upcoming SF art show:
"We’re looking for stories and pieces about alternate versions of San Francisco’s past, present, and future. We’re especially interested in pieces centering the perspectives of communities that have been marginalized, pushed out, or forced to adapt for survival."

The San Francisco that Could Be: galaxybrain.co/sf-2020-prospec

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Jacobin is at it again, with another data-backed analysis of why Sanders is more likely to win over Trump than Warren:

"Elizabeth Warren’s Electoral Track Record Is Incredibly Worrying"

Catalyst Project's curriculum readings to support action to stop conflict with Iran, including Iran history, history of US-Iran conflict, timelines, etc:


The current MacBook line is a great blessing for the makers of compressed-air electronics "dusters". 🧹

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