Going live on , hacking with @anaulin and Sadie! Starting with getting Sadie's machine going; then moving forward with Marketplace.

is a "big tent" cooperative, with the intention that anyone who wants to show up and contribute can become worker-owners.

Our Wednesday sessions are to build cohesion + momentum; and getting people onboarded is 100% part of that!

Follow along here: convene.zinc.coop/livestream

A new cooperative boardgame from one of my favorite game designers is in the works! This one is about fighting climate change.


When recruiters do a mail-merge with data harvested from LinkedIn and don't even bother double-checking their data.

Yep, my experience at 馃樆 really recommends me. 馃檭

A little bit of a late start for @anaulin and I's live stream!


Join if you wanna chit-chat as we work to build the digital solidarity economy!

About to start hacking on w/@anaulin! Continuing from the top of our Andromeda Milestone: github.com/zinc-collective/con

Join the stream and shoot the shit here: convene.zinc.coop/livestream

There appears to be a local shortage of Coke Zero cans, and this is how I know for sure that the American Empire is done for. 馃樄

I'll be pairing with @anaulin on , an Operating System for the Solidarity Economy at convene.zinc.coop/livestream

We'll be continuing to improve the Furniture feature, which allows Space members to tailor the value propositions for their Space that fits their particular needs and wants.

Going live at 6PM PT in convene.zinc.coop/livestream with @anaulin. We'll be working on , an Operating System for the Solidarity Economy by .

We're going to continue streamlining the Space Member experience, in particular bringing a higher degree of interactivity when placing, modifying, or re-arranging Furniture by better integrating .

Hop on in and chat , , and with us!

Hello hello! Joining the fediverse conversation! Recent-ish hire at Hypha Worker Co-op and now learning about all things cooperative. Interested in a nebulous mix of digital literacy, creative practices, social justice, design research, urban ecology, libraries and literature

Going live hacking on , an Operating System for the Solidarity Economy! convene.zinc.coop/livestream

Unfortunately, @anaulin is out today, but I'm going to carry forward the redesign we started last week!

Well, first non-knitted self-made garment, to be precise. Still amazed at how fast sewing feels in comparison to knitting.

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First self-made garment. 馃憰

Pattern is Sonya Philip's Shirt #1, with some tweaks to make it a little more shaped, and a narrower neck opening.

Fabric is some Kaffe Fassett scrap I found at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.

Going to have to practice this bias tape neckline business a lot more. 馃槄

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