If you would like to share your story with me, or know of someone who I should talk to, do reach out! 馃檹馃徏 DMs are open.

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I'm starting a series of interviews with co-op folks, to learn about their stories and the stories of their cooperatives.

My first convo is with @zspencer@twitter.com, talking about his experiences with @WeCohere@twitter.com and @ZincCooperative@twitter.com.

Listen and read here: realcoopstories.org/zee-spence


petition to pool funds together to buy twitter.com and turn it into a mastodon instance.

Given the wave of new activists into the left, and the fact that stakes are high right now, posting this reminder:

Using copjacketing as a vehicle to grind a sectarian axe is a violation of a vital piece of the social contract of left activism that makes everyone less safe.

It's a hard-won lesson that needs to be remembered and upheld.

Dear #Mastomind: Is there a good, current, #FreeSpeach / #FreezePeach & the #Fediverse document highlighting expression and oppression considerations and experience?

is there a mastodon instance that's only for capybara content

Or I guess one could also incorporate some of the "worker" emojis?


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I wish there were better emojis to express "cooperation" or "cooperatives".

The best I've been able to come up so far is some combination of 馃 and maybe 馃鈥嶐煠濃嶐煣., maybe like so: 馃鈥嶐煠濃嶐煣戰煠濔煣戔嶐煠濃嶐煣.

If I stretch it, maybe even one of the "family" emojis, like 馃懇鈥嶐煈┾嶐煈︹嶐煈,, and pretend that it is a "group of people". 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔

Whole thread is 馃挴, but here is the gist 馃憞馃徏

RT @zspencer@twitter.com

So, would you, could you, consider becoming an Investor-Owner in the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative? Help them secure permanently affordable, multi-generational, multi-family housing owned by it's residents and community?


馃惁馃敆: twitter.com/zspencer/status/13

"This made both perfect sense and absolutely no fucking sense at all, the sort of demented-timeline event that could only happen in 2020, when everything is, metaphorically, an innocent piece of pasta turned into a straw in a bid to help the environment that actually ends up being fatally dangerous."

Someone give this woman the pulitzer. 馃樄

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The real pandemic shortage!

"SNL star and Vulture alum Bowen Yang lamented to W magazine, 鈥淭here鈥檚 more of a bucatini scarcity problem than there is a toilet-paper issue, I think.鈥"

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"When cooked correctly, bucatini bites back. It is a responsive noodle. It is a self-aware noodle. In these times, when human social interaction carries with it the possible price of illness, bucatini offers an alternative: a social interaction with a pasta."

Amazing piece on the very real bucatini shortage.


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