2020: Websites now have a link to "improve connection" that cause a page reload for you.

(Screencap from rally.video)

I just learned how to make origami boxes, and I'm inordinately pleased with the results. πŸ“¦

Printed the paper myself, with patterns from robotmolecule.com

I forgot how fiddly it is to knit really small things. 😹

One of the things I like about masto is how when I go to the public timeline it shows me all these subcultures and communities that otherwise I would not be in contact with at all. That's a good thing, mostly.

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There's a twit making the rounds over at the birbsite, where someone asks "how come i don't see anyone in tech twitter that was born 1994" and it's really got me thinking about how everyone is living in their own bubbles now. The people are see in _my_ "tech twitter" are almost all over 30, many over 40.

Here for you when you need something to prop your keyboard on.

when did corporate social media begin to define our relationships? How different would your friend network be if Facebook wasn't there? Breaking out of that type of hold on our relationships is daunting.

How will I see pictures? How will I organize and attend events? How do I build an entire social life outside of the purview of silicon valley? Has this whole generation lost the ability to form relationships like that?

For the very curious, here is the URL from the email. Clicking on this will generate you a new countdown timer, if you watch it for a minute, you'll see it loop. If you reload, you'll get an updated timer:


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Which is to say: Email marketers are exploiting the fact that we only glance at any given email for a few seconds to pull off what looks like a working countdown timer, but isn't.

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But, an animated GIF has only so many frames. So really the timer only runs down for about a minute or so. Which means that if you stare at the timer for longer than that, you will see it loop back up and start counting down again.

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Turns out, it is an animated GIF. It seems they autogenerate the GIF with the correct countdown time when you open the email (and thus hit the img src URL in the email HTML).

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I just received a Nintendo promotional email with a countdown timer in it.

I went down the rabbithole of "how does this even work", and the answer is interesting, and a little bit depressing.

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