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I ported over all Medium posts to the new blog!

I know I still need to add sharing buttons below the content but I'm tired. It should look fine on mobile now, too

I always felt like snappy/flatpak/appimage were stupid ideas, but didn't exactly know why.

Then someone wrote this article

and suddenly it all makes sense.

I'd say that what you are talking about is #FreeSoftware, not #OpenSource, @deshipu

Free software is basically a #gift, born out of an #hacker's #curiosity, and shared with other hackers.

@alcinnz there's nothing wrong to make money from free software and certainly not from open source (that is actually a pretty good #marketing tool).

The problem is when people confuse the two: free software is mainly #political, as any gift is; open source is mainly #economical.

Both useful, but different.

remember when the internet was fun and full of possibilities? yknow how now it's a miserable hell? reminder that what happened is that capitalism colonized it and now it's just as shitty as everything else capitalism's got its hooks in

like. seo, algorithms, targeted advertising: these are all DESIGNED to keep you from finding some weirdo's X-Files fan page or geocities star trek web ring. I would 1000x rather find those than tweets from the u.s. president, yet here we are #thankscapitalism

I write open source software because:
- I enjoy programming,
- I need/want a particular thing to exist,
- once I have written it, I might as well share it,
- maybe someone will even find a bug or pick it up and maintain it.
And not because:
- I want anyone to make money on it,
- I want to defend anyone from anything,
- I want to be rich and famous.
Just think about it like playing an instrument — it's fun to do, and even better when done together. But I don't sell albums.

Twitter buys company providing safety&abuse API for other platforms and then shuts down everything with 20 minute notice to customers with year-long contracts.

Another reason why #FuckTwitter

Also, everyone should note down the founder names and ensure never to buy service from them; if they get bought they'll drop you like a hot potato.

Can anyone give me project governance advice please?

I can just barely manage Odysseus development in my spare time, and I'd really like to attract some contributors before it does become more than I can handle.

And while I'm at it I've got a liberapay account at

@deadsuperhero @cwebber

Point of order: MediaGoblin is older than ActivityPub, older than even.

I still remember when the guy on with the weird cute alien monster avatar said he was planning to write a better gallery application and I was thinking "yeah right, aren't we all".

Well, he sure showed me. <3

@enkiv2 @vertigo Programming languages were, oddly enough, the first thing that made me realize that the problem with utopia isn't that it's impossible, it's that there are too many of them.

so what is Pleroma about anyway?

in a nutshell, it's about autonomy. it's about social media autonomy for every person on the planet. all 7.6 billion of us. nobody else telling us to do, what to say, and nobody else forcing us to see things we don't want to see.

this means Pleroma is being built for an entirely new scale of fediverse: one with billions of nodes. it's also why Pleroma supports alternative transports such as TOR and I2P out of the box.

it also is a major differentiator between Pleroma and Mastodon. in the Mastodon model, there's maybe a few million islands which host a few thousand people each. to contrast, in our model, everyone who wants to host their own instance does so. that means everyone can choose to have total social media freedom.

but it's not just social media, we also intend to use the same underlying tech to enable real-time communications with the same capabilities as the social media side of things.

and it's universal: different frontends for different preferences. like Mastodon but don't have the resources to run it? use Pleroma with Mastodon frontend and apps. like GNU social? Pleroma's default frontend was modelled after it. like diaspora* but want to talk to your fediverse friends? use Feather. like the alternative Mastodon frontends like Pinafore and Brutaldon? they work too.

hate spam and harrassment? we have a mostly as yet untapped framework called MRF which can be leveraged to automate moderation of an instance.

want to modify it? drop by #pleroma on freenode and we help with that too.

Happy pull-day in #cjdns land, new UDP interface with auto-peering based on UDP broadcast thanks to madafoo, patches to libuv, make sure to rebuild fully. Will probably get some breaking changes before releasing to master...

between article 13, GDPR and sesta/fosta it's... probably not a good idea to make server-side software that accepts user data unless you have a bunch of lawyers, right?

Had a huddled conversation in the European Parliament with a colleague after the JURI vote trying to work out what #article13 would mean for federated/decentralized services like #mastodon and #ipfs . We’ll need to see the final text which may not be available until next week.

How will the new copyright law affect, and Mastodon at large?

cc. @mayel @ntnsndr @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @h

"The frictionless world of online labour markets, free from regulation and the grips of national governments is unleashing the full force of the free market, and causing workers across the globe to undersell themselves and undercut each other. They know, as do their employers, that there will always be someone else who will do it for less."

In which we learn why cooperatives are the only way out of the neoliberal nightmare.

#Article13 adopted. European Parliament's Legal Affairs committee (JURI) demands companies to automatize and systematize the mass-surveillance and mass-censorship of their users in name of archaic copyright... next step: plenary vote. #FuckThatEU #CopyWrong #CopyFight

Federated social media will out live giants like facebook, twitter. They might have a small user base but that means nothing, they are not run for a profit and a single node going down has little impact on the hole of the network.

And being a for purpose network, it is not left to the mercy of market valuation that has killed so many social networks in the past.

@alcinnz @mooshoe Yeah, I'm researching privacy-preserving distributed recommendations. e.g. PeerTube instances could share "people who liked this also liked that" safely.

I have a draft write-up of some of the building blocks but I'm still trying to check that I haven't violated the preconditions on the privacy proofs, so I haven't posted anything.

Tomorrow I'm meeting the professor whose PhD thesis is the core of my current plan, so maybe I'll have something more concrete soon. 😅

@Are0h It's kind of a big deal. If we can get Free Software and Free Culture projects using federated communications platforms, it would give a lot of momentum to the content and media side of the fediverse.

Which could be incredibly interesting.