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I've been using Firefox as my only browser for a week now, and... it's not that different from Chrome.

There were one or two differences I had to get used to, but I don't see a pressing reason to use Chrome anymore. Firefox is just as fast, and has all the extensions I need.

@cathal One way to see it is through the explosion of derivatives trading, global debt has grown yet again 74% since 2008: twitter.com/DiMartinoBooth/sta

Derivatives outstanding (which should properly be understood as "gambling debts") are many times larger than the global economy (picture).

Perhaps the macro best take on this comes from Yanis Varoufakis in his book "The Global Minotaur", wherein he argues that 2008 closed the post Bretton Woods age, new global financial/trade system needed.

“Moore’s Law of Mad Science: Every 18 months, the IQ required to destroy the world drops by 1 point.”

Happy Petrov Day! Have fun and take care to prevent extinction of humanity.

my thoughts on this Linux CoC malarkey are essentially:

1. in reality, this probably isn't that big of a deal.

2. there's a lot of people, on both sides of it, projecting. they should chill the fuck out.

3. there are people who are never going to find the Linux development environment to be acceptable. you can't make everyone happy. the goal should be to find a solution that satisfies as many people as possible.

Ok, new Goblins update:

- Promises have been added. Sending a message which returns a promise can run at 25k msg / second.
- Sending a message without a promise is 140k msg/second
- Direct calls of other actors are now allowed, but only for "local" actors in the same hive. These are practically free... I can do 28.5 *million* calls of these per second. You read that right. (Unless the JIT is tricking me and it's just not running things, but I think it is...!)

#tech #actors #ocap #racket

holy moly, Digital Ocean is allowing for custom images now. Means we could use any distro we want! blog.digitalocean.com/custom-i That is awesome!

Words are not mountains with monolithic definitions that erode over time. Words are sand dunes, each spoken or written invocation a grain blown on a moving wave, constantly in motion and never definite.

Tech companies don't want to pay senior, knowledgeable engineers what they're worth so they claim they're over-qualified.

Which results in more of our tech being designed and implemented by people who are under-qualified without proper mentor-ship and industry-specific history lessons.

The entire industry has it's eyes closed as to the real cost of software. Right now, the consumers are paying for that cost through intangible side-effects which become tangible once democracy fails, cars crash…

It's accepted wisdom that #PostScarcity may require technologies that self-replicate in addition to providing subsistence value to communities. Obviously, living things already fulfil those requirements, and globalism means we can, for now, cherry-pick from the best-understood living things out there. Some do nutrient cycling, others do nutrition, others do fiber/materials, others do energy, others do medicine. This is an area I'm passionate about. How many needs can life satisfy? #solarpunk

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RT @snare@twitter.com: I’m replacing master/slave everywhere on the internet with queen/drone. It’s got everything - a metal genre, female dominance to emasculate the bros, fucking BEES. Don’t @ me.


@jjg Anarchism means no rulers, not no rules. Anarchism means if there is a need for rules (and there often is), you get to have a hand in forming the rules, and if you don't like the rules the group adopts, you can leave without anyone trying to coerce you to stay and conform. Anarchism means voluntary combination, but effective combination generally requires shared understandings to work, and hence CoCs and the like.

I published the release 1.13.6

- Conversations can be opened from remote instances

- fit preview media are displayed in a 2x2 grid

- Fix an issue with some URLs
- Fix a notification issue (silent mode not working)
- Fix an issue with filters not working
- Some crashes

Thanks for your reports/suggestions


it may be cold and dark outside and I may have a ton of work to do, but

at least emacs is always there for me

there's a dat installer of Manyverse to avoid google play (fdroid will come soon too I guess)

(for the dat installer app github.com/staltz/dat-installe)

The beta version of #mmmmm, #scuttlebutt for Android, has been released under the new name of #Manyverse, at manyver.se/. Going to try it now...I haven't used mmmmm, so I don't know what to expect yet. Wondering whether I will be able to port my identity from desktop.

official launch:
"A social network off the grid"

What was interesting for me was verbalizing my vision for complete self hosted platforms as I tend to think about it a lot, but don't really verbalize it that much.

I have my own vision for PV4 which I'm building out, but what about packaging it as a service for people that want to own their content across the board, but need help setting up and maintaining it all because it is a lot.

Perhaps I should officially offer that as a thing I do. Because I love doing this shit.

Video support has been tested with #PeerTube and #Pleroma.

We will support other projects after we launch federation. #pixeldev
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