Jira is slower than it used to be 4 years ago :(
Why are people writing so much javascript!? I really miss Pivotal Tracker :(

software, haskell 

Another version of HLS is tagged! This has been such an amazing year for haskell UX :)


@SocialCoop Looks like I cannot RSVP to the strategy session tonight (night in Berlin at least). Can I still join?

Hello Fediverse 👋
I am Akshay (He/Him). I am from Pune, India and I live in Berlin, Germany. I like to talk about open source software, haskell, politics, food and a few more things I cannot remember right now.

I will mostly toot in English, sometimes in Hindi and Marathi, Italian on special occasions and I aspire to be able to toot in German someday.

I don't know what else to say so please enjoy this picture of me trying to imitate a Halloween cake.


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