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An ei for an ei leaves the whole world without poultry!

Check out my #free and #opensource #android #app called EnRecipes. It is an easy to use, privacy-friendly digital cookbook that lets you create, manage and share your own recipes. enrecipes.vercel.app

#recipe #recipes #manager #cookbook #cook #foodie #foodporn #foods #apps #application #foss #fdroid #playstore #google #privacy
Thank you @IzzyOnDroid

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Hey British people, stop your Government from being so evil petition.parliament.uk/petitio

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What happens if a country decides to not obey they patent law and just manufacture the vaccine?

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Mods deleted it but thankfully somebody took screenshots: imgur.com/gallery/fkySNyB

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OMFG, this redditor! old.reddit.com/r/india/comment

I hope they get out of the hell-hole they're in.

Does the world recognise that India is a prison? Only because they want to make it very hard for Indians to leave. I am sure this applies to many countries.

Has anyone else noticed that people say "personally" a lot these day? Like what do things like "I personally think", "In my personal opinion" mean?
If you are one of those people, are you preemptively safe guarding against disagreements, or is there some thing I am missing?

Caught up with advent of code this weekend. I think I re-invented some shit I was taught in school. I guess I should've paid attention 😅

Getting users hooked on automatic categorization and then asking them to choose between that and privacy is a very "first hit is free" strategy from GMail.


What the fuck is common between baadal, bijli, chandan and paani?
Nice song anyway: youtube.com/watch?v=mZRJfQluJT

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Google and CIA really don't want you to watch this, so I guess watch it: youtube.com/watch?v=_2khAmMTAj


$ fly -t ... delete-pipeline -p ...

$ fly -t ... remove-pipeline -p ...


$ fly -t ... destroy-pipeline -p ...
Of course! Next time I will remember, rinse-repeat.

This looks very cool radicle.xyz/
I've been hoping that gitlab or one of the other OSS forges implement federation, but this looks even better :)


I want to make pointerpointer.com but with Virat Kohli looking angrily at the mouse.


Jira is slower than it used to be 4 years ago :(
Why are people writing so much javascript!? I really miss Pivotal Tracker :(

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Another version of HLS is tagged! This has been such an amazing year for haskell UX :)


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