Great to see this on Hacker News!

And no, law firms are not co-ops.

List of Worker-Owned Tech Cooperatives Worldwide -

If you use #NixOS or #nix and want to contribute with the new release (22.05), please check one of the failing builds from and throw a PR at by following the instructions from this issue

Thank you!

So, there _is_ a Nordkreuz! This makes me very happy for some reason.

Hey security friends! After much encouragement, Bitwarden has joined the Fosstodon family 🤗

NixOS कि हवा कभी गरम - कभी नरम 😅

Indien: Heißester April seit Aufzeichnungsbeginn

In #Indien leiden derzeit Millionen Menschen weiterhin unter einer frühen #Hitzewelle mit Temperaturen von teils über 45 Grad Celsius. Nordwest- und Zentralindien hätten den heißesten April seit Beginn der Wetteraufzeichnungen vor 122 Jahren erlebt, sagte der Leiter des Wetterdienstes, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, heute.

Is there a matrix client which doesn't take forever to load old messages?

when you buy a social network and everyone leaves

forever elon

This is a #Fediverse reminder that it's okay to choose large instances, it's okay to choose small instances, it's okay to choose multiple instances, and it's okay to change instances.

Just try to remember to caption your images and put potentially upsetting stuff behind a content warning (CW).

hi fedi i would like* to once again participate in capitalism

* i have no choice

- live in germany
- strongly prefer remote
- (at least somewhat) flexible work hours are a must
- speak english and german natively
- would prefer working in a coop or a smaller company
- queer friendly is a big plus

i have a diverse skillset spanning from hardware design to low and high level software. more details in thread.


ah yes compatible with windows, mac os, linux xp and vinyl players

Guess what! Mastodon’s official #Android app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

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