And Wikidata is growing fast still, +0,50% since last week, and we will probably pass the 90 million mark before next week.

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14: A bit unusual, so I wanted to document Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's speech to the nation and of course I created an item for it. 31 edits in total. I give you a Q88462341:

Ett nytt fräsch avsnitt av Wikipediapodden, med fallstudie av användargrupper, radieringar av gamla sidor och kategorisering på olika nivåer.

13: The Agency for Digital Government in Sweden wanted feedback on their Principles for accessibility of information to be reused so I created an item for it. 23 edits in total. I give you a Q10650843:

A lot of streets are unusually empty. With this campaign we can document that for everyone to remember. Upload your photos of empty streets in your area:

12: This week the Swedish parliament legislated about temporary school closures: Law regarding temporary closure of school activities in the event of extraordinary events in peacetime. 22 edits in total. I give you a Q820655:

I always thought all the houses on the street I live were about the same age. But after a small photo project today, I suspect that is not the case.

Okej, nu vet jag hur mobilen låter när det skickas ut en Emergency alert i nätet. I Nederländerna gick nyss en sådan ut. Signalen gick inte att missa.

"Volg instructies Rikjsoverheid op: houd 1,5 meter afstand! Bent u ziek of verkouden? Blijf thuis. Bescherm uzelf en de mensen om u heen. Samen tegen Corona. Keep your distance to others."

Jag utvecklar ett spel om styrning av mjukvaruutveckling i offentliga organisationer.

11/52: Took a run around Sloterplas in Amsterdam. Very nice and a lot of trees. 3/5

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