28: Continuing on week 26, here is an instance of that very individual motion subclass as a test of how it would look. 34 edits in total. I give you a Q96739634: wikidata.org/wiki/Q97101259

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The German city of Bühl created "Palim! Palim!" as a #FreeSoftware #video #conferencing platform on top of #Jitsi. The feedback they received is encouraging:

"Many citizens express their personal thanks to us and we have stopped counting how many municipalities have approached us with great interest. I believe that Free Software is currently experiencing an incredible boost and that the sensitivity for data sovereignty is growing rapidly."


#publiccode @fsfe

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TL;DR version: we're going to work on a tool for extracting structured data in Wikidata in an "abstract" way that can be translated into human language in a way that is customizable by human editors, but doesn't require the degree of work to ramp up many articles in a new language.

This could supplement or even sometimes replace the traditional manual translation of Wikipedia articles one day!

27: This is a historic day, a new Wikimedia project - Abstract Wikipedia - has been born. 13 edits in total. I give you a Q14827288: wikidata.org/wiki/Q96807071

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26: Also preparing for some nuances in the Swedish riksdag, a new type of motion by individual parliamenarians. 6 edits in total. I give you a Q452237: wikidata.org/wiki/Q96739634

This is a bit late, since i forgot to update last week. But there will be one more tonight.

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25: Preparing for some future imports to Wikidata, an explanation on why certain texts are pubic domain was needed, hence adding the article of copyright exemption.11 edits in total. I give you a Q712597: wikidata.org/wiki/Q96739150

23: Very last minute: the largest spruce in Stockholm. 7 edits in total. I give you a Q10884: wikidata.org/wiki/Q96122939

@ubuntupodcast In episode 10 you talked about a new platform for streaming, better than PeerTube, but I didnt catch the name (livry? libry?) and didn't see it in the shownotes. What was the name of it?

22: I encountered a documentary that focused on SDG 12 so I made an item for Closing the loop. 14 edits in total. I give you a Q11424: wikidata.org/wiki/Q95964376

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After 13 years 📅 going it alone, we're asking for your help to keep the show sounding good 🎧 and releasing on time ⌛. Listen to Mark and Martin give you the details in this special annoncement 📣: ubuntupodcast.org/2020/05/28/s

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