This week the tempo on Wikidata seems lower, only 579,097 new items since last week (a growth of 0,7%).

4: Stepping up a level from last week, this week I made an item for a podcast. This is one I listen regularly to, Miljöpodden and it took me 18 edits. I give you an item of type Q24634210:

Finally the Connected Smart City Conference was held at the EGG, a conference venue in Brussels . A nice open venue and the conference was also well arranged. 3/5

I stayed at Boutique Hotel Saint Géry which is a design hotel in the heart of Brussels. That includes the pulse of the night life and with the room facing the street no style nor the decent breakfast for vegans can save the lost sleep. 1/5

The Open Agile Smart Cities (OASC) office in Brussels where the first internal day of the CSCC was held is a minimalistic, almost brutal, styled office. Seemed to be functional, yet beautiful. 4/5

Les Filles in Brussels is an organic restaurant with a kind of upscale buffet. Very tasty and worth the high price. 4/5

4/52: This week took me to a whole bunch of new places. In short they were (I'll be writing more detailed in a thread):
Les Filles
OASC office
Boutique Hotel Saint-Géry
The EGG and

Bonus place: also went into De Waag for a short meeting about the governance game I am making.

3/52: Maoz Vegan in Central Amsterdam. Had a decent falafel and typical mayo on the fries. Nice with all the free toppings too. 3/5

Also note that between week 2 and 3 the Q-number increased by 1,300,107! Which roughly (probably) corresponds to ~1,6% growth in a week o Wikidata. Anyone knows what was added this week?

3: I went back in time and made a season item for Wikipediapoddens first season. So here is a Q69154911: It is not a fully fleshed out but adding it to all the episodes in the season, documenting it on the Wikiproject Podcasts project page and some general cleanup turned into 35 edits.

En present till Wikipedia på 19-årsdagen: en podcast med spaningar på 2020:

2: I almost blanked already on a second type of instance of but finally remembered the ISOC innovation awards so here is a Q618779:

I clicked random item until I found a scientific article (the third click). It had several authors with strings and not actual items, the first of them was a woman. So I "turned that into" an item for her. Then I had to do a search in Wikidata to find all other articles already in there with her as an author string and go back and change those too. In total 44 edits this edits this morning, and a very fun project!

1: This year I am creating a new item each week. The challenge I set for myself is for them to have different "instance of". I guess it will be easy in the beginning and harder after some time. I started with the obvious Q5, a human. I give you Elisa Ghelfi:

2/52: Pathé Arena in south east , and the IMAX in particular. A bit hard to find the way, but the 11 km of cycling there also showed me new parts of the town The cinema was large and of decent standard. The sound was really good and screen large and with good 3D. 4/5

This was obviously the first place for my new year's resolution for 2020:

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