With this, I also passed 1,000 edits just in this project.

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39: A Swedish fika classic that's been around as long I can remember. As usual in food edits lots of surrounding cleanup -> 64 edits in total. I give you a Q595744: wikidata.org/wiki/Q99673322

38: Made an item for what was once the largest Swedish Facebook group (it's still number 2). Lot's of sidetracks => 39 edits in total. I give you a Q21685563: wikidata.org/wiki/Q99488528

You can find Cradle on cradle.toolforge.org/#/subject and the video for where I am making the edit and shows how the tool works (including an important lesson on logging in) at youtube.com/watch?v=0qI8aF77r7

Here are before and after images of the query they were working on. And you can see how the query has grown since then on w.wiki/bKf

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37: A project for connecting railway stations was missing one in Sweden so I made that one in Cradle. 10 edits in total. I give you a Q55488: wikidata.org/wiki/Q99194018

36: Todays Gävleborg themed wiki meetup saw the creation of the small village Galven so i created an item for it. 13 edits in total. I give you a Q486972: wikidata.org/wiki/Q98918563

Next week we launch a new live stream / podcast: Let's talk about public code. In the first episode we talk with Arnau Monterde from Decidim. youtube.com/watch?v=MFAb8QaDXF

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"A Taxonomy of Knowledge Gaps for #Wikimedia Projects
(First Draft)"

(@mad_astronaut, @martgerlach,@_isaaclj, @Capt_Swing and Leila Zia, 2020)


35: Inspired by the recent uploads by Wikimedia Sverige and through a tip by another user I created the item for Trettondagsmarschen. 20 edits in total. I give you a Q207628: wikidata.org/wiki/Q98770604

34: I found an interesting scholarly article and tried the tool Source MetaData to add it to Wikidata. 3 edits in total. I give you a Q13442814: wikidata.org/wiki/Q98557007

Har du frågor om veckans tävling på svenska Wikipedia, eller om video där i allmänhet, hänger jag här en stund och svara på frågor: meet.wmcloud.org/videosprint

Allerstädes närvarande, diskussionssidorna. Alltid i skuggan av artikeln. I detta avsnitts "om" får de sin tid i rampljuset.


*May not apply to all presidential candidates, it describes an ideal scenario.

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