Wikipedia fyller 20, idag och jag har kommit på några Wikipedianyårslöften för 2021.

Jag tuffade igång med mina nyårslöften lite i tysthet, men inför morgondagens 20-årsfirande av Wikipedia tänkte jag att en liten utvikning kunde vara på sin plats.

Statistik från gårdagen visar att besökarna gärna fördjupar sig när de läser på Wikipedia och inte bara läser den mest uppenbara artikeln. Jag får det till att 41 av gårdagens 100 mest lästa artiklar härrör från händelserna i USA dagen innan. Kan någon minnas någon annan händelse där det har blivit ett så brett genomslag?

I am picking up my reading habits again in 2021 and was thinking about reading lists. For now, I settled on Bookcrossing, but are still up for better platforms or ways to use it (can you order the to be read list or the wish list?).

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The next @Wikimedia Research office hours will be tomorrow January 5th at 9AM PT - 6PM CET - 5PM UTC - Join the Research team in a video call to chat about the latest news on data and research at Wikimedia!

is done and it has been fun and sometimes hard. I will write a blog post tomorrow, but as a quick summary, 53 new @wikidata items of different types have been created through 1358 edits.

53: The bonus week of the year and why I had to first create the last item. Just to add the nice video as a finish. 11 edits in total. I give you a Q34038:

52: A small brook in the middle of Sweden. 29 edits in total. I give you a Q63565252:

Today is the last day when everyone who can legally drink is born in the 20th century and everyone who can't is born in the 21st.
#2020 #2021

51: Getting closer to Christmas I realized this Ostrobothnian dish that my family have served for as long as they can remember was missing. 28 edits in total. I give you a Q44541:

50: This Saturday marked the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, which is overseen by this body. 17 edits in total. I give you a Q859482:

Vinnarna i svenska Wiki Loves Monuments presenteras i denna livestream om sju minuter:

Also note the incredible growth of Wikidata this week, almost 1,5 million items or +1,44%. This is the largest increase for a week of this entire year.

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49: I was totally swept away by Helen Sjöholm's cover of Jakob Hellman's "Hon har ett sätt". 33 edits in total. I give you a Q55850593:

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