Today is the start of the Climate Lexeme Week on Wikidata! For how to join in, look at and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

I'm quite impressed by the transparency of Wikimedia Foundation in their latest grantmaking report. Especially how they advertise the confidence they have in the data is refreshing. Well done!

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In about 20 minutes User:Abbe98 and I will be live editing on @wikidata. Join us at

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Our 1.1 About Screen Contest is now closed to entries.

Congratulations to all who entered!

The Community Vote has begun!

Head here to make your selection:

In about two hours, me and @AlbinPCLarsson will be editing @wikidata live again. I will continue exploring new methods/approaches to lexemes.

Getting more green in my area. Now the closest annoying red dots are places I cannot get to (because of construction works) or things that do not exist anymore.

Kul att se att Aniara går på svtplay! Om jag räknade rätt syns min mycket diskreta statistroll i bild 49 + 72 bildrutor.

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Calling all Entrants of the Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest! 📣

It is almost Deadline Day!

If you have entered already, check to see if you have a BIG "OK" badge stamped next to your submission.

If not, you have some edits to make... Please check the comments below your entry for the requested changes.

Submission closes at 23:59 (UTC) on 21st February.

Since it's today, tonight me and User:Abbe98 will give our Wikidata editing love to free software. We obviously ❤
and , thanks for all you give us! In this episode we will share the love even farther. I will be thanking and @Tusky

My first front page on Wikimedia Commons! Media of the day today:

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The Open Source Design Dev room is starting at 13.00 CET (in 5 mins!) with 'A brief introduction to Open Source Design'

Watch the stream on


Join the Open Source Design community to chat on Matrix:

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