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All work is done as , free for others to use and benefit from.


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Current Affairs gets it: we need .


Of course, because we're so f'cking cool, we've already got social.coop and GEO people working on this 😎

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RT WeAreOpenCoop: Our members have thought and tinkered for organizations like mozilla, creativecommons, greenpeace, bbc and many more. See what our #coop can do for you - Schedule a thinkathon

The nonprofit that managed the .org top level domain sold out to a private equity firm.

It should have become a


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Just finished translating the final chapter of @luisrazeto's .

"Razeto turns [here] to the economic, political, and cultural crisis of contemporary civilization... The analysis is rooted in Latin-American history and informed by Razeto’s study of ... Gramsci which began in his years of exile after the 1973 coup, and has particular relevance today in the context of the climate crisis, ... and crises of governability in country after country."

Coming to next month

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Today at the Union Coop Symposium we heard from the Mexico Electrical Union (SME) about their decade long struggle to save jobs destroyed by the Calderon administration. it was an incredibly moving story and they continue to fight the government to uphold the agreement that includes 13 electrical plants and 50 buildings. I didn't take as complete notes as I had hoped due to being so enthralled.

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I was only able to attend one session of the #platformcoop conference but I was glad it was the superpanel facilitated by @FreeScholar of @agaric . Osamu Nakano of Japan Workers Cooperative Union was a particular standout asking about the contradiction between the anti-trade position of platforms and the worker enpowerment that is meant to be central to worker-owned coops.

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A cool social justice × media-making conference coming up: the Allied Media Conference, June 25-28, Detroit alliedmedia.org/amc

You can check out programs from previous years to get a feel for it: alliedmedia.org/amc/previous-y


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Latest Chapter of by @luisrazeto is on the new, @agaric made GEO website!

Chapter 10 - The Road of Ancient Peoples. In this chapter Razeto seeks paths to solidarity economy in traditional indigenous economic and cultural practices, especially those of Andean peoples.

Thanks to @luisrazeto, @GuerillaOntologist, @emi, @LeoSammallahti , and @Steve

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GEO's kicking off a fundraiser to help us pay for our spiffy new website (built by @agaric ).

Pitch in $35 and get an ebook copy of "Building Cooperative Power"

Contribute $50 and you get the ebook and the print edition!

$12 or more gets your name on our contributors page.

Many thanks to all our supporters! :TwinPines:


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When it rains, the green lichen valleys of the tree trunks come alive with a forest of tiny mushrooms

Our cooperative voted to participate in the digital on September 20th.

We encourage fellow tech coops and shops to participate and stand in solidarity with students across the world walking out of school to demand .

🌎 ✊ :TwinPines:

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🎉 #PeerTube 1.4 released 🎉

This new release includes a basic theme & plugin system, allows users to upload audio files (PeerTube will create videos from them), has a better registration process, a clearer account video channels page and many other features!

This release also adds Finnish, Greek and Scottish Gaelic languages support to the web interface thanks to PeerTube translators!

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors 😘


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just a reminder to everyone in these trying times

- coop /kuːp/ a chicken enclosure
- coup /kuː/ a government being overthrown
- co-op /ˈkoʊˌɒp/ a company owned and democratically run by the people it serves or employs

If you're on 6 or 7 and want to upgrade to Drupal 8, we're hosting an in-person training at October 3rd in Berkeley


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CryptPad 3.0.0 (Aurochs) is live on cryptpad.fr, notably featuring folder uploads and downloads and the ability to request edit rights on documents that you can view.

See the full release notes on GitHub: github.com/xwiki-labs/cryptpad

Great think piece from fellow tech coop COLET

Towards a Slow Tech Movement: Build for Tech Justice

"Both proprietary tech and fast food play on the same themes of speed and convenience."

"We’d like to believe that when the moment of crisis comes, a movement agitating for tech justice by way of open source, decentralization, inclusive communities of producers, and expanded access to tools will be at the ready."


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Tearing hair out with trying to set checkboxes in better exposed filters to default checked in a form_alter… Any clues? #Drupal

We now have a instance - @agaric

These will mostly be videos of our presentations we give on topics like and . As well as how-tos for etc.

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