@adinfinitum we don't have anufe disc space to post on our #peertube install so until the are working #seebox am stuck in a #dotcon this is both sad and bad. Otherwise i would duel post and push the #openweb one...


@hamishcampbell @adinfinitum it appears to be a generic org. issue!
Lots of news/info/data with either insufficient storage or bandwidth (for remote uploads etc.)
Maybe @visionontv could investigate a approach??

@adinfinitum what we need is #seedboxs but the is a #geekproblem getting this as a focues of dev/scripting.

please explain...

are you referring to type devices as standalone
or are you talkin' about costs via ?! Either is good & both are of interest! @ceilotierra

@adinfinitum @ceilotierra an example of a grassroots DIY seedbox would be a home computer running a torrent client seeding lost of videos p2p in this servers are optional as its more a use of distributed no profesional hosting of redundant data. OUTSIDE the #geekproblem though of course it needs some geeks and designers to script it to make it easy for DIY so kinda chicken and egg, I have a little #openweb funding if anyone can make this happen.

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