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It's Guardian Select.. but we'll take it! has been featured in the . :)

This thing may just be getting some traction... :P


@kensanata I'm a published author, and I think that the original copyright term of 14 years with the option to renew once for 28 years total was perfectly reasonable.

I'm borrowing from my culture to create; it's only fair that what I create should become part of the culture so that others can build upon it.

Life of the author is excessive, IMO. Life + 70-90 years is outrageous, since the monopoly on a work no longer benefits the creator, but descendants who had no hand in its creation.

a bird discovers a capybara's hidden off switch

I've started stewarding a mastodon account for the collective food co-op I'm a part of!

You better believe it won't be ran as an annoying brand, but instead a resource for the community.


Hola hola hola, looking forward to share meaningful conversation with you all 😉

They also have these gorgeous cooperative principles posters I'm going to try and get pictures of

Had a great discussion today with the manager of a cooperatively run in . We talked about history, governance, and the current challenges facing these kinds of coops. Turns out there are two three more coop markets I didn't even know existed!

Something that gives me : pursuing her career, fueled with inspiration from watching lawyers advocate for Hollywood professionals during the Red Scare, is so inspiring. I hope the film in turn inspires younger people to pursue dreams to save the world, even against adversity, with as much authenticity as she did.

Amazing story of local, decentralized resilience in Gaza in the face of Israeli blockades using free/libre medical hardware. Literally saving lives by 3D printing stethoscopes, tourniquets, and gears for xray machines, using solar power and plastic recycling. Pretty incredible.

An interview with the founder Tarek Loubani.


Help the social.coop CoC development call not be all dudez! Show more

Hi fam I'm a cofounder, builder, trainer, and . are my jam. I write at medium.com/@richdecibels

Delighted to be here 😘

so yeah, here I was, just minding my own business, quietly screaming to myself like I have been for the past couple months, when i decided on a whim to finally get around to making an account here. I log in, only to unexpectedly discover this massive community of co-opers who *actually* know what the fuck they're doing when it comes to running co-ops! like, holy fuck I have so many questions

Good piece on the lineage back to of the ideas and structures of the Kurdish resistance.

"Rather than advocating the abolition of the state through an uprising of the proletariat, he suggested that by developing alternative institutions in the form of popular assemblies and neighborhood committees - and notably by taking part in municipal elections - the power of the state could be 'hollowed out' from below, eventually making it superfluous."


I think that when I'm too overwhelmed to post anything significant I'll just share pics of my many animals. Behold the newest: a year old cat named Heck.

Billboard article on ethical music streaming - features prominently.

It also effectively judges all the other 'ethical' services against the fact that Resonate is a , and they ain't!

- walking the walk, and not just talking the talk 😎


Had my second meeting with a local media outlet whose founders are considering a as their exit plan! Both, who own 85% of the company, now seem actively interested in the idea. Next step is to convince the three younger managers, who each own 5%... :)