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Want to welcome @BeechMtn to . Jeff is involved in the league in , and has done good work bridging credit unions with other co-op sectors and keeping educating credit union peeps about values, so super stoked that he's on our instance! :)

What would the world be like if, instead of PCs, computing for the masses had arrived in the form of Unix-powered terminals similar to France's Minitel, administered not by the Baby Bells but by the US Postal Service with iron-clad First and Fourth Amendment protections after the US government took the rights to Unix from AT&T under eminent domain, put Unix into the public domain, and put the whole Bell Labs crew on the government payroll?


Ramping up for starting the first book in the : Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals: Cooperative Solutions Beyond Markets and States. Join in here: loomio.org/d/q6OL4vW5/elinor-o

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@hassan it's in the middle of the article:

"It’s actually written in the N.F.L. bylaws that no team can be a non-profit, community owned entity. The late N.F.L. commissioner Pete Rozelle had it written into the league’s constitution in 1960. Article V, Section 4—otherwise known as the Green Bay Rule—states that 'charitable organizations and/or corporations not organized for profit and not now a member of the league may not hold membership in the National Football League.'"

So I guess it's time for on social.coop.

I'm a software developer slowly learning how to go about freelance work, with an interest in .

Are there any halfway decent books etc on the Seattle WTO protests and/or Occupy? That are reasonably easy to get hold of?

I'd especially be after anything that incorporates accounts from people who were there.

The Rural Cooperator has an article about using co-ops to provide broadband internet access to upstate NY rd.usda.gov/files/CoopMagJanFe

#Facebook "retreats from the online public square the company helped create ~ a tacit admission that the experiment —which made it the most successful #publisher in the world— failed.

But when you’re home to nearly 2 billion humans, no #change is ever simple"



Hey @mattcropp, a friend of mine asked about . Is there a reason why this is not really a thing? Is that what mutual aid societies are? What's the here? 😉🌲🌲

"So suddenly you get these charismatic men running communes—and women in the back having babies and putting bleach in the water to keep people from getting sick. Many of the communes of the 1960s were among the most racially segregated, heteronormative, and authoritarian spaces I've ever looked at."

How New Communalism influenced Silicon Valley tech culture.


Some Goals for the :
- Code of Conduct finalized and adopted.
- Automated on-boarding working with new version of Mastodon.
- Membership management system formalized.
- Labor compensation system established and operational.
-Governance discussion. Should we maintain full collective governance, should we elect a board and/or designated operations team?

I took this picture of a horse statue admiring horse paintings at the art museum earlier today and i think its my favorite photo ive ever taken

Everything you could possibly want to know about 'the commons', all in one beautiful, accessible new website:


I get to a big grey government building and go inside.
There's a room with a little table and two people ready to check my card and complete the final signup steps.

To the right of this table, there's a Christmas costume party going on with a few santa Clauses prancing around doing some kind of a skit.

To the left of the table, people are getting a meal ready which includes a literal roast pig.

Sure beats the .