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Here's a fun TIL: Because the ratio of terms in the Fibonacci sequence approaches phi, and because phi is close to the ratio of km to miles, you can approximate conversion between distances with adjacent Fibonacci numbers.

So 2 km ≈ 1 mile, 3 km ≈ 2 miles, 5 km ≈ 3 miles, 8 km ≈ 5 miles, 13 km ≈ 8 miles, etc, etc

One pager summary for a proposed one-shot to aggregate funds and make a loan to the through which we're attempting to divert a utility into in !

Welcome feedback, thoughts, and potential members: docs.google.com/document/d/1rC

Some creative solidarity from high schoolers seen at the rally for striking teachers in yesterday.

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Your periodic reminder...

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On the other hand, it seems like a lot of people have had some really good experiences with Sociocracy, especially when it comes to time/burnout saving, which is kind of the holy grail of organizational structure.

I'm especially interested in the history of how it came to be, and what sets it apart from other systems (ex: what's between consensus and consent?)

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I'd like to learn more for sure. I'm always a bit skeptical when people are like "THIS structure will FIX your PROBLEMS!" especially after trying a couple different governance structures in college student groups... you can spend SO much time talking about group structure and not really get anywhere.

"Like the 23 women before her, Vigo has never made a penny from her work. She is bound by a sacred ‘Sea Oath’ that maintains that byssus should never be bought or sold. (...) “Byssus doesn’t belong to me, but to everyone,” Vigo asserted. “Selling it would be like trying to profit from the sun or the tides.”

A beautiful story about the rarest material on earth and the 1000 years old oath that makes it a


@eloquence I used Duolingo for a while before switching to Mango, which a lot of libraries have subscriptions to. Seems like we had a similar experience. I was never able to learn much grammer, so it was only really useful as a vocab memorization tool

Hi, I'm Neil.

I'm from and interested in , , , and a .

I'm interested in in general, as a better, fairer, and more sustainable way of doing business, and in particular, as a better way of building and using technology.

Looking forward to learning from like-minded others and helping to grow this space.

Gotta love 🌲🌲. I had no idea that busses could be so... dramatic 😂

This is the website of a bus cooperative that I used yesterday:


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You know what's a fantastic feeling?

the shit out of a meeting and having it finish ON TIME!!!

In some recent group conversations about handling money, I realized that 'trust' was being used to mean two things about others: 1) that the person will keep their promises 2) that the other person will take you into account.

This is quite interesting because the first case is quite objective, almost contractual whereas the second case is much more subjective. #facilitation #group #communication

Yaaas I love that book (and def have a ways to go before I actually understand everything in it)

Btw are you the Ostrom evangelist @mattcropp was telling me about last summer?

To the : Anyone know of some good or reads on , , , digital economy, systems, and so on that are available online? I can't find a bookstore in this city and I want something that's more of a commitment than short articles