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Of course, when talking and I'm thinking of too. If exists to cooperatively own and operate tool platforms (did I get that right?) . . what other tools than Mastodon will come under the umbrella? And which kinds of users will they be tools for? Tech nerds? Coders? Ordinary everday folks? P2P/solidarity economy activists? Etcetera. Diverse use cases, can't serve 'em all well?

"An Indigenous opera singer is bringing back his community's traditions and songs...

The classically-trained tenor used wax cylinder recordings of his ancestors singing in the early 1900s, which had been locked away in the national archive for decades.

Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa — translated as "Songs of the River People" — is sung entirely in Wolastoqey, a language fewer than 100 people speak."

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Can someone recommend an approach to make a simple/lightweight/unincorporated co-op to turn our hosted foodsaving software ( into something like a platform co-op?

At the moment we administrate the server/instance without any clear structure... would like something more like

A short constitution + a loomio group?

"Happily, the Web is so huge that there's no way any one company can dominate it." - @timberners_lee, _Weaving the Web_ (1999)

Reagan was wrong. The most terrifying words in the English language are, “we’ve been sold to private equity.”

"Be unclassifiable. Sticking a label on a human being transforms them, distorts them, reduces them, alters their essence. To define is to imprison."

"Sé inclasificable. Quien pega una etiqueta en un ser humano lo transforma, lo falsea, lo reduce, altera su esencia. Definir es enjaular."


Hi everybody! Working with a self-managed Croatian the last 3 years, me and a good friend have been producing customized -shirts and other garments for music bands, trade unions and inviduals.

Now we are exploring the world looking for inspiration, join forces with like-minded people and eventually create more impact!

I believe in grassroots worker activism, enjoy a good meal and play the drums in a band :)

Looking forward to this!

After a day of feeling frustrated under gross fluorescent lights of a windowless grad student office...

5 charming, co-op minded, supportive and efficient people working on a Code of Conduct for have totally re-inspired and re-energized me! Thank you!

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i think i'll watch today, but i have to wait till the evening because there is a heat warning and if i cry a lot i could get dangerously dehydrated

A really cool episode of the podcast 99% Invisible, describing both the insecurity that people living in mobile homes face, and the growth of a movement of cooperative ownership amongst mobile home owners.

[99% Invisible] 307- Immobile Homes via @PodcastAddict

hi it's noemi! i'm interested in the intersection of tech and post-left anarchist stuff. trying to use code to fix things ^^

"As a writer, my problem is not piracy, it’s obscurity, and Creative Commons licenses turn my books into dandelion seeds, able to blow in the wind and find every crack in every sidewalk, sprouting up in unexpected places." -- Cory Doctorow

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