heise+ | Wissenschaftliches Rechnen: Julia für die Datenanalyse

Die Multiparadigmensprache Julia verfügt über eine klare Codestruktur und die Ausführungsgeschwindigkeit des Codes ist hoch.
Wissenschaftliches Rechnen: Julia für die Datenanalyse
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John Cleese’s Comedically Explains the Psychological Advantages of Extremism.

"It Makes You Feel Good Because It Provides You with Enemies"

openculture.com/?p=1078334 t.co/rnH4c6yn61

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Nice to see @mayfirst@social.mayfirst.org in the mix (although Alfredo talked too long ;-)) Would definitely like to see more communication and possible collaboration with @disroot and @Framasoft as well as efforts in the global south.

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Wow, the discussion of cooperative tools was excellent -- informative, thoughtful, inspiring, concrete. Excellent framing of the issues by @mike_hales -- getting all the various issues, constituencies, levels of abstraction and organization, in one framework is like herding cats, but he managed it. Thanks to @oli @Wtebbens and others...

Definitely think social.coop should join Meet.Coop to continue to be part of this evolving practice...

We’re proud to announce our partnership with @orange_es@twitter.com. 🙌 🇪🇸 Not only are we able to provide customers in Spain with a greener alternative, but it’s also a step forward towards a fairer electronics industry. 💚 More info: frphn.co/wMckC

A @vivaldibrowser survey shows search engine privacy & neutrality are very important to over 80% of users.

Our search is always private with no filter bubble, + Vivaldi is using our Tracker Radar to further protect your privacy: spreadprivacy.com/duckduckgo-t

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

The only thing I'd challenge Naomi on is her tendency to reduce "technology" to the corporate datafarms. Investing in free code tech, based on open standards, is also an investment in humans and the public interest.

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Would it make sense for Social.Coop to join The Online Meeting Co-operative?


Several coops united to build Meet.coop, The Online Meeting Cooperative, a shared platform based on BigBlueButton.

Read why femProcomuns became a member:


Ara m'he adonat que el que Friendica interpreta per "peers" no és el mateix que el que interpreten Mastodon o Pleroma.
Per Friendica un "peer" pot ser un servidor però també un usuari. Per exemple son peers tant "mastodont.cat" com "mastodont.cat/spla".
El fedivers necessita una API estàndard.

If we let police use drone surveillance with face recognition as a public health measure--we’ll likely see them flying over protests next year. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/05/usin

In these times there's renewed interest in videoconf services. A solid and practical solution based on BigBlueButton is now being set up by Meet.coop

Members can run their workshops and meetings on a shared platform, initiated by Collective.tools, femProcomuns and Webarchitects. See you at Meet.coop!

Jitsi, Mumble, OBS, ... Las herramientas de comunicación de la Free Software Foundation (y las claves del éxito de LibrePlanet) en tiempos de COVID-19.


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