El proyecto GNU es idealista, y cualquiera que promueva el idealismo se enfrenta hoy a un gran obstáculo: la ideología dominante anima a la gente a descartar el idealismo por no ser «práctico». Nuestro idealismo ha sido extremadamente práctico: esta es la razón por la que hoy tenemos un sistema operativo GNU/Linux libre. La gente que aprecia este sistema tiene que saber que se trata de nuestro idealismo hecho realidad.


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If you don’t share Christine Lagarde’s opinion that the digital euro is the way forward, you still have three weeks to raise your concerns in the EU commission CBDC consultation - deadline June 14. twitter.com/paddi_hansen/statu

@don_atoms Your guide seems to me well done: it is clear and essential. Also included are Friendica and Lemmy, two software that are often forgotten in guides of this type.

However, I would be pleased if I added Mobilizon too, because it is one of those projects that most of all manage to create a relationship between the social world and real life.

Finally, I advise you to follow two projects that are still a little immature but with great potential: owncast and bookwyrm. Maybe in some time you will want to dedicate a paragraph to them too 😄

@humanetech @EU_Commission @EDPS

@humanetech @EU_Commission @EDPS

This is a great initiative. Benefitting both the EU institutions, as well as the Fediverse.

Maybe our Hitchhiker's guide to the Fediverse can be of use. It's a beginner-friendly introduction to Mastodon, PeerTube, PixelFed, Lemmy, Friendica & Funkwhale. Plus, it's free and open source, of course :)


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Not all of the accounts are full birdsite bridges. The accounts of @EDPS @EC_OSPO and @EC_NGI have interacted on the #Fediverse.

But you are right that this official presence could be so much more. It is therefore vital that the current pilot succeeds, and we show the value of active fedi participation.

To help with this at #SocialHub we are looking for volunteers to organize a training. See the details at:


@EU_Commission You joined the Fediverse a month ago, which is great! You keep us informed about your activities – nice! Fedizens reply to your posts, want to interact with you – isn't that wonderful? But…

I searched your whole feed: not a single time did you answer questions directed at you (or did I miss something?). It seems like the Fediverse is a blackboard to you. But we are colorful! The Fedi lives from interactions. So will you start participating, not just cross-posting? We wait for you :awesome:

What open source tools do you use to collaborate with people when brainstorming ideas, drafting up plans, etc?

I currently use CryptPad for documentation and kanban boards.

Any cool tools or methods someone would like to share? :blobfoxthink:

Are you using Mastodon through a computer?

Do you wish there was a multi-column TweetDeck-style interface?

There is! It's called the "advanced web interface" and you can activate it any time you want. It lets you add many specialised columns, subscribe to hashtags and all kinds of stuff suited to large wide displays.

Log into the website, go to Preferences > Enable Advanced Web Interface, tick the box and click "Save Changes".

(To restore the default single column interface, do the same thing but untick the box instead.)

This used to be the default interface on Mastodon, and very old articles about the platform will have screenshots of the multicolumn interface.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #TweetDeck #FediTips #Interface

#Google does not fund research groups if they'd work on software licensed under #AGPL.

Use the AGPL to incentivize people not to get funded by Google.

This is a win *not* just for @conservancy! This win indicates that federal courts view GPL is both a license and a contract — as we have long argued. The case now proceeds in state court.
Support this case and our work by becoming a Sustainer: sfconservancy.org/sustainer/

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A new study finds 3,000 websites on which third-party tracking companies scoop up what you type into forms in real time — even if you never hit submit. This happens on about 1,800 websites for E.U. users too, likely in violation of the GDPR.


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This is the foundation of ’s network security.
Instead of everyone being a slave to one massive , bad acting notes are identified by good actors and kicked out of the network. Simple, effective and inexpensive.
$HOT twitter.com/fredbartels/status

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We've been using BBB via Social.coop and also jitsi via Mayfirst (where we are also members). We usually use jitsi unless somebody already scheduled a BBB, but like belonging to both co-ops and as our uses of BBB gets more sophisticated, might gravitate more over there, over time.

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⚡Rather than make expensive renewable hydrogen for export, North African renewable electricity should be used to meet local needs.

The EU must scrap its neocolonial green hydrogen import targets, says our new study with @corporateeurope: tni.org/en/publication/assessi

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If governments keep pursuing exponential growth at any cost, we will collapse like any other species. We must switch the goal of our economic system from the accrual of capital to flourishing for all. The former goal requires endless growth, the latter does not.

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So, rather than focusing on “eco-friendly” ways to continue to over-consume, we need to imagine how we might have an even better quality of life while living within ecosystem capacity.

This is the regenerative mindset.

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@helioscomm @Wtebbens @zaunders @dominictarr @zippy314 @tauil_lucas @bierlingm @kizuna_fndn @flux_social @matrixdotorg @RangerMauve It's sure that not everyone needs to be tech-savy, but it's equally sure that some of us need to be. I like the role of the digital shaman. Connecting it and letting it see as ONE with a lot of divirsity. Misunderstood by the noob and the geek. 😄

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