Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, colleague at meet.coop, just published this:

"The self-reinforcing nature of cooperation and ethical business"


>> Recently OpenCollective reciprocated Meet.coop’s use of their services and became a member of Meet.coop

Proud to use a @Fairphone w/ the @efoundation google-free ánd comfortable operating system icm w/ a cooperative sim from @somconnexio

Add to that
for online meetings
for file/contact/calendaring
social.coop for microblogging

Own your coms
cc @somconnexio @somconnexio


I think B4RN seem to have done a decent job of fibre-based community internet, what do you make of it?


@kravietz @Wtebbens

Discovered via FairTEC – "a collective group of actors committed to digital sobriety".

They are offering rental of Fairphones with /e/ preinstalled, with a phone.coop SIM.


Game Dev, Co-ops, The Commons 

I've been thinking recently about game development. Specifically, I've been wondering about how to make a collaborative environment where people can either start new projects or jump in to existing ones.

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and I'm curious about the prospect of creating an anarchic, anticapitalist game studio that functions like a startup incubator, but specifically for open source / creative commons indie games.

Instead of startups, capital, or even traditional publishing, people instead join or start teams and projects. The overarching organization acts like a publisher, in the sense that it helps teams package up games for storefronts and maybe funnel money from sales directly to projects.

Maybe this would be good to attempt a cooperative model?

@kravietz @Wtebbens

ironically for all the claims of social decay, British suburban town areas do have a reasonable sense of community, but also far less need for mesh networks to access the Internet, there are now 3 companies willing to provide fixed broadband infrastructure to buildings in most areas and mobile LTE internet works well everywhere. (Hobby mesh networks for IOT/weather monitoring projects are still of interest to some...)

@kravietz @Wtebbens

"community" broadband networks do exist in rural areas here but as small commercial businesses that resell a fibre link from British Telecom, Virgin or Cityfibre by sharing it over long range wifi, and they register with Ofcom etc just like any other ISP.

I suspect the wider British problem is we need a /community/ first (rather than adjacent households who barely tolerate one another, its far /worse/ in rural areas) before we could hope to build community networks!

@Wtebbens That's very nice, actually! I'd love to see something like that in the UK. Unfortunately here all mesh & community networks seem to have been ultimately killed by chilling effect of RIPA surveillance regulation. I don't think it would actually apply to community networks but there were rumours being spread - basically that it's enough to route someone else's ping to go to jail for 100 years. And people in UK are rather risk averse ;)


Precisely so. Although in the UK the uptake of public LoRaWAN gateways is... limited. In my town there's literally a few, with very limited range, run by hobbyists. But a decent LoRaWAN gateway *and* antenna *and* high location cost money.

Anyone tried Helium (HNT)? This seems to be basically a private LoRaWAN network where providing running a gateway mines you crypto-currency tokens. Proof of work is replaced by proof of connectivity, power usage by a miner is 5W, especially relevant in the context of #bitcoin debate


So you’re probably sick of hearing me talk for years on how we need to make having our own places on the Web as easy as signing up to the factory farms of Big Tech.

On today’s Small Is Beautiful, you’re going to see a glimpse of a very early demonstration of that with Owncast (your own Twitch).

It’s nowhere near ready for public use but it’s a very satisfying step after several years of work on infrastructure following our work with the City of Ghent.

5PM Irish time: small-tech.org/small-is-beauti

I'll try this workaround out if and when I find that meet.coop has updated their BBB service.

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Cool way members are using our Meet.Coop instance and supporting cooperation:

@ofnusa (aka Laurie Wayne) is using it for Open Food Network USA meetings, weekly office hours, and hosting convos with other food justice actors.

Here in Colorado Springs people active around food justice are using Meet.Coop for our weekly Joyful Check-ins.

How are you using it where you are?

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libregraphics.club today from 6pm BST

Learn how to use community developed image editing software to produce ace flyers and posters! ✨

You can register here: eventbrite.co.uk/e/libre-graph

"Oppressive A.I. framework: feminists' lenses go beyond the discussion of “ethics”, “human-centered” or “transparent” A.I. and enable us to check power imbalances and question if those systems are not simply automating different layers of oppressions", by Coding Rights ✨ 💜

Deutschland bekommt ein Zentrum für Digitale Souveränität das Open Source in der öffentlichen Verwaltung fördern soll. Bin gespannt was bewegt werden kann. osb-alliance.de/publikationen/

@Wtebbens has the revenue kept up to support the resource use?

Oh, and is there a way to change the default slide?

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