In relation to #Penpot VC investment deal I decided to respond directly to the CEO on the #community forum, to state my concerns about the impact that will have and damage to #trust and #trustworthiness I already witness here on the #Fediverse and #FOSS circles.

Looks like the #PeerTube devs finally added the ability to automatically make a backup of your videos from YouTube in a PeerTube instance of your choice. Not unlike me cross-posting between an #ActivityPub -powered server and Twitter.

Très bel article de @IndieHosters (membre du collectif @ChatonsOrg ) qui fait le bilan de deux ans d'aventures Liiibres !

In session#10 on September 26th, Nathan Schneider will open a discussion on Commoners’ actions against digital colonialism - Openness and limitation in digital stacks. Nathan will be talking about going beyond open source, and what he calls 'governable stacks'.

To underpin the discussion here’s a set of notes that links Nathan’s concerns to the practical organisation of as a

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We are taking incremental steps to build and strengthen the support for free and open source. facilitates the open development of software projects from the Commission as well as the other European Union institutions.
@EC_DIGIT_director_general at

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One of my favorite platform co-ops, @MeetdotCoop, is hosting me for a talk on 9/26 on the "tyranny of openness" in and the vision of "governable stacks." Guests are welcome, please join us!


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This update on climate tipping points is one of the scariest papers I've read in a while. The crisis doesn't unfold slowly, linear, and why the 1.5°C goal is so crucial.

My analysis Bloomberg @climate w/ @jrockstrom @Ricarda_Climate @PIK_Climate

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🙌 Holochain apps can now be published to the Holo network! That means HoloPorts around the world make apps accessible to people using regular web browsers.

👉Read about the details:

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“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise.” --F. Scott Fitzgerald

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👋The department of ethics and political philosophy @RadboudFFTR is looking for 2 assistant profs w/a research focus on digitalization. You’ll be affiliated with the Radboud Center for Philosophy & Society and @iHub_RU for digitalization & society. See:

@ArneBab @humanetech Exactly that: "Use a copyleft-licensed project with outside contributors if you want the project to stay free."

And as mentioned, the outside contributors must remain copyright holders of their contribution. So there should not be any transfer of the Copyright upon contribution.

@strypey None of the modern way of life is possible without the mining industry, which is the worst industry by far for emission, destruction of environnement, production of waste (in a scale hard to imagine), pollution of water, violation of human rights, and so on. The growth of the mining industry is really fast, exponential. Understanding it destroyed all my remaining positivity, sadly.

@humanetech @protodrew

I get that sentiment. But at the same time, I keep noticing it's pretty amazing that we all have a supercomputer in our pocket, wirelessly connected to millions of information sources around the world. That was science fiction when I was a kid. As then, our future possibilities are beyond what any of us could accurately predict, which actually makes me more hopeful.

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In case you missed it, you can create your own personal music and podcast streaming service through @nextcloud as detailed in this article:

It works with files on your server and podcast RSS feeds, with good mobile app support.

There are some limitations which I've gone through in the article, but overall growing your own alternative to Spotify is really fun! 🎧 🌱

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