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This is the foundation of ’s network security.
Instead of everyone being a slave to one massive , bad acting notes are identified by good actors and kicked out of the network. Simple, effective and inexpensive.
$HOT twitter.com/fredbartels/status

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We've been using BBB via Social.coop and also jitsi via Mayfirst (where we are also members). We usually use jitsi unless somebody already scheduled a BBB, but like belonging to both co-ops and as our uses of BBB gets more sophisticated, might gravitate more over there, over time.

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⚡Rather than make expensive renewable hydrogen for export, North African renewable electricity should be used to meet local needs.

The EU must scrap its neocolonial green hydrogen import targets, says our new study with @corporateeurope: tni.org/en/publication/assessi

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If governments keep pursuing exponential growth at any cost, we will collapse like any other species. We must switch the goal of our economic system from the accrual of capital to flourishing for all. The former goal requires endless growth, the latter does not.

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So, rather than focusing on “eco-friendly” ways to continue to over-consume, we need to imagine how we might have an even better quality of life while living within ecosystem capacity.

This is the regenerative mindset.

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@helioscomm @Wtebbens @zaunders @dominictarr @zippy314 @tauil_lucas @bierlingm @kizuna_fndn @flux_social @matrixdotorg @RangerMauve It's sure that not everyone needs to be tech-savy, but it's equally sure that some of us need to be. I like the role of the digital shaman. Connecting it and letting it see as ONE with a lot of divirsity. Misunderstood by the noob and the geek. 😄

The world is a scary place, y'all. Things are getting worse all the time.

The actions of an individual don't really amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things, but we're not an individual, we're individuals.

We're a community. We're a movement. We fix things, we make the world better.

Let's demonstrate what a better world might be like. Let's live like we are the first generation of the next world, rather than the last generation of the old world.

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Day 2 of PublicSpaces conference has started! Follow the livestream at conference.publicspaces.net - we have started with the launch of #pubhubs - an alternative for social media platforms pubhubs.net

@ton De laatste tijd gebruik ik als crosspost service @moaparty En het werkt prima: boosts in de fediverse worden RT's en RT's worden netjes getoot. Zie: moa.party/

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Truth is that I rarely use the whiteboard or breakout rooms, and that most of my meetings are 1-1 (some have 3 people, rare).

I think BBB is fantastic for conferences and events (the Open Source Cubesat Workshop uses it), but for individual meetings, I don't see the big benefits of BBB over Jitsi.

Jitsi Just Works™, even on mobile (by having a native app). Besides, it's catching up on features (lobby, breakout rooms), although I don't need them as I said.

Time for a proper #introduction :

ZeMarmot is a 2D #animation movie entirely done with free softwares (Blender, Ardour) and #GIMP in particular. The license is Creative Commons by_SA.

Aryeom Han is the director, artist and script consultant.

Jehan Pagès is the author and developer, co-maintainer (core developer since 2012) of GIMP.

Please feel free to follow and support us (totally independent) via :

Account is maintained by @danslerush (and sometimes Jehan ;))

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Join us for the monthly .hour session with @sbloemen from @commonsnetwork

📣 "Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons"

🗓️Monday 23rd May
⏲️17h UTC = 19h CEST
online, sign-up for free


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Launcher Version 0.4.4 is a huge jump toward the goal of user-friendliness. Why not give it a try and invite to try it out too?! 👉 buff.ly/3LgmVl7

Share in the thread your thoughts!


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Come try Elemental Chat! It's our proof-of-concept P2P chat app built on . This version includes sharding and is hosted on 300+ HoloPorts around the world.

👉 Come say Holo! buff.ly/3N2fXS5

tired: if statements
wired: why statements
inspired: why not statements

#TiredWiredInspired #RFK

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All loaded and firing! We have just achieved another significant milestone this week!🚀🚀🚀

You can now find the steps on how we loaded Holochain on a Raspberry Pi4.
Link here👉👉: loom.ly/E_BJHcU

Cheers ;)

@mike_hales Definitely urge Social.Coop members to check this out. The Meet.Coop Commons Hours are a unique space for thinking about how to collaborate and build commons. As members of Meet.Coop it is a great way for us to participate in the cooperative.

.coop will hold our eighth session in the .hour series on the fourth Monday in May:
Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network, European Municipalist Network, ROSA - Right to the City Amsterdam)

Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons

Sign up and details here:

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