Sallas, Finland's coldest city, bids for Olympic *Summer* Games. Thanks to climate change. Fantastic wake up call.

El valor de les monedes complementàries en les entitats via SQUID App

Yes, it's time for to get a tutorial from Oli & co in the Product circle, on how to do admin in a Greenlight container. Do set it up.
Would be great to record this, and put it somewhere that other multi-user account holders can use it in the future. Maybe write some documentation in the NextCloud also.
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Delete Spotify yet?

The streaming music platform, Spotify, has won a patent which will allow it to listen to users’ speech recognition and sound analysis.

The reason it wants to do this? – In order to gauge emotional states and location types to serve up an appropriate soundtrack - nothing to worry about there then.

The app will now be able to decipher the user’s age, gender and other demographics – all seemingly in the name of a perfect song list.

📱 Overview of instant messaging apps. An infographic by @niboe under CC license.

🆕 This is an updated version.

You are welcome to edit the SVG. Please keep the license.

@Matt_Noyes @neil @mike_hales I think the same could be said about free software. Both coops and free software are non capitalist, but in and of themselves aren't a strategy to end capitalism or even a real threat to the capitalist system. In the worst vein, they provide a strategy for a privileged few to avoid some exploitative aspects of capitalism. There is enormous potential to organize within these movements to actively struggle against capitalism. But I'm not sure how to do this. is back on Google's playstore. The incident however shows how worried Google c.s. are about the decentralised chat app.

With strong encryption and decentralisee servers, ultimately no government can censor or compromise our communications (massively).

It does require us to be less dependent on the Playstore. This was just one more alarm bell, maybe wakeup call?, to leave

@Wtebbens yeah I don't trust Signal because it's centralized and the server is in US jurisdiction. At the end of the day they can just shut it down any time they want to.

The fact that Element got removed from the play store is the best endorsement for it being secure that I've seen so far.

Good news for Element. The lesson here for anyone involved in Android development is to make Google Play one of multiple distribution channels. My priorities for distribution have been:

1) Google Play
2) My own website
3) F-Droid

that's going to change to:

1) My own website
2) F-Droid
3) Google Play

Where do you stand on the subject of:

unconditional basic income?

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I made a foray into the recent spate of Signal bashing. My opinion is not exactly original: It's nuanced.

A 2nd step is to use, and get your friends/network to use free-as-in-freedom apps, ideally the decentralised options like:
Files, calendar, contacts: NextCloud
Microblogging: this, a social network connected to the fediverse :blobaww:

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These days of fight for and the ability for self-organisation, let me recommend a first step how to take back control over your mobile phone while still retaining comfort.

Run Android without Google play. it's more userfriendly than LineageOS, supports also many proprietary apps.

Apart from the e appstore, use and, possibly the aptoide store.

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