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I would start here:

and check the bibliography for any authors that pique your interest. Haslanger and MacKinnon are interesting thinkers, although MacKinnon herself can be difficult some times (but still worth reading imo)

FOSS recommendation for taking a video and then like putting words over it (song lyrics) and then having a bouncy graphic indicate which lyric is currently being sung so the audience can follow along?

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"Yes hello, I'd like to derail this legitimate discussion about the indefensible actions, inactions, attitudes, etc. of a privileged group of people with a request that you give me a gold star for being a member of that privileged group, but not one of the bad ones"

If someone corrects you on their name, don’t launch into an explanation of why you did that and all the causes.

Just say, “okay,” and proceed as usual.

[BBC Radiophonic Workshop]:
Roger Limb demonstrated how electronic music for radio and TV was made.

#BBC #RadiophonicWorkshop #RogerLimb #1976

I'm going to run a "crash course" on at my hackerspace next week, so put together the below linked doc as an outline. I'm focusing on the use cases for the different kinds of polls, certain kinds of poll sequences, etc. Feel free to leave comments if you have feedback, or if you can think of additional uses I'm missing:




If you're, like me, distraught at what's happening in the world right now, reach out to that one friend who you know has activism in their veins, and ask to work together on something, anything that works for you.

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The world is a harsh place, but today I snorgled a pile of warm laundry fresh from the dryer, so it might still be worth fighting for.

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How to get your movement in the #news:

A petition won't help get news coverage. Instead:

When having a protest

1. Invite local correspondents who have previously written about trans issues. Make sure to give enough notice. Think about the size of the outlet vs the size of the protest.

2. Have somebody on your team doing PR. They should write a short news-y account of the protest to send on to local news outlets. Include good photos: If it's big, show the size! If it's small, get good closeups of people's faces and signs. Look engaging and important.

Virtually all news outlets are online, so photos matter even for radio.

3. Don't forget your local paper, small independents, the #LGBT press, Indy Media, hyper-local news, and bloggers.

You can't petition the national media into taking notice, but you can create a lot of local stories they might pick up.

Micro-action my friend in Canada did. She would be happy if you copied it :)

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