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Brief reminder that capitalism thrives on the backs of the expectation of women doing unpaid labor

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I want to write a free, copyleft book about how to thrive on low income in the USA, because all the books on personal finance give advice like "don't buy a latte every day," instead of "first, get your staples at the food bank, and *then* any other food via food stamps."

I've been writing an outline, and I need more sources. What books and links can you tell me about that are like more the food stamp example? (And please retoot!)

I've got three weeks to find a job before I lose my backup plan to foreclosure, and another month past that before I lose my home. I need gas money to get to job interviews. I'm eating the shipping on these bracelets to try and cover that. If you don't wear #jewelry or these aren't your style, please boost. They're anodized aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel, all 7 inches, and all $15 to paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos or cash.app/$tarlimanjoppos #maille #art #mastoart #chainmail

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duct tape levels are currently severe

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i'm doing nothing and suddenly i'm about a #solarpunk reality show, that instead of having forced petty drama and people being eliminated or whatever, is just a bunch of people living in this self-sufficient house, and they give each other life tips, share resources and skills, and help each other be better

i can imagine like, a person who sews a lot teaching others how to pattern so as not to waste a lot of fabric later, people with a green thumb giving tips to not let your plants die, someone helping others learn how to fix broken stuff, things like that

and they would be teaching themselves, but also the public?? and now I want this in my life#

what in heck someone made a typeface out of the national park signs

i love it


im not interested in being polite or heterosexual

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Job loss inventory clearance: I have two of these left in stock, $25 including USA shipping. Mixed anodized aluminum and neoprene, one size fits most. #lgbtqa #pride #rainbow #chainmail #maille #art #mastoart

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