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If you're ever feeling unsure of what to do, try to visualize the future you want and think of the changes in the world between how it is now and how you want it to be.

It's silly (and obvious) but it's somehow really easy to forget.

If you're having trouble deciding which change to make first, try to think about which changes need to come first. Always look for the root changes, everything else is secondary at best.

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Disaster should never romanticised for a second, but it is interesting to see what can occur when the existing order is swept aside and something new has chance to grow.

'The end of history' is bullshit, we're currently stuck in a local minima, but nothing about this is essential or predetermined or necessary. This is the peak of nothing.

'It's easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism' is also bullshit. It's easy to imagine something better.

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To toot boldly where no one has tooted before

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[fr] @wryk et moi-même sommes super heureuses de vous annoncer qu’Eldritch Café, notre nouvelle instance pour les personnes LGBTQI et les militantes féministes, ouvrira ses portes à minuit ce soir !

[en] @wryk and I are super happy to announce that Eldritch Café, our new instance for LGBTQI folks and feminist activists, will open its doors today at midnight!


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Hey , I've been wondering...

Now that I've contributed to translating Mastodon on weblate.joinmastodon.org, is it enough that I've translated the texts there, or should I do something more to them now?

I mean, do they somehow automatically get updated from there to the project code, or do I have to manually go and make a push on GitHub?

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So, the Finnish ministry of traffic and communication announced today, that there won't be purchase subsidy for e-bikes. lvm.fi/-/sahkopyoran-hankintat

Two hours later they announced a specialist committee to find ways to get rid of traffic emissions. lvm.fi/-/liikenteen-paastojen-

So how bout some consistency and logic at first? How bout, idk, a purchase subsidy for e-bikes, just for starters?

Extrapolating from user growth so far, the user count of switter.at will surpass that of mastodon.social on around 28th June this year.

If the growth keeps going at constant rate, will be the biggest instance on around 17th October this year.

At what point people are going to take switter.at as THE flagship instance of ?

Ok, so if the new EU directive came into effect banning CC by giving authors the ”inalieable right” to receive remuneration, what would in practice happen to an author who published under CC and refuse to accept payment for their work? Who would sue them and what would the punishment be?

Argh! I give up! I can't configure a virtual host and get a ssl certificate for it. Probably it's something very simple, but I lack skills & knowledge to see what I'm doing wrong. And I've already wasted too much time for this shit.

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Honestly, the amount of stuff i learn on mastodon is ridiculous. I feel like i've been living under a rock all this time. It probably has to do with the fact that a lot of you early adopters seem to be an adventurous bunch and so my feed is unadulterated by the typical FB, IG, and Twitter crowd.

Anyway, as one of you said earlier, "y'all are valid."

Keep it weird, mastodon.

Oh gosh I got frightened just now. Suddenly webpages stopped to load, and my pi-hole showed constant query attempts. Of course my first gut reaction was some malware.

But after narrowing the problem I noticed that only devices explicitly using the pi-hole were affected, so a DNS problem after all.

And lo, our ISP has dropped their second DNS server, which was still configured in pi-hole. No wonder those queries weren't going anywhere.

Yay! I demonstrated a based intranet to my coop, and they bought the idea. Now we can finally get properly organized online! And this is a really important issue for us, because there's nearly 50 of us, all over the country, and all the files are always wherever they are.

So right now I'm composing a formal implementation plan, so that we know what we are doing and why.

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Eek. Hi. I am Elm, and I'm still trying to figure out this Mastodon thing. Exciting!

I'm an aspiring writer, working on a novel. I have played the cello for 15 years, and I have also recently began taking piano lessons. I consume a lot of tea and feel the most alive during the autumn. I'm a bibliophile and a collector of shiny things, such as antique photographs. My interests have often been labelled as rather odd or macabre. I also have cats.

Nice to meet you.

#introduction #introductions

Is there an easy way to see the list of instances a particular instance (that you're logged into) federates with?