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Is it just me, or are there problems with payments for ?

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Is there yet a movement where artists and creators make a testament that after their death all their work becomes public domain? Ie. an explicit middle ground between default copyright period and immediate PD at the time of publication?

I'd be interested in developing and advocating this kind of movement to widen the common public cultural legacy. But I guess some sort of legal expertise would be good to have. And if this is already a thing, then great, I'll join!

Anyone know how to get rid of this ”feature” in Vivaldi?

After the latest update, every time I click a link in an external program and it opens in Vivaldi, the Vivaldi window maximizes. NO! I don't want to use maximized windows! Stop that!

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IDEA: cryptocurrency but instead of computers solving cryptographic problems it's humans doing sudoku or something

I wonder, would it be possible to freely publish whole copyrighted books w/o infringement by combining citation right and decentralized protocols?

1. Individual people cite a small chunk of a book in some context.
2. Decentralized protocol indexes these separate chunks and links to them in succession, without publishing the whole text anywhere.

1 is clearly legal, but would a protocol in 2 pass the legality test? If so, then in theory every book could be freely distributed by crowdsourcing.

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I wrote down a few thoughts on the issues I see with governance of cooperatives with many members, e.g. platform coops medium.com/@JenRau/sociocracy-

Feedback very welcome!

Does anyone have user or developer experience on LBRY? I just found about it, and have some mixed first feelings:

- Open protocol is good
- Blockchain so-so, might be heavy in the future
- Run by an inc, not a coop, although the protocol is free to use by anyone.

In any case an interesting take on the book distribution coop idea I've been working on.


Interesting. My personal feed (”Start”) contains toots that are originated outside of social.coop from accounts that I don't follow, and there's no sign of anyone boosting them.

This must be some kind of bug, perhaps the sign of boosting has somehow been stripped from them?

I'm looking for a robust and secure email service to replace Gmail. Any experience (positive or negative) would be appreciated. And I'm ready to pay a few € per month for a good and reliable service.

Does anyone have any negative things to say about Mailfence, for example? They seem to have a syncing calendar, which is also good, because I'd like to replace my Google Calendar as well. Does any other prominent service have a calendar in addition to email?

Oh I hate it when the welcome bot in our writers' chat community is randomly down and new people can't get in.

(But there must be a gatekeeper to keep all the spammers out.)

In Sep 2007 my friend invited me to a new social media platform. It was fun to play with, but I never got the hold of it. As years passed, I grew to hate it, but felt forced to use it to keep contact with others.

In Sep 2016 I decided to quit it, but keep my account for the moment, because during those 9 years the service had got its tentacles everywhere and I wanted no extra bump on the road.

In Oct 2017 I still had the account I hadn't used for a year. Not any more. social.coop/media/OE3f4hrXH2MR

Thank you for your answers re collaborative doc tools! Looks like Framapad (Etherpad) by Framasoft is best suited for my needs now. (Only downside being that I can't French, but I guess that'll change soon enough. :D)

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Please, I need some advice. What non-intrusive-corporation alternatives to Google Docs I could use if I want to share documents and compose them collaboratively online?

But now I really must go to bed.

Just when I thought it could be good to go to bed... I got a brilliant idea!

You may have heard about (resonate.is), a cooperative music streaming platform.

Now, I want a similar service, but for ebooks and audiobooks.

Of course, I can't code, I can only have visions. But I'm a member of a publishing coop, so we might already have one content provider already!

So how about it, who's in?

OK, trying to log in to an old Windows installation.

Of course I can't remember my Microsoft password, so I proceed to webpage to change it.

I choose a new password. The computer says that I must select a password I haven't used before. So that really was it, then?

Yes, it works after all, and I'm logged in.

The computer asks me to do something and type a password for it. Now my password is wrong AGAIN!

What is this shit?!

Hey 'ers, as a newbie I'd like to know you better. What languages you speak/understand/are studying?

For me the list following:
/ native
/ fluent
/ studying
/ basics
/ basics

And scrap knowledge of a host of other languages.

Hello ! An :

I'm a who's also into ( or ). Thus and are close to my heart. I'm a founding member of a coop.

Generally I'm into relaxed and fair (i.e. not arbitrary) cooperation and more a thinker than maker. I'm here to connect with likeminded people without any corporate watchdogs.

Currently I'm from .

Not my first Mastodon account, other @Stoori'es on other instances are probably me, too.