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Is there yet a Mastodon instance themed around language learning, multilingualism and polyglot people?

I could be interested in opening one, if this niche is not filled yet.

Hello all my followers, old and new!

This is just to remid you that I'm not very active on this account any more. If you really want to follow me actively, I suggest you follow me over at

Just four days ago I pulled this data about Mastodon instance user counts.

Since then the user count of a typical instance has grown about 10%.

Ten percent more people here. In just four days.

We'll see if this wave flattens soon, or if this is just the beginning.

But no wonder it's felt quite wild here this week.

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I'm @ing all those who were interested: see the link to the polyglot instance in above toot.

@irina @feonixrift @verity @maloki @gretchenmcc @hillbillyoracle

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Public registrations are open *for now*. We'll see what happens and if the registrations should be limited at some point.

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New instance opened:

Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot. All languages are allowed to flourish on our timelines. Welcome!

New here.

I guess there are some public and curated lists of generally banned domains (nazi & such).

Where could I find those? It would kickstart my moderation considerably.

The Finnish Left Party (Vasemmistoliitto) just announced their new logo. My first reaction was ”twitter for commies”.

Which is, like, Mastodon?

Here's an extended mockup of how Trumpet (which will rename to GNOME Social once I finish up the important bits) will look. There are a few things I don't have mockups of yet.

English: "Toot" – well that's whimsical, I kinda like it.

German: "Tröt" – Oh no all the cringe pls stop

Changing random stuff until your program works is "hacky" and "bad coding practice", but if you do it fast enough it's "Machine Learning" and pays 4x your current salary.

FOLLOW-UP: It's been a day since I tooted this, and this has been boosted 53 times and favourited 44 times. So I guess there could be enough of interested people for this kind of instance to be viable.

But don't hold your breath yet! I'm working on it, but I'm famously slow to realize things. A polyglot instance will open at some point in the future, but for now I can't give any time frame for this.

Stay tuned!

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What we've abandoned for the automobile: The whole city of (ancient)Florence can fit in one Atlanta cloverleaf (2014)

"...the entire Duomo cathedral could fit in one of the loops of the interchange. You could spend days walking the streets of Florence (I have) and find three hundred and fifty thousand residents..."

All sacrificed so that "a small fraction of Atlanta workers to their jobs a bit sooner, barring any accidents."

In memoriam, Dawn Hardin.

Is there yet a Mastodon instance themed around language learning, multilingualism and polyglot people?

I could be interested in opening one, if this niche is not filled yet.

Oh, one bonus toot. Based on the top 200 instances, the s factor of Zipf's law on the fediverse is approximately 1.3. If all the instances were taken into account, the factor could change. But I didn't find a quick way to grab the table other than manually, so I only used the top 200 instances.

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The deviations are perhaps due to the still young age of the fediverse. Expect it to smooth out. But still, expect that the big instances will always dominate.

Data: 200 biggest instances from's_l


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Worried about the dominance of big instances? No, really, this is quite natural.

As an emergent and self-governing system, it could be expected that the size distribution of instances roughly follows Zipf's law.

Does it?

At first you see the top 6 instances, and then the rest. But on a log-log scale the size distribution is close to a straight line, which would be expected from an emergent system.


I beg to differ. Focusing on "instances of one" is more likely to push people into the arms of Gastodon than to keep them here.

We resist Gastodon by turning instances into cooperatives, places where people are no longer users who need to obey what the "master" says, but peers who have a say and a vote.

Not everyone has the will, time, skills, resources and patience to install and maintain their own instance.


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