Apparently, there are people who use Inkscape on the command line. Either they're missing something important, or I am.

Apparently, there are people who use Inkscape on the command line. Either they're missing something important, or I am.

Shout-out of solidarity to the GM workers on strike!✌️ (And thanks for making my truck)

The current structure of capital ownership and organization of production in our so-called "market" economy, reflects coercive state intervention prior to and extraneous to the market.
-- Kevin Carson

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I know I asked this earlier, but who's going to the ? I might want to share a hotel room.

We’re now within the cloud cover of the hurricane, even though the center is hundreds of miles away. The sky is overcast and blustery, as this image shows. That’s right, this is a Picture of Dorian Gray.

Willy St Co-op workers vote 249-40 in favor of representation by UE! Considering the shenanigans by management in the 2014-2015 campaign, this is a major statement of labor solidarity! ,

Every year, exactly one cricket finds its way into our basement. There, it sings the cricket blues.

Does anyone know if Cooperative Principal is still going in the Twin Cities? There was a rash of articles written about them two years ago, and none since. Their website no longer works.

Wednesday is going to be a long day. I'll be on the receiving end of one job review and the providing end of another. The fact that both will probably go reasonably well does not make them less stressful.

Does anyone have any thoughts on


On the need to distance oneself from Left political groups, as an anti-capitalist.

"Ahora planteo con claridad y más ampliamente, que es necesario tomar distancia de las izquierdas políticas. Hacerlo en forma neta, decidida, transparente. Se lo digo especialmente a quienes participamos e impulsamos la economía solidaria y el cooperativismo..."

found the ocean
[comic by @PDLComics@birdsite]

Thinking about all the plastic waste we're not recycling. It seems to me that the solution is to collect it, sort it, melt it, and turn it into construction material in place of wood.

OK, my notes on the ACE conference in Montreal are up. They're pretty brief, but they have links to more information on my favorite parts.

's Facebook banning story gets more interesting. First FB said people have objected. Now they say his content violates their community standards ("El contenido infringe nuestras normas comunitarias".). I looked -- it is a series of slides, each presenting a different concept, such as
"Humanizing the Economy" or "Elites and Masses"

Razeto is asking people to upload slides that they like to whatever social media seem appropriate to them. I will upload some here and on FB...

@tbeckett I just discovered you're on the board of Shared Capital. Very cool! I'm a long-time friend of Adam Trott, even though I only ever see him at conferences.

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