I've been browsing through what passes for "useful" 3D printing plans. They're ridiculous: pencil holders, novelty showerheads, even paperweights. Where are the really useful things, like construction materials, furniture, and reusable packaging?

Are there good examples of second-tier creating benefit pools for their first-tier co-ops?

Our foster placement that was slated to be for two weeks is now at eight months, and could go much longer.

"This was a Sunday comic from over 30 years ago. We've had plenty of time to do better."

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After yesterday's UN biodiversity report I can't help but be reminded of this eternally on-point @calvinandhobbes@twitter.com comic

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I wrote another piece! This time, I consider what kinds of things might do here in Madison.


I wrote another piece! This time, I consider what kinds of things might do here in Madison.


Anyone here going to the ACE conference at the end of May?

"Wealth inequality" isn't an abstract problem which came about from bad tax policies. Don't let the media pretend that it is. It is precisely because workers are relentlessly exploited and mistreated that billionaires exist. The inequality we endure would not exist in a world where workers are treated fairly.

I've been thinking about names for a GEO imprint. My current favorite is Twin Pens. The logo would be two fountain-pen tips arranged like the standard twin pines.

if people do april fools pranks on here it will be completely indistinguishable from normal mastodon posts

I’m going to in a few weeks! Anyone have contacts at there? I’d love to meet some Cuban !

Roses are red,
Violets are purple.
I see now why it's said
That violets are blue, because nothing rhymes with purple.

Similarities between #DoctorWho and Bugs Bunny:
-- shows up by accident while trying to get somewhere else
-- finds himself in the middle of a plotline swiped from some well-known genre cliche
-- refuses to take the villains seriously at all
-- subverts the narrative logic of the genre by substituting his own, much sillier logic
-- makes the villain's plan backfire like some sort of trickster god
-- skeddaddles before he can face any consequences


Por fin me pongo la camiseta del BAUEN. Ya fue hora. Show more

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