I just restarted my Chromebook for the third time today. I thought this was the kind of thing that wasn't supposed to happen with Chromebooks.

I got delightfully few Christmas presents this year, and here's my favorite.

@ntnsndr, do you have a preferred online vendor for your (latest) book?

Had a good meeting with @StephR about the MAN, the MAW, and the MAP, with a passing mention of the HUMAN. It's a lot to get my head around, but it shows a lot of promise.

When you keep running your tests without having saved your changes

How do I change the email in my profile?

Cashier to me today: "That's not a chip on your card. That's just an old-fashioned hologram."

[co-op developer hat on] So, I'm looking for a CRM to track potential new co-ops and then print off nifty reports about them. Any advice? I have to share it with people who are bright but not tech experts.

So, I'm at a bar called Modern Times. That's reasonably cool right off. Then it has highly eclectic art with the warning "TOUCHING ART IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH." And the bathrooms are wallpapered with pages from obscure comic books. And the walls are papered with obscure posters. And they have Duck Hunt recreated in Lego. And they have self-indulgent varieties of beer brewed 30 feet away.

At last, I found a reason to return to LA.

Hanging out at . Met @mattcropp in the flesh. Took eight pages of notes in two days, with one day left. All in all, an excellent conference.

"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If your are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying."

Terry Pratchett

"La satire a pour but de ridiculiser le pouvoir. Si vous vous moquez des gens qui sont déjà blessés, ce n'est pas de la satire, c'est du harcèlement."

@Matt_Noyes I like your new avatar thingy. It looks like a baseball cap.

Would the correct term be "monotasking" or "unitasking?"

Feeling grumpy because I was so desperate for a working laptop that I bought a $200 Chromebook. On the plus side, it has a 15.6-inch screen, and will (supposedly) install FLOSS using apt-get.

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