Roses are red,
Violets are purple.
I see now why it's said
That violets are blue, because nothing rhymes with purple.

Similarities between #DoctorWho and Bugs Bunny:
-- shows up by accident while trying to get somewhere else
-- finds himself in the middle of a plotline swiped from some well-known genre cliche
-- refuses to take the villains seriously at all
-- subverts the narrative logic of the genre by substituting his own, much sillier logic
-- makes the villain's plan backfire like some sort of trickster god
-- skeddaddles before he can face any consequences


Por fin me pongo la camiseta del BAUEN. Ya fue hora. Show more

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Esperanto: 'Ĉifaĵo senvalora.'
English: 'Trumpery.'

I don't understand why people are opposed to immigration. Immigration is the most sincere form of flattery.

Chromebooks supposedly run Linux apps "natively." This is false. You have to install a virtual machine on top of Chrome OS, and even then, performance is spotty, which will be hugely disappointing to anyone used to running Linux. If you have a Chromebook, I recommend looking into Gallium OS (which is based on Xubuntu).

Bunch of folk at work had these made for a star wars premiere.

I'm dismayed to see how NPR's reporting is laying the groundwork for an intervention into Venezuela. They *should* be reporting on how every US military intervention in living memory has made things considerably worse for most people.

After not quite four months, I'm sick to pieces of my second Chromebook, and ready to put Gallium OS on it.

There’s a whole genre of Reddit posts where teens ask how to get vaccinated without their parents consenting.

Just. Just so you know, that’s a thing.

I just restarted my Chromebook for the third time today. I thought this was the kind of thing that wasn't supposed to happen with Chromebooks.

I got delightfully few Christmas presents this year, and here's my favorite.

@ntnsndr, do you have a preferred online vendor for your (latest) book?

Had a good meeting with @StephR about the MAN, the MAW, and the MAP, with a passing mention of the HUMAN. It's a lot to get my head around, but it shows a lot of promise.

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