22 showcases from sociocratic organizations plus some talks in this online conference.

Do you want get peer support in implementing sociocracy? Do you want to become a trainer? www.sociocracyforall.org/academy

Our brandnew handbook is now on amazon. goo.gl/gUQZJT

If you don't do amazon, I completely get it. You can buy it through us. www.manyvoicesonesong.com

For those who would like to get a thorough reading about sociocracy.
www.sociocracyforall.org/book social.coop/media/3VOPnKqnhpqb

For those of you who know classism is a thing: we're doing an online event with the ED of Class Action today on classism and governance. Pretty excited about it!


I wrote down a few thoughts on the issues I see with governance of cooperatives with many members, e.g. platform coops medium.com/@JenRau/sociocracy-

Feedback very welcome!

SoFA is writing a book (should be ready to be printed in January), and we'd like to have a co-op for printing (we'll most likely self-publish). However, I am not finding a print on demand service I can get behind on. Can anyone point me into a direction?

We do an open sociocracy hotline every Tuesday at noon Eastern.

That's today! Totally fine to just be curious - it's my lunch break for chatting :)

Hey all,
we're offering an online sociocracy class that's fun because it is all learning by doing.
For this, we put participants into circles (on zoom) and help them through their process in making decisions. Every circle has a theme, and this time, we offer a co-op circle.


The format is explained in this brief animation. youtu.be/_4ELOmKfUdY

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