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I'm a 36 year-old cis man living in western Pennsylvania. I currently work as a and (unfortunately) backup . I love the and am primarily a user.

I'm also into amateur radio, a.k.a , and that's where my username comes from: it's my call sign.

My other interests include , , , (which I used to work in) and , especially my own named Freyja.

I'm glad to be here. This is my first coop membership!

So if you wonder why Evangelical Christians follow preachers who are so obviously full of shit, consider that perhaps it is because they themselves are so obviously full of shit. Being full of shit is fundamental to their culture, and birds of a feather flock together.

This is super interesting - "$100 broadcasters, how they do it" by James Cridland. All about various small-scale internet and digital radio projects run on tiny budgets with very simple hardware and usually open-source software.


Until this evening I had no idea Freyja likes to keep cool by laying in the path of my pedestal fan's airflow.


"A further brief digression is warranted here. HTML email is, without doubt, evidence of the imminent end of civilized life as we know it; much like the Golgafrincham diaspora, it is attributable to a depraved cabal of marketing consultants and provides the same level of social good as syphilis and fistulas. Suffice to say, it is a blight."

Another toot: I'm considering buying a Moonraker Whizz Loop. I've wanted a small magnetic loop for a long time but up until these became available they've been out of my price range.

Has anyone had any experience with one? If so how well has it worked for you?

The page for the 40M-10M loop at DX Engineering is here:


It's been too long since I tooted.

I participated in Saturday's Feld Hell Sprint. I didn't make any contacts but I did use the occasion to simulate a power outage.

The next Feld Hell Club event is the Full Day of Hell on Saturday June 30, a 24-hour sprint.


I'm starting a hashtag called which is for:

โ‡๏ธ Posting a brief summary whenever you've just meditated (all traditions welcome, and even when it was frustrating - those experiences are important too)

โ‡๏ธ Encouraging others and getting encouragement to keep up with meditation!

This is based on advice from a behavioral therapist when I was trying to start a regular practice. It was helpful, and I think the social dimension might make it work even better. If this sounds good, join in!

I've been keeping a to-do list of personal hobby stuff I want to get done on the dry-erase board on my fridge and it's really been helping me get things done that I'd been putting off before.

Two of those things are finishing off the geocoding work from my Waterloo/Columbus trip and working on my backlog of pictures that I've been meaning to turn into panoramas and store on an external USB hard drive.

I finally got my ticket for Replay FX on the last weekend in July. I've lived near Pittsburgh for almost 4 years and have yet to go Replay FX despite it being in downtown Pittsburgh. That'll change this year.

I tried using an article reader to listen to articles in my RSS feed while on my exercise bike. I must say it worked out pretty well. I know I'm not the target audience for any kind of screen reader, though.

For the love of healthy blood pressure, please don't require mouseOver/hover over hyperlinks to open menus on your website in 2018. The majority of visitors are likely using a mobile browser. All they see is a brief flash of the menu contents before the being whisked away from the page.

I want to move off this couch but Freyja looks so content laying against my leg. I don't have the heart to disturb her.


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I really need to participate in the governance of social.coop more. There's so much going on that it seems overwhelming at times, but I joined this instance because I wanted to be part of one that I could have a stake and a vote in, and quite frankly I'm disappointed in myself for not having participated much in the governance.

But, it's not too late for me to change that.

Hang on, under GDPR shouldn't google be telling us what our recognition data will be used for before we complete a captcha?

I haven't agreed for my clicks to help drone targeting or even self-driving cars.


As seen from Switzerland, the US seems to be an insane dystopia if you look hard enough. ยซIf a friend appears to be having suicidal thoughts, DON'T CALL THE POLICE. Check in yourself or have a friend do so. Otherwise you increase their risk of death.ยป says @cwebber in a comment on the Chelsea Manning police action. And here I am thinking that Switzerland could do much to improve the police...

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Happy Pride. Proud to be Bi, proud to have so many different queer folk in my life, proud to be standing with them for their rights, proud as fuck of all of the people celebrating their right to exist today, this month, and every day. ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ