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I'm a 36 year-old cis man living in western Pennsylvania. I currently work as a and (unfortunately) backup . I love the and am primarily a user.

I'm also into amateur radio, a.k.a , and that's where my username comes from: it's my call sign.

My other interests include , , , (which I used to work in) and , especially my own named Freyja.

I'm glad to be here. This is my first coop membership!

Had a good time last night with Skyview's weekly CW (Morse Code) practice. I also met someone who works the amateur radio satellites. I forgot his call sign but I hope he's at tonight's meeting as I'd love to pick his brain for ideas on satellite operation.

By the way, 40 meters (7 MHz) is the place to be for anyone who wants to hear slow-speed Morse Code on the air, generally around 7.050 to 7.070 and 7.100 to 7.125.

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Really don't like how Windows says hi. Fucking I'm not your friend Microsoft.

To fight Centralization:
- Own your data.
- Archive your data online and off.
- Use decentralized services like Mastodon and Matrix and whatever whenever possible.
- publish to places that aren't facebook or medium (and if you must, only use central services for syndication.)

To fight user hostility:
- Use ad blockers and privacy badger
- If you can get away with it, use no-script or similar when possible.
- Stop using, or reduce your use of, platforms that profit from treating you poorly.

“And yet” … Trans Existence in the Face of Religious Right Erasure | Political Research Associates - politicalresearch.org/2017/12/

For those unaware I usually take a "tech sabbath" on Sundays when I'm not on a trip. Yesterday was no exception.

I didn't get as much done as I wanted, including the guide for those who are coming to Mastodon from Twitter. But I'm finding that I like CW operation more now that I have less anxiety about screwing it up.

I still haven't made a CW contact in months, though. Operating QRP when the sunspots are at their minimum is a challenge.

What the fuck? My ISP globally blocked access to anticapitalist.party...

Connecting my last two toots, if the power goes out here due to ice buildup on the power lines, switching my station over to battery power will be as easy as disconnecting that new power panel from the power supply and connecting it to a sealed-lead acid battery I use for that situation as well as for portable ops.

Also, this arrived for me today. It's one of my two birthday gifts for myself that I ordered. The other won't be in until early February.

Seems there's supposedly going to be a major winter storm here. People were leaving work early to beat the freezing rain and ice, but when I left at my regular time it was still just rain.

Oh well. Tonight I'm not leaving home. Just going to make some dinner and chill with my cat.

Now it's my turn to wish someone else a happy birthday. Happy Birthday to @mariettarc !

For anyonr wondering I spent the rest of my birthday first at a nice restaurant having the best crab cakes I've had outside of Baltimore, then relaxed at home and watched "The Fugitive" while laying on the couch. Freyja slept in my lap near the end.

I just ordered two birthday gifts for myself: a DC power distribution panel and a 2m/70cm telescopic whip. The former I need due to the accessories I've accumulated during the past year making it difficult to hook everything to the power supply directly. The latter because I lost my 2m/70cm whip earlier this year.

Today's my 37th birthday. I was pleased to find out I share it not only with Rod Stewart, but also Donald Fagan of Steely Dan, who turns 70 today.

Thanks to everyone who tooted suggestions for howto articles for Mastodon so far!

I'm starting to think that one that specifically addresses Twitter users transitioning to Mastodon would be useful. Even a "rosetta stone" showing Twitter terms and their Mastodon equivalents would help.

I may even write them myself.

On a technical, aesthetic, and futuristic level, I understand the appeal of putting a microchip in every conceivable device

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that our devices must know us and understand us in order to serve us well, in lieu of us adapting to them

This vision ignores the realities of manufacturing, wage slavery, and exploitive capitalism in which you’re a cash spending warm body, easily duped by shiny trinkets which are only as secure as a half-rusted sieve

Does anyone know of or written an article on how to use Mastodon? I've got at least two people who've made their way here from Twitter who could use some help.

I'm not talking about articles about Mastodon, but actual articles on how to use it. Tutorials, if you will.