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To people on who favorite what seem to be random toots of mine: if you're favoriting my toots because you have a genuine interest in them, that's fine. I know people have interests outside of work and sex workers are no exception.

However, if you're favoriting my toots in an attempt to get me to use your services, you might want to check my profile first before doing so. I announce there that I'm a gay man and yet I keep getting favorites of this sort from women.

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Time for a new as my old one's a bit out-of-date.

I'm a 37 year-old cis man living in western PA, USA. I work as a and (unfortunately) backup . I'm primarily a user.

I'm also into , my username's my callsign.

I started back in July and am now a student glider/#sailplane pilot.

My other interests include , , , (which I used to work in) and , especially my own named Freyja.

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I mentioned that I had my second glider flight on Sunday. I took my DSLR camera with me this time, and when my flight instructor had control of the glider I took pictures. Here are four of them.

It was another great day for gliding/soaring. Too bad I couldn't stay long due to Freyja's vet appointment.


Welp, I lost my job today. It wasn't through any fault of my own; my employer did some "restructuring" and decided to eliminate my position.

#Conscious Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 26th, 6:00 - 8:00 am ~

The Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony held on Alcatraz Island to honor the Indigenous People's of America since 1975.
Please tune in to the broadcast to hear prayers for healing and offerings of collective thanks for 528 years of survival and resistance to colonization including other pandemics native Nations have survived in the past.

That the white supremacist media is trying to take over the event this year, via facebook is DISGUSTING TRAVESTY.

Perhaps the audio broadcast will be untainted:

@requiem @TheGibson it's unpatriotic to even try to get anything done this week. ask any US senator.

We can't depend on advertising for revenue or for spreading awareness.

It's time for media co-ops and mutual aid networks.

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'It gave me hope in democracy': how French citizens are embracing people power | World news | The Guardian
>Towns, cities and regions around France are turning to assemblies of unelected citizens to guide them on everything from climate to coronavirus
#sortition #lottery #citizensassembly #citizensjury #france

Just fixed a scratched DVD and can't remember whether I've already posted this tip or not, but in case not: Meguiar's Ultra Cut, a foam polishing pad and a drill on high speed setting will sort out scratched DVDs pretty quick. Keep the pad moving around the disc so you don't melt it. :)

I only participated in the last ten minutes of the Turkey Sprint. But I did get the replacement Raspberry Pi 2 Model B put in place and unlike the old one this one reads MicroSD cards like it should. So I have my portable ham radio digital modem again.

I'm waffling on whether I'll participate myself, but the Feld Hell Club's having its Turkey Sprint at 19:00 UTC.

I don't know how many people in the Fediverse are involved with MAGFest (I'm a volunteer but have obtained "staff" status since I've been doing it for so long, and I'm a manager in the Museum department), but I think even people who attend only need to know some of the concerning stuff that's been going on behind the scenes regarding the org's Board of Directors and Executive Director.

That's - and I hope you'll forgive me for what might appear to those who don't know me very well as a moment of something that could be mistaken for patriotism - that's our nation's wealth crumbling away, there.

I don't mean money, I mean stuff that gets passed down to your kids or grandkids, generational wealth, cracking and rusting and rotting and turning to dust because we work so hard to make other people money we've no time to look after our own.

I'm bloody certain this is deliberate.

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uspol, canada, fox news 

big congrats to canada for taking control of the upper peninsula of michigan without bloodshed.


Illinois' new mitigation plan goes into effect 00:01 Central time this night. We're basically going back to the same measures that were in place before the rich and Trump supporters pushed to reopen everything. covid19-illinoisgov.cs32.force

I don't even know where I'd file this, so y'all get to hear it.

I've been encountering build scripts that run "make -j ${N}" where N is the number of cores found on the box. Most recent was a DKMS module in Debian.

Please don't assume you have the whole machine to yourself. Not all cores are equal. You might trip a thermal throttle. Too many reasons this is a bad idea.

At the very least, use NUM_CORES / 2, though that still doesn't handle big.LITTLE very well.

Now can we finally stop pretending Strasserism is a genuine threat the left should be worried about?


We found Tucker Carlson and Obama speaking at the same private equity conference months after Carlson slammed him for doing paid Wall St speeches. New from the team

The Replay Foundation, my employer, announced their liquidation today. This means no more Pinburgh. It also means I'm Officially out of a job for the forseeable, so if y'all wouldn't mind boosting a link to my other source of income Improbable Island, that'd be just super.

It's a silly online game and it doesn't pay as much as fixing pinball machines but heck it's what I've got right now, and this winter's probably gonna be a hairy one.

After that I was able to install the software properly, which includes the udev rules that change the permissions on the Flirc device files to 0666 (readable and writable by anyone). Then I was able to run the software as a regular user and map remote control button presses to keys, which is Flirc's reason for existing. It means I can now control MythTV using a remote instead of the wireless keyboard & touchpad I've been using. (2/2)

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Yesterday I got the final piece of my HTPC/PVR project finished: I figured out how to use the software associated with the Flirc remote control USB dongle. It first took running it as root from a shell with the proper X11 environment variables, then looking at the script and why it wasn't properly detecting OpenSUSE, then just adding the Flirc repo manually based on what was in that script. (1/2)

On the HTPC/PRV subject, I think it's safe to say it's working in earnest. Also my free trial for Schedules Direct ends tomorrow but I've already paid the $25 for a year-long subscription. I've got it working with MythTV but also want to get it working with Tvheadend, which is what I'd been using both on the OpenSUSE laptop and to test the TV tuner cards on the HTPC.

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