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Time for a new as my old one's a bit out-of-date.

I'm a 37 year-old cis man living in western PA, USA. I work as a and (unfortunately) backup . I'm primarily a user.

I'm also into , my username's my callsign.

I started back in July and am now a student glider/#sailplane pilot.

My other interests include , , , (which I used to work in) and , especially my own named Freyja.

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I mentioned that I had my second glider flight on Sunday. I took my DSLR camera with me this time, and when my flight instructor had control of the glider I took pictures. Here are four of them.

It was another great day for gliding/soaring. Too bad I couldn't stay long due to Freyja's vet appointment.

lefties: "I will never compromise my principles"

also lefties: *use facebook, twitter, Windows OS, etc. and see nothing wrong with it(in fact they will get very defensive of nonfree software)*

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Hey all! I’m in the process of writing a paper about LGBTQ+ people and their experiences in the Catholic Church. In order to get some more primary sources, I came up with a quick survey. If you identify as LGBTQIA+ and are a part of the Catholic Church, please consider helping me out!

All answers are anonymous and will only be seen by me.

Also any boosts are greatly appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️

Freedom under capitalism means freedom to die of...

- starvation
- exposure
- preventable disease
- treatable disease
- loneliness
- violence at the hands of the police

@trevdev #PageKite is not great for higher bandwidth apps, due to the relays and Python being rather slow. But it does work!

I'd like to stick up for #Tor a bit though. It is indeed a good solution for this, and speed should be acceptable.

Tor is one of the best tools we have to claw back a bit of privacy online, and wanting to not be monitored all the time shouldn't be seen as suspicious. I use it a lot, and I recommend it to all my non-scumbag friends. Bad guys also use prepaid SIM cards and roads and toilets with doors on them. That doesn't mean the rest of us should abstain from such necessities. 😃


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there is no reason for me to have done this

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it's okay and normal if you're not who you thought you'd be by now. it's okay and normal if you're not what you thought you'd be by now. stuff happens that you couldn't have prepared for and couldn't have known was coming. society isn't structured so many of us can succeed inside it. go your own pace.

I don't talk about this much, but I've been writing about utilities for more than a decade as a job. They privatized most big utilities promising that exactly this wouldn't happen.

This pretty much exactly mirrors every other way our country has become the worst of what they told us the USSR was like.

It's that time of year again....the time I am taken out to the yard and shot for my heretical opinion that budding writers should NOT engage in the fulsome and empty social media ritual known as #NaNoWriMo. So go ahead, punish me for my unconscionable blasphemy, but do think about what it really means to write a novel (and what it doesn't mean).
#amwriting #heresy

seems to be having issues with my favoriting toots actually going through. As in I'll favorite a toot, and either it doesn't show as favorited or it will but as soon as I refresh my home timeline the favorite is gone.

On a somewhat related note, seeing some of the microcontrollers use Lua as one of the programming languages, and knowing that NetBSD drivers can be wirtten in Lua, makes me want to learn that programming language.

My issues with programming over the years will probably keep me from doing it, though. It's not that I'm incapable of programming. Rather it's that I've never had what it takes to put all the pieces together to create something useful that I can't just find elsewhere.

wait, does mastodon have trending hashtags now?

can i make #mew trend? :blobcat3c:

Went to the Twin City Amateur Radio Club meeting tonight. It was mostly a presentation on a 70 cm beacon about the size of a car keyfob and the parts the presenter used to put it together, and the software used. Had quite a bit of discussion of other things after the meeting.

This club isn't the Skyview Radio Society (the best ham radio club I've been a member of), but it isn't the two Iowa ham radio clubs where all they did was talk about the Good Old Days, either.

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