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I'm a 36 year-old cis man living in western Pennsylvania. I currently work as a and (unfortunately) backup . I love the and am primarily a user.

I'm also into amateur radio, a.k.a , and that's where my username comes from: it's my call sign.

My other interests include , , , (which I used to work in) and , especially my own named Freyja.

I'm glad to be here. This is my first coop membership!

I just discovered that not only can I pin my own lists, but I can pin hashtag searches, too. I'm loving these features!

Instead of heading to Skyview tonight I did what I would have done on Sunday if I'd had more time and spent an hour-and-a-half on 80m and 40m doing soely CW. Got some call signs & almost made contact with KE0XNP but the QSB got the better of us.

Game consoles that respect your freedom


...though in most cases they don't. Also this article is mostly about handhelds. They only cover two consoles: the Ouya and the Fuzebox. But the last paragraph has a good point:

"...FLOSS gamers may feel tempted to compromise, as they often do with games, but unless we start getting stricter and demanding what we really want we'll never get it."

Part of me wants to go to Skyview tonight, but the other part thinks I should take the advice of Jody, K3JZD, and stay home & try to make CW contacts instead. I missed out on last night's CW practice.

Forgot to mention: I made one contact during the Feld Hell Sprint, and at the very end. It's still tough being a QRP station at a time when the sunspot cycle is at a low.

There were no takers when I called CQ using FM Hell 105 or Hell 80. I even tried answering some CQs in FM Hell 105 instead of Feld Hell, but got no takers.

I wonder how many people who participate in these sprints know that all Hell modes are allowed, not just Feld Hell?

Just so everyone knows I've locked up my tablet, which is my main method of accessing Mastodon, for a week. I have other devices,ou may though, so I won't be gone completely, just not as available as you're used to.

Today is the Feld Hell Club's Leprechaun Sprint, from 20:00 to 21:59 UTC. Details here:


Don't forget to read the general Sprint rules, too:


Don't know how successful I'll be, but I plan on using Hell 80, a FSK mode that sends twice as fast as Feld Hell, in addition to Feld Hell and FSK Hell 105. Remember: all Hell modes are permitted.

I love that I can still get the weather forecast via Floodgap's Groundhog on Gopher even after all these years.


For the Gopher-less: gopher.floodgap.com/gopher/gw?

Good morning, Mastodon. Here's a picture of Freyja looking at the window sill on this cold morning with snow flurries here in western Pennsylvania.

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Oh hey, if you work full time in the US, check and see whether your company/institution has an Employee Assistance Program. Many do, but they aren't always really "advertised" by HR departments.

EAPs can vary a lot in what they offer, but at minimum they can be a way to get inexpensive or free counseling for short-term needs. Others offer things like legal referrals/discounts, financial advice, moving assistance, and all sorts of other things.

(I've no idea if other countries have these; hence the "US" limiter above.)


Silicon Inquiry - opendemocracy.net/digitalibert

Interesting story and reflections of a coder, looking back at their time working for Google and then getting consumed as a founder of a tech startup.

As far as goes, now that I sorted out that my issues with getting on Loomio on my tablet were due to NoScript blocking all the Javascript, perhaps I'll participate more. I don't find Loomio easy to use, though.

I haven't really done anything with in about a week. That's because I had a guest over during last weekend, and had an appointment last night. That will change tonight when I'm at the Skyview Radio Society, though.

Just wanted to share this before signing off. Good night everyone!

I'm working on a short (for now) pamphlet in which I argue that owneship is the only form of effective organized labour possible in a world shaped by neoliberal policies. If you have any resources around this topic, feel free to toss them my way! :) Thanks!!

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"Polling shows:
- 58 per cent believe they have no influence in the workplace
- 59 per cent feel they have no influence over big business
- 58 per cent feel they have no influence over the economy as a whole"

There is only one way to fix that: ownership.


Heard NPR do a story this morning on how 23andMe will let people get genetic tests without a doctor's approval and the benefits from doing so, only briefly covering the possible negative effects.

What NPR didn't mention was that 23andMe is one of their major donors ("Support for NPR comes from..."). And the story definitely sounded like it was ripped straight from a 23andMe press release.

Interesting FAIR essay on liberal views among the different generations, the effects of the right-wing media, and how social media allowed left-leaning people to bypass the corporate media gatekeepers.

Social Media and the Rise of the ‘Consistent Liberal’ - fair.org/home/social-media-and