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Time for a new as my old one's a bit out-of-date.

I'm a 37 year-old cis man living in western PA, USA. I work as a and (unfortunately) backup . I'm primarily a user.

I'm also into , my username's my callsign.

I started back in July and am now a student glider/#sailplane pilot.

My other interests include , , , (which I used to work in) and , especially my own named Freyja.

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I mentioned that I had my second glider flight on Sunday. I took my DSLR camera with me this time, and when my flight instructor had control of the glider I took pictures. Here are four of them.

It was another great day for gliding/soaring. Too bad I couldn't stay long due to Freyja's vet appointment.


People compliment me on my maturity in regards to how I engage with "twitter drama" and a lot of that is due to me refraining from Lashon Hara. So in this thread I'm gonna teach you about Lashon Hara and how, whether you're Jewish or not, you can (and should) refrain from it too.


I'm very happy that @SDF is running one of the BSD's @netbsd

I imagine most of the people who follow me could do this on their own, but it's nice to know that you can recommend something to others that aren't techy.

Put the internet back under your control with the FreedomBox | ZDNet

For less than a $100, you can have an open-source powered, easy-to-use server, which enables you -- and not Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft -- to control your view of the internet - 1/2

My work getting MPD & Hugin to work means I can stitch panoramas again.

Here's a couple of the MAGFest Museum from this year. They're the same set of pictures but the first is with a cylindrical projection while the second is with a stereographic projection.

Neither are perfect. It's hard to get a completely seamless panorama when there are objects, in this case people, moving around. But you'll get the idea.I had to lower the quality on the stereographic one to meet the 5 MB limit.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to shrug off privacy breaches as only affecting people who "deserve it".

Privacy breaches affect all of us, because the data gathered from a single phone or account provides information about a vast number of bystanders.

We need to protect everyone's privacy if we want to protect our own. The model of individual responsibility just doesn't make sense in this context.

After doing some more digging I found two things:

1. Installing GCC 6 didn't actually solve the PDF writing issue with LibreOffice, so I'll need to dig into that more.

2. There's a separate package called gcc6-libs in pkgsrc that installs only the libraries from GCC 6 without installing the compiler itself. Installing this package into my main environment still allows the Music Player Daemon and Hugin to work, so I don't need to install the full GCC 6 compiler into my main environment.

Installing GCC 6 seems to also have fixed the issues with the PDF writer in LibreOffice. Who knew ithat having two versions of one library, one tied with a compiler, could cause so much trouble? At least I tracked down the problem.

Lesson learned: when dealing with library issues on a Unix system the ldd command is your friend.

I solved the issue with the Music Player Daemon and Hugin on my own. Boost isn't to blame, at least not directly: In my chroot environment for building pkgsrc packages they were linking to provided by the GCC 6 package. But when installing them in my main environment without GCC 6 installed, they linked to /usr/lib/, which doesn't use glib. The one in GCC6 does.

Installing GCC 6 in the main environment fixed the problem.

Somecat thinks my purpose in life is to feed her, give her treats, play with her, and provide warm legs to sleep on. Who am I to deny this?

#cats #mastocats

some computer people are still under the impression that filename extensions always have to be 3 or 4 letters long, and that they alone determine what kind of file it is

Hello, we don't live in a meritocracy, and there's no such thing, it's a fake idea

That's all

“The man who wrote one of environmentalism’s most-cited essays was a racist, eugenicist, nativist and Islamaphobe—plus his argument was wrong” by

Looks like I haven't sorted out the issues I'm having with packages that use Boost, so it'll be yet another 3 months that I go without software like the Music Player Daemon and Hugin. 😞

the fedi is just queer people loving and affirming each other the way we didn't get when we were kids and i love that

We live in a world where stealing our attention is the most profitable business. Yet, knowledge work demands long periods of focused attention to get anything worthwhile done. We must constantly fight to protect our attention from the myriad of digital and physical distractions. Constant distraction is our default state now unless we take active steps to create focus.

#DeepWork #Focus #Attention

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