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After everything that's happened, my emotional response, and thinking I need some perspective I'm going to step back & take a break from Mastodon for a week. There's some things I want to think about and not in the heat of the moment.

I won't neglect my standing jury position, though one of the questions I want to andwer is whether or not I want to stay on it.

I'll talk to you all on the other side — maybe.

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Time for a new as my old one's a bit out-of-date.

I'm a 37 year-old cis man living in western PA, USA. I work as a and (unfortunately) backup . I'm primarily a user.

I'm also into , my username's my callsign.

I started back in July and am now a student glider/#sailplane pilot.

My other interests include , , , (which I used to work in) and , especially my own named Freyja.

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I mentioned that I had my second glider flight on Sunday. I took my DSLR camera with me this time, and when my flight instructor had control of the glider I took pictures. Here are four of them.

It was another great day for gliding/soaring. Too bad I couldn't stay long due to Freyja's vet appointment.

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You know what warms the black hole where other people have a heart?
A straight, cis, white man saying "It has never felt comfortable to compliment other men but it feels comfortable on Mastodon and I like it."
Crush that toxic masculinity!

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I posted about my friend's situation in PA but it's become much more dire. Anyone in the harrisburg pa area that can help a trans girl find a place to live please contact me.

boosts mean more than anything

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Boss makes a dollar

I make a dime

That's why I hex on company time

:witchywink: :patty_fly: :witchywink: :patty_fly:

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Finished reading “Visual Explanations” this morning and lamenting how in the 20+ years since the book was published we’ve gotten worse at designing interfaces to information.

This quote really sums-up what makes most interfaces terrible:

“Too many interfaces for information compilations have suffered from television-disease: thin substance, contempt for the audience and the content, short attention span, and over-produced styling.”

FBI Forced Suspect to Unlock His iPhoneX Through Face ID

This is why biometrics are NOT secure. Biometrics should be treated as a UserID, and NOT as a password

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It's hard to participate in the Feld Hell Club's Full Day of Hell when the CQ WW RTTY Contest is going on at the same time and we're near the sunspot minimum.

I wrote this for Lifehacker about how all your notifications are LIES and today is a good day to turn off all your notifications, so enjoy:

Lately I've been listening to a lot of freeform radio. Here in the Pittsburgh area we have WRCU on 88.3 (if I'm in the right place, their signal's not good outside of Pittsburgh) and online I listen to their stream or the stream of the mother of all freeform stations, WFMU in Jersey City, New Jersey.

I'm listening to the latter right now. Their "Wake and Bake" show on Fridays is amazing!

It'd be a real shame if a bunch of people went to this shitty article, hit the "Quick Poll" button in the upper right and voted for inclusion.

Sure hope nobody does that. You little rascals.

Another update:

I had flights 16 and 17 today. On 16 my instructor set up the landing and I brought it down. I landed a bit short but it otherwise went fine.

Flight 17 was a different story. We only went up 2000 feet above ground leel (AGL) instead of the usual 3000 to practice landing. I attempted to do the whole thing but went in so fast that not only did my instructor have to correct, he had to do a forward slip to slow down the glider. Landing was rough. No damage to the glider.

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Glidign today was a bust thanks to low clouds and me not getting to the airport until everyone was putting the glider back in the hangar & the towplane was on its final flight.

On a site note I stopped at the rest area on I-79 and saw a guy with an iguana on his shoulder. I couldn't help but think of @hummingrain when seeing that.

Had funat tonight's LGBT singles dinner. The bowling was okay, but what I really enjoyed was finding out that one of our trans woman regulars has an interest in flying and was really interested when I told her about the Pittsburgh Soaring Association She wants to schedule her own orientation flight on a Tuesday soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing her at Bandel Airport on a weekend after. We could definitely use more diversity in aviation, and she's such a joy to talk to!

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