The obsession of the hashtag-BLM movement with celebrities and sports pros 'using their huge platform' is a means of avoiding responsibility and confrontation with the problem of Whiteness as it resides in each and every person and the anti-Black violence it does actively or via complicity.

As others have said, this is the corporate Pride-ification of 'anti-racism' which was already an agenda lacking teeth.

I enjoyed this article about protest:

“Preserving Our Capacity to Act:” An Interview with Kristian Williams

The football's back and it's as regressive as ever:

"Everyone against.. racists".

Yeah, that strategy can't fail.

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On one level, yes.

But taking up a position of choosing who has their rights and their humanity recognised and who doesn't is something we have been doing on a day to day basis since we had the developmental power to make those choices.

Let's not locate all the bad stuff in the most easily available culprits.

We all uphold Whiteness to some degree and need to focus on that.

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Have you even had this problem of making a Signal call and there is not notification but then a 'missed call' alert appears on the other person's phone as soon you stop calling?

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I think everyday people who identify as White are very stirred up by the feeling that 'They're taking it all away from us'.

Chris Rock has a good bit about this from years ago, 'Affirmative Action'.


Was there Blackface on The Inbetweeners?

I guess people are panicking about having their slaver statues and Blackface comedies taken away, not because they love them that much but because they worry about what will go next.

Are they going to end up losing all their White advantages?

I suspect they needn't worry so much.


Fair enough.

Presumably they already put out their BLM hashtag so back to business.

Paul Gilroy and Ruth Wilson Gilmore have a conversation on the current crises of Covid-19 and state violence, touching on the desire for learning as a means of activism, the political geography of mobilisation and double consciousness.
This conversation was recorded on 7th June 2020

Speaker: Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Director of the Center for Place, Culture and Politics at CUNY


Absolutely understand.
They are corrosive and weathering to our minds and bodies.
Public health warning.

That makes sense and I appreciate your concern. But I'm tougher than that in this mode. It is in person, when dealing with a room of these people and I am by myself that I struggle.
So these interactions are useful and more safely distanced.
I feel like I need to learn more about things like the myth of white ignorance in order to withstand the psychological violence they do, particularly in person. Toxic!


Although I disagree with their ideas strongly, I don't see what they're saying as nonsense as such.

I think it has its own sense as a myth of Whiteness which enables White identifiers to see themselves as good, like has been said.

I think we need to understand how these myths work. Just as they need to understand how these myths work so that we can make some kind of approach towards a shared reality.

Because at the moment we are miles apart.

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Are you saying that if you see a brown-coloured stranger in the street and you refer to them as a person of colour, then that is that individual's self-definition and self-given name?

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I think this idea that people 'by their very nature they are racist' is a way out of responsibility. It promotes a sense of helplessness and passivity. But privilege is not passive, it is actively accepted, embraced, upheld and expanded. In that sense 'White Complicity' is a better term than 'White Privilege' which is basically used to promote the idea of White Innocence.


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