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tooting into the void, but this is my first hour on .
Interested in distributed governance. How it works, how it breaks.

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Yes, it was definitely a great idea to sync all passwords to people’s Google accounts while making encryption optional and requiring an explicit action to turn it on. 🙄

I’ve written about that a while ago…


#Cisco confirmed that it was hacked by the Yanluowang #ransomware gang after the hackers gained access to an employee's personal #Google account, which contained all the credentials synced by the victim's browser.


#hacking #malware #cybersecurity

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I'm really interested in this announcement from @laterpress, a creator publishing platform planning to bake in strong creator governance without formal equity sharing:

Can shared governance be meaningful in a for-profit corp w/o shared ownership?

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Visa and Mastercard suspend payments on PornHub advertisements, some discussion about expected effects

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@datatitian i think there was a linus tech tips video abt this type scam a while back, really scary tbh

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crackpot theory, don't take too seriously 

a decent amount of the Badness of race discourse is because of all of the children's entertainment that tried to Tackle Racism by shrinking it down to stories about individuals being mean to each other, thereby planting in the minds of many that the fundamental essence of racism is something you can make cartoon animals enact for 8 year olds. it would make people's angry cognitive dissonance over the concept of systemic oppression make so much more sense

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"If you think technology will solve your problems then you don't understand technology and you don't understand your problems."

-- Laurie Anderson

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☝️ This grant is to develop monitoring infra to measure the performance of the #IPFS/#libp2p Kademlia DHT from different vantage points in the IPFS network. It's denominated in FIL, but it's about €$10K

There's a bunch of other grants of interest to the independent decentralized network researcher on that site too.

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Believe it or not, I just saw somebody using one of those little free libraries

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"DAO governance attacks, and how to avoid them". Nice analysis. One could also tie voting power to tokens that are acquired through in-system "good" behavior rather than purchased.

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If your community/organisation/company is interested, I am keen to give on-line talks about #FrugalComputing, aka Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing.

Example topics are:

Frugal computing
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.

How to reduce the carbon footprint of your digital lifestyle

Frugal computing: developer perspective
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and what developers can do about it.

But happy to discuss specific topics in this area.

(boosts much appreciated!)


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any organizations interested in starting a buying club for an account?
Pricing structure is such that for a small org it makes more sense to collaborate.

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After the anarchist news organization It’s Going Down critiqued HBO’s misuse of the term “anarchist” and called Berwick an anti-semitic grifter in a barrage of tweets, Berwick responded with a 30-minute YouTube rant in which he claimed his detractors were just “unhappy,” “poor,” and “jealous” of wealthy people and told them to “work on themselves.” #TheAnarchistsHBO

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Their presence at Amazon and Starbucks suggests that we are witnessing an organic convergence of the college-educated middle class with the existing working class. This new militant minority, composed of working-class labor leaders and left-wing college graduates, has the potential to unite the rejuvenated labor movement and other post-Occupy, post-Bernie arms of the U.S. left."

Please register for the reading group here:

Link to the essay:

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A worker is hiring a drupal developer!

is seeking a developer for freelance work with track to coop membership

If you've been trying to find work in the , here's an opportunity! aren't the be all/end all for and , but they're a powerful force for redistributing wealth.

- Post:
- Video about Position:
- Video about Polycot:

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