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Is anyone developing or does anyone know of "brain training" phone/tablet games SPECIFICALLY aimed at users with dementia.

I'm thinking like, bejewelled, hidden object, endless matching, <whatever>scapes, but they need to be ad-free, low-distraction, big visuals, low stakes/low stress.

I almost want toddler busy-games. But for senior adults. SagoBiggie!

Are you interested in the Cooperative and Solidarity Economy in Ireland?

I am giving an online presentation this Wednesday the 11th of May with the University of Girona.

To register - esdeveniments.udg.edu/76989/ti

Any resources for starting a purchasing co-op?

The plan is to start one for businesses in the UK (first with members of CoTech, a network of tech worker coops) to purchase easy-to-repair & made-to-last electronics: first Framework laptops & FairPhone smartphones.

The second step is to start a consumer-owned online shop for ordinary people to buy such electronics. They can become members for £1/month and get discounts on spare parts & repairs. The shop would be a member of the purchasing coop.

Could a coupon site work that instead of bargaining for discount codes, would bargain for longer warranties?

You use a coupon code and get a 4-year warranty on your laptop instead of 2, etc.

Could help consumers support companies that make products that last long away from those that use planned obsolescence.

Ideally, it would be a user-owned .

Some examples that I've seen or been a part of: Bike co-op (fixing donated bikes, teaching repair skills to kids, , transport), (shared housing fostering community, shared resources, , economical), community gardens (learning how to grow food, mutual aid, time spent together, food production), tool library (sharing resources), community free schools/libraries. Almost any local business can be built as a co-op. via potluck meals

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I just learned that FedCo Seeds is a hybrid worker/consumer co-op that has been around for a good long time: fedcoseeds.com/

I'm going to join, and I really want to learn more about their experiences! :TwinPines:

Friends, an easy step toward democratization of the economy is moving your money to a credit union. So let's say July 14th is Fediverse Move your Money Day!

In Japan this has been an important part of the fossil fuels divestment campaign by 350.org. When you choose a credit union, ask them about their investments (you'll probably be the first one to ask).

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New from @LeoSammallahti

"Big tech is facing an escalating backlash. Co-operatives could offer a more equitable and accountable alternative. In fact, some already do. This article describes three large co-operatives that have managed to take on tech giants such as Amazon and IBM."


Big tech is facing an escalating backlash. Coops could offer a more equitable and accountable alternative. In fact, in some countries, they already do.

This article describes three of them: including the 3rd largest IT firm in Germany & a coop that outcompeted Amazon to become the most popular online shop in Switzerland.

It is an issue of a newsletter that covers existing success stories & exciting new ideas about the future of the coop movement. Consider subscribing!


Been thinking about a user-owned that would be something like a coupon site for products that are made to last and easy to repair.

Basically getting a group of consumers to pool together their purchasing power to collectively bargain for better deals in terms of longer warrants, modularity, interoperability and open-source.

If anyone here is interested in getting involved in any way let me know. Would like to get a draft of a plan ready for the worker coop I work for in mid-June.

In France, over a million people have opened a "solidarity economy savings account" that invests in solidarity enterprises, many of which are cooperatives. The popularity of the accounts is booming.

Here is my article about this promising phenomenon - it is an issue of a weekly newsletter that covers existing success stories & exciting new ideas about the future of the cooperative movement.

Consider subscribing, every new subscriber makes me very happy :)


MyCoolClass is a owned by the teachers to facilitate online teaching.

It that has a crowdfunding campaign that seeks investors. People from outside the UK can invest too - the platform is global, with teachers using it around the world.

I am not involved with it but have invested £200 and warmly suggest you do the same, retoots also appreciated :)


Any interest out there in doing a session on how to organize a cooperative Mastodon instance?

I've been thinking about user-owned social networks for some time. Turns out there already is one. Hooray!

question for the community--if I'm starting a coop and want to have an early launch fundraising event, what platform do I use to collect funds? Gofundme, diff fundraising platform, just venmo?

@mattcropp you might have suggestions!

Looking at my account, just realized that turned 5 years old this month.

Social dot Co-op: We're Still Around™️

Our brewing co-op is reaching the point where we'll be able to actually pay some wages (it's been a volunteer/profit share labor of love for a community of folks for a while). Does anyone have recommendations for low-cost US-based 3rd-party payroll services?

This is a cooperative that any cooperative and person in the world with an email can join.


The presentation is quite detailed but the first 5 slides should be enough to get the basic idea.

If you or a coop you are involved in would be interested in joining you can do so here:


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