Current Affairs gets it: we need .

Of course, because we're so f'cking cool, we've already got and GEO people working on this 😎

My new article:

"Digital Credit Unions Are Topping The Bank Comparisons - Platform Coops Beating The Banks At Their Own Game?"

"Alliant is the 8th largest credit union in the US. It is fully digital.

It was the NerdWallet 2019 "Best-Of" Award winner in the categories of Best Banks, Best Banks for Savings and Best Banks for Checking.

It seems that arguably the best financial institution, in the world’s largest economy, is a ."

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I'll reach out to you in more detail but would love to fund your translations through a coop like this :)

Anyone have any connections with fansub or any translation communities?

Me and my friend want to start a to help people do and fund translations of all sorts, especially subtitles.

Anyone interested in participating in any way let me know.

Below is an article outlaying the idea of the :

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Germany Solar and Wind is Triple the Cost of France’s Nuclear and Will Last Half as Long.

"What's worse, because wind and solar are variable (they produce electricity only when the wind blows or the sun shines), they must be paired with other energy sources to support demand, and these are almost always fossil fuels. In the absence of enough nuclear energy, renewables are effectively prolonging the life of coal and gas plants that can produce power around the clock."

fact of the day!

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Tell me your recommended first books to read on starting and running a worker co-operative. They'll be used as group reading material for a proto co-op project :)

Was very nice meeting @mattcropp @FreeScholar @michaelafisher and @ntnsndr in the real world - wish we had more time to connect but there were just so many people I had so much to discuss with.

I would have loved the event organisers to have booked a bar for everyone to continue after the event - but they did a great job organising the thing nevertheless.

Looking forward to meeting again!

Little win of the day:

To secure the space for the co-op brewery project that has been in the works for ~5 years, a group is forming a real estate co-op to buy the commercial condo that we'd like the co-op brewery to end up in.

We've set the minimum investment for the REC at $1k, and want the (future tenant) brewing co-op to be a members, but it's currently tight on cash, so we put the word out for new members & added equity from current members.

Raised the minimum $ needed today!

This video is just wow. The cooperative movement should push content like this across the internet.

My new article where I discuss the dilemma that movement faces:

1. Coops are better suited for monopolies and monopsonies than capitalist businesses.

2. Online platforms have a tendency towards market concentration due to network effects.

3. Coops are less suitable than capitalist businesses at growing market share while making a loss, as it is difficult to have investors subsidise the initial losses.

+ How can solve this dilemma.

Not sure if @ntnsndr already shared this but:

We’re Converting Our Startup To A Cooperative. Here’s Why.

Hey fediverse! Where does one look up info on how to choose a credit union? I’m moving to California and I’d like to stop using corporate banks at last. Any tips welcome

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I posted on Today I Learned subreddit:

"TIL that credit unions more than doubled lending to small businesses between 2008 and 2016, from $30 billion to $60 billion, while lending to small businesses overall during the same period declined by around $100 billion."

It linked to Wikipedia. Mods banned it for "having an agenda" because most my reddit posts are about coops.

I have around 100 similar facts to share. If you're on Reddit & would like to raise awareness about coops, let me know.

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