I liked these patterns so much, I made myself some pillows with them.

You can get yours here: robotmolecule.threadless.com/h

Since #Linux has adopted the penguin as its logo, it would be great to see the #LinuxFoundation donating to some organizations that are helping to save threatened penguin species like the Hoihi, or Yellow Eyed Penguin. Maybe the #GNUProject could contribute something to wildlife conversation on the African Savannah, where the real Gnu live? #NoSoftwareFreedomOnADeadPlanet

What are some things you have changed your mind about when faced with research?

I was convinced that social media and the internet increases echo chambers and filter bubbles, but there seems to be pretty convincing research showing this is not the case. Might even be that the opposite is true.

Here's a (coop replacement for Reddit) poll on what is the best idea for a new posted in Mastodon.


Includes ideas from @cliffregis, @cjd , me and @mmeyer .

If you got ideas, post them, use or tag me. I will use them in what I plan to be a monthly poll at weco.io/b/coopidea.

If you wanna get involved with WeCo, register as an user or/and join our discord at discord.gg/Xuxet48.

If you're a developer, tag @KingMob in the discord!

When the climate wars kick off in 2025, there's no way I'm fighting for the UK. Maybe the Netherlands, or Denmark, but hopefully the Co-operative Republic of Malta will exist by then

#Mastodon was mentioned on #Aljazeera in a panel discussion about if #Google #Facebook #Apple should pay #tax 3% extra. Mastodon was mentioned as a #Privacy and decentralized option to the mainstream #SocialMedia.


Senator Sherrod Brown on and the Cleveland model of using public institutions as anchors to support .


If you have any questions for George Cheney, you can post them here on WeCo:


Hopefully the will be able to get to them, and if you post a question, WeCo will donate $1 to social.coop!

Not sure why I felt compelled tonight to graph the differential growth rate of US assets vs. those of commercial banks, but here we are...

@clayton @Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr
I don't personally have much info on this in the CO area, but I'm reminded of a story a Vancouver friend told me about a local credit union:

The credit union started offering payday-style loans at interest rates consistent with conventional loans and decimated the predatory payday loan industry in the area.

I wish i had the specific name of the credit union because that rules.

, replacement for Reddit is shifting from Google Analytics to something more ethical.

As we are governed and owned by us users, there is a binding poll on what alternative we should use here:


Anyone can register and vote in the poll or add a new option.

If there are other ways we can improve our privacy and be more ethical, message me or propose it on WeCo.

Here is a link describing how our democratic user governance works.


Me and @GuerillaOntologist interviewed Emma Back from Equal Care Cooperative in the first episode of Platform Cooperative Podcast.

It's a UK multi-stakeholder owned by care givers and receivers.

Here's a link to the video of the interview:

Here's a branch of the coop:

They have a crowdfunding campaign going on over here:

For every boost this toot receives, I will donate 0,50Β£ to their crowdfunding campaign!

A proposal for a Global Co-operative IT Network from the International Co-operative Alliance

"The purpose will be to serve the IT needs of the coop movement.

It will be a forum where ICA members can go to get advice on different IT products, services and service providers and where IT professionals from coops or who serve coops can work together, learn from each other and recommend products and services to help members."


Added mentions of to articles about "France", "Canada", "19th century", "Victorian age", "Progressive Era" and "The History Of The United States".

The articles combined have an average of 350 000 visitors a month, so hopefully this will help raise awareness.

Any other Wikipedians or who would like to become one?

Could be a nice community activity for , perhaps something to consider with the Reading Group at some point?

The other thought is that a lot of people in the media world, including academics, have a reasonable understandings of the problems networked media can create, but a very limited awareness of the potential solutions offered by technologies like the #fediverse. Maybe free code geeks need to spend more time helping journalists, media academics, and activists educate themselves about this?

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