1/2 off sale this week on TESA games including Co-opoly, Strike! and Game-Changer...


Best YouTube comment I ever read was a guy making the case about Bangladesh, Pakistan and India uniting as one country on the basis that together they would absolutely dominate cricket. Loved that guys energy.

Discussed the key role coops play in Nordic democratic socialism and how coops help explain the rise and decline of the labour movement.

Also present some thoughts on how to revitalise coop organising by campaigning in credit union, mutual insurance and pension fund board and trustee elections to get them to redirect their massive pools of capitals into funding new coops, especially in the tech sector.


Starting to feel conflicted about whether the impact of Richard Wolff is a net positive to the cooperative movement.

He seems very fanatical and quite apologetic towards things like the genocidal Soviet Union.

The most simple and straight-forward fix to help fund welfare states is to put all the money pension funds invest in the stock market to a low-cost Total World Stock Index.

The Big 3 asset managers cast 25% of votes in the board elections of S&P 500 firms. Soon they alone hire & fire leaders of nearly all big companies.

Hayeks idea was that markets are effective because information is decentralised. Is this centralisation not causing inefficiency?

The idea behind index funds was to passively track the market and get the average return for low costs. But not only do these funds actively influence the markets, they soon alone have influence over board elections.

My uncle just finished 1.6 kg, 700 pages long dictionary of Northern Sami, a language spoken by around 20,000 speakers.

Sami are an indigenous people who have inhabited large parts of Northern Europe spanning from Russia to Norway for millenniums.

He has dedicated his life to advocate for their rights and preserve their languages and culture. This book is a major contribution in an effort to ensure that this ancient language will be passed on to future generations.

Work opportunity: anyone interested in part-time work developing e-commerce and direct marketing for an organic farm that sells a lot of seed? Open Food Network could be the platform...

Wow! Scottish Parliament introduced free bus travel for 5 - 18 year olds this March, and will be extending it up to 21 year olds the beginning of next year!


🚌 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🚌

An organization I am stewarding towards worker-ownership is looking to hire a full-stack developer to help steward their customer experience to a more accessible, usable, reliable, and mobile forward user experience.

If you'd like to learn more, please check out the job post they've written: docs.google.com/document/d/1ud

I'm available to answer any and all questions!

Love reading all the comments of these seasteading haters while making millions from crypto chilling in my Pod

Interesting - a Dutch grocery store purchasing co-op owned by independent store owners and a consumer co-op will be merging into a multistakeholder co-op with both store owners and consumers as members.

To my knowledge, this will make them totally unique in otherwise already vast and diverse grocery co-op movement.

Together, they will form the third largest grocery store chain in the country with around 10% market share and will be focusing especially on online shopping.

Small suggestion for new co-ops - when making your privacy policy, make it so that you are allowed to promote other co-ops to people in your email list.

Social.Coop Meta 

The Community Working Group Ops team will meet today, Sept 5, at 2pm MST.

Info and links here: loomio.org/d/yh0aFRbU/communit

New idea - a website that collects links to all ongoing fundraising campaigns of striking workers.

It would be a owned by those who make a recurring monthly donation, that would be distributed equally between all active fundraising campaigns that month.


Here is an image to illustrate what it could look like.

While Deliveroo pays its couriers sometimes as little as £2 hour, Wings Coop provides an alternative democratically owned by the couriers.

Could it foster the wider coop economy by expanding ownership to restaurants and partnering with other coops?

A new article on Mutual Interest, a no-paywall media coop owned by our readers & writers.


Become a Mutual Interest member and vote for your favourite articles in our participatory budgeting here:


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