Started donating $15 month to GEO, a fantastic online publication that maybe has the best collection of articles about cool projects of all medias out there.

Focused a lot on co-ops, but also other forms of counter-economy based on mutual self-help.

Recommend you check out the site and become a donor too.

How can well established traditional cooperatives become generators of social capital?

Am increasingly worried about how non-transactional relationships are in decline.

Obviously credit unions cannot become a place where you can lend a romantic partner, but this massive increase of people without close friends or any sexual or romantic relationships is really concerning.

And I think the obsession with maximising shareholder profits and consumption has something to do with it.

Do you think we will see a time when everyones entire browsing history will be publicly available for everyone else?

Tether, a scam that is historical in terms of shamelessness and scale, is going down.

Will this mark a beginning of a crypto collapse?

Lot of people (especially men) of my generation will be losing money when this zero-sum insanity will end.

Calling all cooperators with as security background: our I-D "Channel Bindings for TLS 1.3" could use your final reviews!

Growing share of young people without friends, romantic partners and sexual experiences should concern us much more than GDP growth.

Campbells Law states that when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.

We have GDP as the target of the success of our economies and shareholder value the target of the success of our businesses.

Its now killing large parts of life on this planet, and ripping apart the social fabric that gives life meaning.

The one who made the app. 1000+ installs

The one who renamed the app, removed credits, copyright notice (MIT license), added ads. 50,000+ installs.

#playstore #foss


Support Breadchain and help fund decentralized cooperatives using blockchain on!


My new article: "More Leisure Should Be Coupled With Making Leisure Better".

Reductions in working hours should be combined with policies that enable and encourage people to use their spare time in ways that are beneficial to themselves and others, like exercising or editing Wikipedia.

We should also stop our obsession with measuring success with GDP and shareholder value.

Published on Mutual Interest, free-to-read online media coop owned by the readers and writers.

Why isnt there almost any websites with background music anymore?

Looking like early 2022 for conversion of a 9-worker, single-owner, debt-free bootstrapped SaaS to worker-ownership (with a one-person one-vote policy!)

COVID threw my timeline off-track; was hoping to complete it by end-of-2020 but... yea...


The Drivers is fundraising investment for their new rideshare alternative. Kick them a few bucks if you've got the means to do so, and patronize them if you live in !

Finally got my Monero wallet up and running so I'm also now accepting XMR as donations for you privacy freaks😎

People should be able to make their own choice as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, but should the state incentivize them to avoid choices they are likely to regret?

According to a survey by a palliative care nurse, having worked too much is one of the most common regrets people have at the end of their lives.

#ShowerThoughts In the 20th century it was normal for the dominant communications networks to treat universal access as the norm, even if they were made up of privately owned businesses. Anyone could send and receive mail, or get a landline phone connection. In the 21st century it's becoming normal to think of access to net connections, sending email, or social media accounts, as a privilege. The emergence of multiple media spheres, as #DavidGraeber pointed out, creates multiple publics.

What are some examples of free-to-use ways to utilise public spaces to foster social capital? Or new ideas?

Few examples:
- BBQ grills in Australian parks
- Dog-parks in Finland
- Chess and checkers tables in New York

Writing an article about combining policies to increase leisure with policies that help spending leisure better (free outdoor gyms, public awareness campaigns encouraging Wikipedia editing, etc.)

Ideas for a title? Something like "Better, not just more, leisure" or "Improving quality, not just quantity, of leisure".

@kensanata @dredmorbius @cadadr

So here's my idea:

Come up with a set of titles/medals/honours (depending on what your country does) awarded exclusively to people who've paid more than $AMOUNT in taxes. More taxes gets you higher honours and a school named after you or something.

Or make existing titles conditional on tax payment. "You want your knighthood, Mr. Bezos? Unfortunately, your cumulative tax payments are less than the required ten billion. Maybe next year?"

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