Any idea how many elected union officials (like shop stewards) are there in the US?

Tried to google but couldn't find info.

If an article title starts with "We need to do talk about", the chances are it's about a topic we don't need to give a shit about it.

Why is it that roadside assistance is one area of the economy that seems to be dominated across the world by cooperatives or similar member-owned, democratically governed organisations?

Any thoughts, stats, etc. appreciated.

Should we have a scheme that incentives people to sell their home and invest in a simple index fund instead?

Wouldn't it make more sense if people had their wealth diversified in different stocks instead of putting all eggs in one basket by buying a house?

Why don't we have public housing with market rate rents?

Why have those people who can afford to pay market rate rents pay it to landlords instead of the public sector?

You could earmark the money to building more housing.

Increased housing supply would mean lower housing prices. Easy way to collect tax revenue.

Any examples of this, or anyone who advocates for this?

Today Zoom reached a settlement with the FTC to close its security holes and protect its users better.

Do we trust our intimate conversations with doctors, colleagues, friends and family to this company?

Wouldn't it be good to join an online meeting platform that you can trust? That is owned by users and workers? That is not analysing user behaviour?

Did you check out ? Online meetings with privacy first.

Become a member today!

Hello Fediverse 👋
I am Akshay (He/Him). I am from Pune, India and I live in Berlin, Germany. I like to talk about open source software, haskell, politics, food and a few more things I cannot remember right now.

I will mostly toot in English, sometimes in Hindi and Marathi, Italian on special occasions and I aspire to be able to toot in German someday.

I don't know what else to say so please enjoy this picture of me trying to imitate a Halloween cake.

If there are Wikipedia editors around, any help updating the [[Freedom of the Press Foundation]] article on en.wp would be appreciated. As an involved person (on the org's staff) I would prefer not to do so myself, but I posted some suggested updates here:

This is very interesting - credit union members form a cooperative to bargain their energy costs down by doing group purchasing.

Any other examples of credit unions helping their members form these sort of buying clubs?

Why doesn't Instagram/Pinterest/etc. enable donations to content creators like does (see picture)?

It would not only enable users to earn money, but the platforms themselves could make money by taking a cut from each donation?

What am I not getting?

We need to cherish and strengthen weakening cultural norms around obligations people (esp. men) have towards helping take care of their elderly parents.

12% decline in this sort of informal, unpaid care would require doubling current spending on adult social care in the UK.

Now alongside the obvious positive impacts on well-being, if having a 4 day work-week would lead to even a slight increase in this sort of informal care, the savings would be tremendous.

Why haven't "buying clubs" become more common with internet?

For example, 100 cat owners could join together, approach different cat food providers and bargain a discount through joint-purchasing.

My guess is that the venture capital model makes us only think in terms of what works as a capitalist firm.

Ventures like buying clubs make more sense as or mutuals. The largest hardware store chain (Ace Hardware) and carpet flooring firm (CCA Global) in the US are both purchasing coops.

@LeoSammallahti this is the kind of org I want to help build but with personal health data. There's still no way of automating the collection of health and fitness data from consumer devices. The #FOSS world needs to step up and build health tools that benefit the public.

Alex Pentland, one of the world's most cited computer scientists has a radical yet easy-to-implement vision on how data cooperatives could be the future of how the most valuable asset in the modern economy is owned.

My new article.

How come wealth inequality in Switzerland is declining quite rapidly while it's increasing almost everywhere else in Europe?

Anyone have any idea?


Consider joining Social Coop instance, it's a coop owned and governed by the users!

Anyone able to help me out, trying to think of a hypothetical example of comparing what "Moving the data to the algorithm" and "Moving the algorithm to the data". Approach.

Like an example of a dog food advertiser, someone setting up a Greek restaurant or whatever - how would it look like from a perspective of the actual individuals using the data in their own life?

Click on just one moderately political youtube video...
Spend the next three days scrolling through angry rants the algorithm thinks it has a shot at making you binge watch. :/

New in the Directory,, a software provider for small businesses, governments, and other entities:

Just vibin', designing a worker collective/consumer co-op hybrid for bootstrapping early stage .

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