Happy May Day everyone!

Very happy to have come across so many nice people in the cooperative online communities like here in Social Coop and excited about all the cool things we will pursue in the future.

Is there some way to build an email newsletter where the subscribers somehow confirm they are a real person and not creating a bunch of email addresses?

I was thinking of an email newsletter where people subscribing get a small gift card I buy them. But worried about possible abuse.

Is there anything preventing a group of people to set up an Ace Hardware store as a worker or a consumer cooperative?

ACE is a very cool franchise - it's a purchasing cooperative democratically owned by people who have set up an ACE Hardware store.

EU is planning to ban oat milk companies from doing marketing where the environmental impact of oat milk and dairy milk is compared. Also, oat milk couldn't be called milk.

This is not consumer protection - it's corporate censorship.

In Korea, there is a degree where you have to start an economically viable cooperative to graduate.

A lot of super cool stuff going on in Korea. The country might take the global cooperative movement to a whole new level!

Everyone should live in market-rate public housing with the income from rents distributed as universal basic income.

A lot of people in the Bitcoin space make the case that it's good for the environment because high energy consumption incentivizes improvements in energy efficiency.

Are cigarettes good for public health because they incentivize improvements in cancer treatments?

Folks in sustainability businesses, spread the word about this event to promote cooperative ownership models!

Any advice on how to build an email newsletter that looks good? Tools, tips, etc.

Today is Apostolic Cooperativism Day in the global Catholic church. Let us rejoice and be glad for all those who ensure that the needs of everyone are met. bible.usccb.org/daily-bible-re

That article was inspired by @ntnsndr "Populism of Hope Begins When People Feel Their Own Power". It caused one of the biggest AHA! moments of my life.


Had been a member of the social democratic party since I was 16, and was obsessed with explaining its decline.

That piece made me realise that it wasn't about leaders or the election manifesto policies - it was about how we do organising.
Working on a longer, better written article that delves into this in more detail.

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Successful social democratic movements were built on cooperatives, unions and the party forming an intertwined ecosystem of mass membership organisations that provided tangible benefits in the everyday life of the ordinary people who participated in them.

My new article "Cooperatives can help explain the rise and fall of social democracy. They can also help revitalise it." on Mutual Interest, a free-to-read media owned by the readers and the writers.


Why has the number of worker-owned cooperatives grown 20 fold in the UK since 1970?

A new article on Mutual Interest, a a free online media cooperative owned by readers & writers.


Become a founder member here and help distribute our funds using participatory budgeting:


It's the 300th anniversary of the end of the Great Wrath, which lead Russians to enslave 30k out of 400k Finns.

They were sold as far away as Uzbekistan.

Now, around 100 years after Russian colonisation ended, Russians move to Finland because our government takes better care of their children than the Russian government does!

Welcoming them with warmth is a more mortifying and humbling revenge than any acts of violence.

Does anyone happen to know any Japanese coops that sell coffee online?

Have an idea on how to help promote them.

@emi @Matt_Noyes @chiematsumoto

Is anyone here involved with an US based coop that sells coffee online? Have an idea on how to promote them.

This consider a donation to Market 166, a co-op grocery store working to end the south food desert: market166.com/donate/

To put things into perspective - the Biden stimulus plans child allowance is around twice as big as child allowances in Nordic countries.

Great stuff!

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