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Hey there folks (and hello again fediverse). I've been on recently but I'm excited to see what's happening here. Hoping to find and share resources on in general, but I'm particularly interested in tech co-ops, small-scale farm/garden co-ops and the role that co-ops play in social, economic and environmental justice causes. I'll probably also toot a bit about and maybe

solidarity action, protest march, birdsite link 

I am collecting examples and counter examples of .

The CW feature on Mastodon is a good example. Newsletter pop ups would be a bad example.

This will be for a resource where people can look up a common bad practice and see consentful alternatives. It will be CC licensed and community-curated. All who want to be credited publicly will be.

Boosts welcomed for visibility.

Thank you!

PSA: cloth and paper masks worn to help prevent spread of Coronavirus (and other diseases) do not need to form a seal to be effective.

They do two things:
a. capture most of the droplets you exhale/cough/sneeze out
b. slow down (and thus reduce the range of) any droplets not caught

If you have two layers of fabric covering your nose and mouth, you are wearing a fabric mask correctly.

If breath reflects off of them and escapes around the edges, that is just fine -- the bulk of the droplets were caught, and those few that leave around the edges are slowed a ton. Mission accomplished.

Misinformation on this point (most of which seems to be repeating proper fit and donning for PPE masks, which do need to form a seal) is leading people to not wear masks because they believe they are difficult or impossible to wear correctly.

Free accessibility tips from my wife, a professional UX designer who does a lot of accessibility work:

1. Keep your image descriptions short, simple, and descriptive. Try to limit it to a single tweet-length.

2. Don’t do both alt-text AND a visible image description. This will result in screenreaders reading your caption twice.

3. Use camel case in your hashtags.

I walked on the side of the street that I don't usually, and was rewarded with the discovery of a googley-eyed rock colony.

Almost done with bed prep. We should have everything planted inthe next week.

People supported Bernie Sanders because they wanted Medicare for all, Green New Deal, and free college. If you still want these things I encourage you not to get lost in the sauce of the Democratic Party. You need to #VoteGreen. The Green Party has been talking about these things long before Bernie even ran for president. The Democratic Party will never give you these things. Their work and policies on these issues have proven to be half assed.

Wealth shown to scale. Just scroll to the right and don’t stop. It takes a long time to get through this.

I studied molecular astrophysics, so I have a lot of practice thinking in very large numbers and vast orders of magnitude, and these facts still astonish me when compared with everyday things.

Believe me when I say, a trillion is literally an astronomical number, and the prospect of a single human owning a trillion dollars is absurd. We should not live in a world where this is even remotely possible.

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Proud of my fellow CO folks, keep it up!

"Colorado still had the highest average share of people staying home among reopened states, at 37 percent"

Want to get an education while being stuck at home? Take your interest in the cooperative digital economy to the next level and start incubating your platform co-op project assisted by partners in your country.
An 8-week ad hoc online course.

Most galaxies are red shifted, that is they are moving away from us causing their light to be stretched out and thus becoming more red. This is how we discovered how the universe is expanding as almost all galaxies, like M95 (shown) are racing away from us.

Don’t cross the picket line tomorrow. Your use of those platforms enable and validates their abusive tactics. (

{Horticulture help requested}
I know practically nothing about about non-food plants. Can anyone identify this flowering bush? I think the picture is semi-decent quality if you blow it up. The flowers are pretty small, red/pink blooms with yellow centers. I am colorblind, so stated colors may not be accurate. The leaves aren't large, but are considerably bigger than the flowers. The stalks are silver/white and look fuzzy. It is in bloom now in central Florida (metro-Orlando area). Thank you for any help.

Sharing this update from the Schools for Chiapas Million Peso Pledge:

This man is a member of the EZLN, an indigenous movement in the Mexican state of Chiapas. For decades he has provided high quality, herbal medicines without pay as a part of the Zapatista Healthcare System. Join us in supporting the Zapatista healthcare system as they fight Covid-19 under very difficult conditions in Chiapas, Mexico. Any donations will be matched between now and April 30th

Remember how I said I was going to sprout some lentils to see what a lentil plant looks like? Behold my lentil children. #florespondence

In case you haven't logged on to loomio in a while, we're asking members to update their profile with their username since it's hard to know who is who!

We have a check poll going and so far 19 members have updated! Thank you!!

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