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i'm wanna lift things up i like today

if you are organizing a co-op or a cooperatively managed group you need to know the work of Cooperation Jackson. They are literally leading the way that social transformation and collective action can work together. they literally wrote down everything they are doing, and it's incredibly inspirational:

Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi

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SAVE THE DATE for Co-op Shop Talk: an open forum for cooperators to meet, converse and share information!

**Wednesday June 12th, 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific** on Zoom.

Zoom MeetingID: 311-082-102

This first in a series of Co-op Shop Talk sessions will focus on P2P mutual aid and training models as an alternative to non-profit led co-op development.

Please drop in and join us for what is sure to be a stimulating conversation!

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Just launched a #pixelfed instance! I’d love for all you lovelies to join.

We’ll ❤️ each others pictures and it’ll be super great 🤗

*Boost Please*

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Recently started learning about #permaculture It's been a bit hard to take the concepts that are semi-familiar to me from gardening and apply them to other life-areas.

I'm finding that taking gardening language and applying it to #selfcare helps a bit. For instance what 'nutrients' do I need to be mentally health and generate the best 'yield.'

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I opened tumblr and this was one of the first things on my dash, you're welcome

Hey there social.coop folks (and hello again fediverse). I've been on mastodon.social recently but I'm excited to see what's happening here. Hoping to find and share resources on in general, but I'm particularly interested in tech co-ops, small-scale farm/garden co-ops and the role that co-ops play in social, economic and environmental justice causes. I'll probably also toot a bit about and maybe


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