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Hey there folks (and hello again fediverse). I've been on recently but I'm excited to see what's happening here. Hoping to find and share resources on in general, but I'm particularly interested in tech co-ops, small-scale farm/garden co-ops and the role that co-ops play in social, economic and environmental justice causes. I'll probably also toot a bit about and maybe

A friend is looking for examples of existing feminist (economic) collectives / worker-owned co-ops for an info event.

Anything that's radical and a women's collective or an explicitly feminist one is fine, but it should have a practical economic dimension of some sort.

Any you'd like to point out?

The Keystone XL pipeline is coming. Two man camps will threaten the safety of the women, girls, and children on the Cheyenne River Reservation. At the behest of a coalition of women, the Cheyenne River Tribal Council has declared a state of emergency. Please show your support with a message of solidarity. [Click link above. Please boost, or repost with hashtags and stuff.]

Apparently, this is what happens when you forget to put the frames in a beehive, and the bees get to build how they feel, via Naked Capitalism:

Just joined @resonatecoop, a streaming music service formed as a multi-stakeholder . Free for artists to join and only $5 for listener-members. They use a model called : listen nine times and you own the track. Funds go directly from listener to artist.

Hope others on are aware of this service. I can imagine a democratic, musician-owned service like this would be great for artists, if it catches on.

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I was doubting myself over my plan to use north-south orientation of my veggie beds. fortunately Geoff Lawton, #permaculture expert, has this short and sweet video explaining the factors that need to be considered when choosing bed orientation:

I live in new england so rain is plentiful but sun is a precious resource. also my site is relatively flat. so north-south orientation is indeed best to maximize sun exposure.

Probably the most useful tool I've ever learned to tackle a structural group problem is to brainstorm all the things that could be done and then organize them in 'low effort / high effort', 'low impact / high impact'.

Then do the 'high impact / low effort' things first, followed by 'low impact / low effort'.
Use the energy and momentum from those small successes for the 'high impact / high effort' things and just skip the 'low impact high effort' pitfalls.

example in next post

perusing the Fedco seed catalog and found the 4 freedoms for free software repurposed for seeds!

"OSSI (Open Source Seed Initiative) opposes intellectual property (IP) provisions
that restrict what OSSI has identified as the four seed freedoms:
1. The freedom to save or grow seed for replanting or any other purpose.
2. The freedom to share, trade, or sell seed to others.
3. The freedom to trial and study seed and to share or publish information about it.
4. The freedom to select or adapt the seed, make crosses with it, or use it to breed new lines and varieties."

love it!

Did you know that the Dunning Kruger conjecture _also_ stipulates that people who are genuinely competent tend to underestimate their own competence? You're not a hack.

Yes, you.

Not cool #Apple. Another closed silo ignoring open standards. And why we need #NetNewsWire and other #RSS readers for news. “Apple News Drops Support for RSS.”

Does anyone have thoughts about some of these nation wide (U.S.), mostly online credit unions like Aliant (which I learned about on fedi). The credit union that I am a member-owner of is a single branch with membership limited to individuals living in the city or engaging with specific businesses or nonprofits within that city. They offer better rates than most other banks in the community but focus, in promoting themselves, on their democratic governance and the services they provide to underserved populations in the region. Many large credit unions seem to lack restrictions on membership, make no mention of how members participate in governance and mainly sell themselves on their high interest rates. I am a little skeptical of them. Without ongoing efforts to educate new member-owners in governance or actively promoting cooperative values I imagine that coops simply become corporations in disguise. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Is anyone on here a member of such a credit union?

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