I am really excited to see how distributed cooperative, model will revolutionize the way we live and work together. Learn more at disco.coop

I have worked on a model called usOS, the us operating system, which is a platform for traditional corporations to use to gradually transition to community owned governance models, platform coops.
Read more about it at:
It is similar to

Zebras Unite is a movement for societal benefit tech startups rather than Unicorns that may be more harm than good. Zebras Unite (zebrasunite.com/)

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Applications for @start_coop@twitter.com, the North American accelerator, are now open!

Learn more & apply at, well, Start.coop

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Wikipedia Coop Fund just facilitated the first edit. @Jon_Envisioneer proposed in our adding a mention in the PG&E Wikipedia page about a proposal to turn it into a , and I did it (see image).

The fund is a that sponsors and organises people to write to Wikipedia about coops. Anyone in the world can join for 1£/month, we have 9 members.

Here's article about us:

Our Open Collective.

Our Loomio.

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Thank you so much @mattcropp, @Jon_Envisioneer, @ntnsndr, @olivfrey and @clayton for joining the Wikipedia Coop Fund!!

The plan was to reach 20 members in 2 years - we are at 7 members in less than 2 weeks.

Matt potentially has some ideas on how to better organise the Loomio group.

I always knew people are nice but turns out they are even nicer than I thought :)

Here's an article about the project for those interested:


What do you think? Should we do something about the oligopolies of the tech giants? Make your proposal. Here is my proposal liquid.us/joshuakrafchin/break

I have some ideas for a programmable kind of currency that can only be used to exchange ethically / sustainably sourced products and services, for the Sustainy sustainable economy platform and exchange, they are called "Scredits". A sort of closed private resource/reputation-based currency exchange system. I am having difficulty designing it with the mathematics, algorithms. Would anyone be able to help me design the architecture or the mathematics? Tag anyone who might help in the comments.

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@Jon_Envisioneer Very interesting idea! Right now 's governance is simplified by our relative small scale, but, as we grow, we will need effective and efficient member verification mechanisms.

As to the governance method, whether we use , , , , or something else is a quation our governance group is going to need to consider as we consider scaling of various levels...

Maybe with social.coop and the holo and metacurrency we can be ready for mass adoption. But for full democratic organization we must be able to elect representatives to vote and make decisions on our behalf. So with the token systems we can delegate our vote to anyone. But with this comes another challenge of increasing difficulty to secure organization from hacking. So I suppose maybe we are not ready for mass adoption until this problem is solved our old fashion paper ballots?

People shared a lot on this post to the p2p group. People shared concerns like the users and consumers of social media platforms are not able to organize effectively to manage a platform democratically. But I believe the solution is the same for national and local governments, users can vote for a representative to represent their interests in the governing of the organization.

I don’t feel comfortable using Facebook anymore after they betrayed our trust by allowing our society to be socially engineered by Russia and anyone that pays them. I think it is time we transition to a social network owned and operated by its users and builders. How should we do this? Also with the end of net neutrality we need to transition to commons owned internet providers now more than ever before things get real bad. How do we transition to commons ISPs?


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Ah, I understand. It's getting annoyingly difficult to escape these kind of surveillance! I also work with datacenters in France, but have been avoiding because of a similar law there...

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That means there’s vast room for improvement. So many stories to tell investors! An escalation of "big data", personalisation, profiling and targeting - otherwise called surveillance.

Over 20 years in, we should see that our current model is bad, broken, and corrosive.

One simple way forward is to pay for services that protect users’ privacy.

Excerpts from "The Internet's Original Sin"


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