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I just published ⭐️ Manifesting Transmutations of the Futures ⭐️ Speculative thinking

Introduction to Phenomenology Part I
Observing the contents of our experience of reality.


Startups need a new story about who and what they are for.

The zine is now out! Grab the PDF and order your free print copy here:


“What if a startup that successfully builds a community could opt for an exit to ownership by that community?” via

Check out ActivityWatch (,a good alternative to ManicTime found on

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A total of 110 elected representatives in California, including 22 mayors, have called for the country's largest electric company PG&E to be converted into a cooperative.

New article on Mutual Interest, online media owned by readers and writers.

Become a founder member here and vote for your favourite articles. We distribute our funds accordingly:

Zach Bush MD: Highwire with Del Bigtree Interview 2020 via
Explains how the ecosystem works and role viruses play in the ecosystem and our species.

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I am feeling a bit confused about where to go with the story and it seems we have some questions to work out so I am thinking that we may do a meta-jam session and talk about our speculative fiction DisCO and how we will manage contribution accounting and then maybe do a LARP if we have time. How does this sound Larpers? I have laid out some things to discuss in the document

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I have set up a page for: Mountain Munchies DisCO Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Game  |  Session 10
Please contribute and help me provide a summary of the story so far to help us create the next episode and list out what are the possible future directions of the story.

Session 10 Share edit link:

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@amikigu @emi @yasu @CaitlinWaddick @GuerillaOntologist @Matt_Noyes @cadwellsocialcoop
Another series in the has been collaboratively written.
To view our story notes from the last session of today:
I will be creating the next scenario and would like to know where our participants and audience want the story to go next. Please let us know what you think of the story we have written together here or PM me.


Owning your blogging platform is probably the best decision you'll make in your blogging journey.

Read why:


Nootropics like Alpha GPC have helped me with improving memory and concentration. I have over 5 years of experience research and working with Nootropic supplements to enhance cognition and mood. Ask me anything related to cognitive impairment recovery and cognitive enhancement. A good guide to get started is at the nootropics subreddit.
I offer to help people who may have problems with cognitive fatigue, remembering words, verbal fluency, attention, focus, and more.

I am trying to help a local Virginia state wide bernie movement supporters group get organized with communications technology, they want to use slack but I suggest that slack lobbies against climate legislation and that we should use mattermost, but how should we use it and what providers should we use? I am looking at this list

Co-op Clouds - The Internet of Ownership

Disroot seems good too Disroot | Disroot (
What would any of you suggest?

I recently learned about: CoMakery - Achieve Big Missions (
What do you think of it?
Should we use it to organize our projects?
Should we use it for contribution accounting for @SocialCoop ?

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