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Our reading group call is coming up. Time to read the text...

April 6th, 07:00 USA Mountain Time (UTC 13:00, Tyo 22:00, Bilbao 15:00)

Main reading: DisCO Governance Model v3.0
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@emi back to taking on moderating duties for

@GuerillaOntologist and @Jon_Envisioneer launched a virtual co-working time a couple of weeks ago. Anyone interested in doing something similar now that many more people around the world are working remotely?

What are you doing during the quarantine? I have been reading a lot, check out the reading group for the DisCO governance model on loomio.

What are you reading?

@LeoSammallahti For mutual interest media I am thinking how to reward authors. I thought about the Brave Browser and their attention token used to pay content creators automatically based upon how much attention they give to such content. You can earn attention tokens by viewing fair ads in the browser or buy they with money. I am thinking that mutual interest media paying member readers could be given attention tokens that they distribute to creators in a similar way.

When starting up a platform or organization, is it better to start as founder or investor owned and to make an agreement or contract to sell ownership of the organization to the community at predetermined prices at a certain time in the future (something like Exit to Community Futures Contracts) or is it more feasible to be Community owned from the start?
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I am doing research to write about fictional interviews with people (Public intelectuals, Analysts, scientists...) from the futures. What about the near futures would you be most interested to know or experience? What "Futures of..." article would be most interesting to you?
Futures of Sociology
Futures of the solidarity economy
Futures history
Futures of Science and Technology
Futures of public policy
What would you put after "Futures of..."?

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Nathan Schneider runs the UC Boulder Media Enterprise Design Lab & collaborates w/ on webinars like this Friday’s event- : Community Culture
(think startups transitioning twd ownership by stakeholders)


Discord can be challenging to learn so we are also using zoom video chatting. Discord allows continuous voice connectivity while also not utilizing as much the CPU, and offers a rich text messaging to accompany the voice chat. Also it offers multiple break away chat rooms that can amplify idea exchanges while not dominating the main voice channel. I suggest experimenting with this virtual coworking space to see if it really engages you and promotes your productivity.

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"@GuerillaOntologist and I were coworking for a few hours yesterday using the Main Voice Commons room. I really enjoyed the process. I think it was a bit motivating to be working alongside others. Also he helped me think about some of the problems I am working on. It is great to have other people to work with that we can occasionally or like every hour check in and exchange ideas about our work. " Join us while you work 😀 at

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While even those who benefit the most from conventional corporations are turning against them, the cooperative sector is expanding rapidly.

Will this counter-economy reach a critical mass to replace modern capitalism?

This is one of the first articles by Mutual Interest, coop owned by the readers and the writers.

Each month we distribute our funds to our writers using democratic participatory budgeting.

You can join here:

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virtual co-working 

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virtual co-working announcement 

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It would be interesting to hear everyones' vision. My vision would be to create a social networking platform that embody the solidarity economy values and a platform that can help manifest . I don't really want an alternative to twitter, I want a new paradigm shifting tool that empowers us to have relationships where we truly care for one another and collaborate to build a world that transcends the for-self economy.
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@Matt_Noyes I like . I think people can set goals for every Saturday for tooting once, making one reply, and retooting one post. For all who participate, we can track interactions in a contribution accounting system and later give some rewards/gifts and badges and a do a contribution lottery of some sort.

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Thank you @michel_slm @Jon_Envisioneer, Noah Hall, @ntnsndr and @Matt_Noyes for posting in WeCo last week.

I have donated 5$ to Social Coop as a result.

Please keep posting, we plan to bring another online community called "cryptoleftists" to the site next week with another community grant :).

WeCo is a replacement for Reddit. If you are a member of a Social Coop, we donate 1$ to Social Coop for every week that you have posted or commented there.

I updated my profile description with interests like . This also lists me in the directory for these interests

It would be cool if we all made a semi-commitment to post and interact here :TwinPines: all at the same time in synchronicity each week for one hour like every Saturday at 3 pm. Doing things together is easier than doing them alone. 😀

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