What are some good resources for developing communication and conflict resolution protocols so that we can have difficult conversations without hot emotions? Please share your thoughts and resources. Thanks. 🙂

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@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @daspitzberg I think that you are right about organizing. You must start with networks, communities, and ecosystems then work with them to build tools to help them not the other way around. I think it was Ned who I met in the platform coops now course who made this clear. nenad-rava.medium.com/platform

Also your translation of geo.coop/articles/how-create-s says this.

Does anyone know of the least biased search engines, I like blog.mojeek.com/2018/08/indepe
But others even duckduckgo do not have their own crawlers and are subject to biases of other search engines, DDG uses bing or microsoft.

Can anyone recommend any news search engines that search all independent media that are really free of conflicts of interests? goodgopher.com/ is one but it always just shows server is busy.

Support Alternative Media .com supportalternativemedia.com/
Lots of resources on independent media sources and alternative social media and video streaming platforms and more.

These Brave Doctors are Upholding Their Hippocratic Oath & Putting Patie... youtu.be/QciiFYJJiJk via @YouTube@twitter.com

Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics on Vitamin D, Ivermectin, "Vaccines" chute.rocks/d9i98SMUI8NH via @BitChute@twitter.com

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We can do more than 'reset' corporate capitalism. We can redesign our systems to build a regenerative future for all.
Join @HelenaNHodge@twitter.com, @richardheinberg@twitter.com, @DrDCWahl@twitter.com
and others, to explore how we can move .

15 May. Register now: systemschangealliance.org/grea

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Successful social democratic movements were built on cooperatives, unions and the party forming an intertwined ecosystem of mass membership organisations that provided tangible benefits in the everyday life of the ordinary people who participated in them.


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I like principle 6, cooperation among cooperatives, or federation of coops. How can we federate coops and other solidarity organizations more to create an economic counter-power to the titanic corporations?
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What systems do you like? Why? @PeoplePowrd@twitter.com @decidim@twitter.com @Loomio@twitter.com @discocoop@twitter.com @DemocracyFdn@twitter.com @KialoHQ@twitter.com @NoemaMag@twitter.com @PSAdemocracy@twitter.com @AHDCentre@twitter.com

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