Zach Bush MD: Knowledge - Innate Immune System via


The DisCO Elements is here! Can we use this moment as a turning point to build what should have been there the whole time?
The DisCO manifesto answers the question why, and the DisCO Elements take it a step further to address the how.


Gut bacteria and mind control: to fix your brain, fix your gut! via

Bloom Network is hosting a call about DisCOs today in 3 hours in their future economies series.

A Plant-based Diet Changed My Life | Pat McAuley | TEDxBabsonCollege via

Gut Reaction | Could our food be making us sick? | IBS via

Brain Doping: The Effect of Smart Drugs | Free Documentary via

I just signed up for the Online Forum on Modern Direct Democracy! Join me and register now:

The Social.Coop strategy summit starts tomorrow, Monday, 9/21/20 at 9 PM EDT. I am wondering how people feel about using processes and tools used by vTaiwan to shape their new democratic government, like Polis, to help shape our mission, vision, and strategy.
See my post here

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I just published ⭐️ Manifesting Transmutations of the Futures ⭐️ Speculative thinking

Introduction to Phenomenology Part I
Observing the contents of our experience of reality.


Startups need a new story about who and what they are for.

The zine is now out! Grab the PDF and order your free print copy here:


“What if a startup that successfully builds a community could opt for an exit to ownership by that community?” via

Check out ActivityWatch (,a good alternative to ManicTime found on

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