Nootropics like Alpha GPC have helped me with improving memory and concentration. I have over 5 years of experience research and working with Nootropic supplements to enhance cognition and mood. Ask me anything related to cognitive impairment recovery and cognitive enhancement. A good guide to get started is at the nootropics subreddit.
I offer to help people who may have problems with cognitive fatigue, remembering words, verbal fluency, attention, focus, and more.

I am trying to help a local Virginia state wide bernie movement supporters group get organized with communications technology, they want to use slack but I suggest that slack lobbies against climate legislation and that we should use mattermost, but how should we use it and what providers should we use? I am looking at this list

Co-op Clouds - The Internet of Ownership

Disroot seems good too Disroot | Disroot (
What would any of you suggest?

I recently learned about: CoMakery - Achieve Big Missions (
What do you think of it?
Should we use it to organize our projects?
Should we use it for contribution accounting for @SocialCoop ?

Did Coronavirus get leaked from the Wuhan Virology Lab?

Play games and support the movement - Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality by and 564 others - (

I have included elements in the story of how platform coops can become better alternatives in this COVID 19 world.
I am happy to hear feedback and suggestions such as to what else might be missing or what could be different. I am trying to imagine a world where Platform distributed cooperatives can become the primary provider of all our basic needs and services.

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@emi @cadwellsocialcoop @CaitlinWaddick @Matt_Noyes @amikigu @GuerillaOntologist @yasu

Join us today at 5 PM EDT for a Live action role playing game session where we will act out a meeting related to how a fictional food delivery company goes on a retreat to discuss their plans for creating another Distributed Cooperative node in a nearby city. details are listed here

OR backup at:

@cadwellsocialcoop @emi @CaitlinWaddick @Matt_Noyes @amikigu @GuerillaOntologist @yasu

The FairShares association has done a LARP much like ours that we can use as a template.

Also this would be good to look at for guidance. wiki.guerrillamediacollective.

And How do people feel about doing the LARP every other week to give us more time to prepare. I think I can prepare a better game with another week of time but can try to make something quick if needed.

I am doing the Platform Coops Now! course. PCC & Mondragon Offer Online Course to Incubate Platform Co-ops | Platform Cooperativism Consortium (
Is anyone else here interested in doing it. Today is the last day to sign up.

I don't know why my replies are being sent to my timeline and the local timeline.

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The Aristocratic Autocratic Elites wanted to sneak in some genetic code that would make people more obedient while the Pluralcratic Polycratic Populists and anti-elites were scrambling to smuggle in some genes into the weakened viral agent to suppress the will to power. What could be the result? Would there be unintended consequences?...

non-subcriber link:

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I am writing a new series of CoronaVirus Science fiction.
The Coronavirus ravaged humanity. The race was on to create a vaccine but there were ulterior motives. It was gene therapy warfare... =e0406b66b739528ddd8e9b7e94054602

@cadwellsocialcoop @emi @CaitlinWaddick @Matt_Noyes @amikigu @GuerillaOntologist @yasu
I am hesitant to go with proboards, since does have a lot of advertisements and will it allow us to export the boards when the time comes and import it into our own?
But we should use something. I created a test forum that only takes up ~30 mb of my 1.5 GB of surplus disk space on reclaim hosting server. We can use that and I can switch it to a custom domain later.
What do you think?

It only takes 20 hours to become reasonably good at an activity or skill.

Not 10 thousand hours, that is to become the absolute best at a very narrow field or sport.
Feeling inadequate and emotions are the main barriers to learning something new.

I am learning how to do
human centered design to make products and services centered around real human needs. I want to improve our experience of our Mastodon Platform Cooperative.

What do you want to learn?

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Wikipedia Co-op Fund has it's first article out!

The article about platform coops has been translated to Indonesian by our member Sena Luphdika.

WCF is a that pays people to write to Wikipedia about .

- Join for 1$/month.

- The money is distributed to members via polls. Members request and approve articles.

- I give 20$ for members for the first article they write.

Join here:

@ntnsndr @mattcropp @Jon_Envisioneer

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@emi @cadwellsocialcoop @amikigu @Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @CaitlinWaddick @yasu

I created a game about climate impact making that may be of some inspiration for our game. I can create some game mechanics for our game if needed.
Check it out.
I do have some experience creating gamified experiences at

I made some comments related to @Matt_Noyes proposal for adding video chat services to our @SocialCoop Platform. I think we need to offer video chatting as facebook already is doing it with their new features. Although it would be awesome if it interfaced with like a wordpress plugin.

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New short film, just out! "Reclaiming Work: The Cycle Couriers Subverting The Gig Economy" by

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