>50% of adults now fully vaccinated in Santa Clara County. Excellent!

"Distributed systems: letting multiple parties come to consensus on a single decision; decentralization: permitting independent parties to make their own decisions." Nice definition by @rohitkhare from forever ago.

Hey @amazon, did you know you can sign up for a free developer account at the Bing Maps Portal?

Since acquiring a 3D printer I have newfound appreciation for my mechanical engineering colleagues and their design problems. Even static design of reasonably complex parts is hard!

What's worse than premature optimization? Premature standardization!

What if most ad-supported websites are mostly funded by ad fraud? And the legitimate ad-based revenue is actually minor?

The primary benefit of virtualization is that instead of having computer that isn't working, now you can have N+1 computers that aren't working.

One of the biggest differences between tech entrepreneurs and "normal people" is that they absorb new, never-heard-of, counter-to-much-of-common-wisdom information extremely fast, and often derive its implications before you had time to speak the two sentences to explain it.

So instead of 3rd-party cookies, now proposes full-page redirects? They must be getting desperate.

> body.load( “spike.pfizer.mrna” )
> journalctl -f
ERROR: insufficient instrumentation
> echo Oh well
Oh well

Hi @jacobhall we just met at Homebrew website club I believe.

California federal court recognizes personal data as property. Stating the obvious :-) but it's good to have it on record. Via James Felton Keith. jamesfeltonkeith.medium.com/fe

I want my under-desk treadmill to start when I step on it, and stop when I get off. I am, indeed, capable of stepping off a running treadmill and capable of remembering that it will come on if I step on. Is that too much to ask?

Chocolate easter egg nutrition label: "23g of added sugar". Sugar added to what? Sugar?

"Platforms vs. PhDs: How tech giants court and crush the people who study them ". protocol.com/nyu-facebook-rese

Status: under-desk treadmill repaired. (No thanks to the vendor.) It's amazing how every time I start walking during work, my blood sugar drops immediately. Unclear yet about impact on weight or work quality.

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