Ad auctions in the browser? Google’s Turtledove proposal. Interesting discussion at The Register.…/20200226-ad-au h/t Don Marti

Privacy-preserving AI: Summary of the possibilities from the 2019 conference by Oguzhan Gencoglu of @topdatascience.

Zero-energy greenhouse: We got to reb00t industrial agriculture, I guess everybody knows that by now. Here's a contribution that is, in comparison to many other changes we need to make, really simple ...

How do you train a personal ? If a benefit of is , where do you get the training data from? Would love pointers or thoughts.

EU commission goes Signal: If you are not the US government, which app would you use to communicate? Signal it is in the EU!

Netflix hasn't discovered the web yet: At least for data requests under the . One has to send an e-mail to initiate download, and I'm sure it will go back and fourth a thousand times ...

Brexit benefits Google: And not you, the user ahem, product, of Google. Because they are moving their British users out from under the European data protection umbrella, and into the far more permissive American one.

@mydataorg celebrates: The European Union's new data strategy explicitly makes reference to MyData. Congratulations!

Amazon: packages move lightning fast; CCPA electrons take months: Requested my personal data from Amazon under the . The company that can get me toilet paper within 2 hours takes a month to send me a zip file?

Crowds know privacy: Why not share what we've researched and know about products? The idea behind the Open Integrity project. Good idea, but is it still alive?

The opposite of surveillance capitalism: Does anybody have a term or phrase they like? What about @YochaiBenkler's Peer Production? Too far off?

My attempt at segmenting the stakeholders for a potential North America conference. Draft.

Billionaries can do useful things: Jeff Bezos will fund fighting climate change to the tune of $10 billion of his personal money.

MyData success stories: Collected by @mydataorg Global. Not too many, but it's a start.

Underreported: Illinois extracted $550m from Facebook for privacy violations of a state law about face recognition.

Advertising is how big??? Global ad spending is expected to surpass $560 billion dollars in 2019. Say what? Link to this and other ad numbers.

Climate vs Capitalism, @yanisvaroufakis edition: He used to point out the EU's internal contradictions ...

The Irish have teeth: Facebook wants to roll out dating but provides no documentation. The Irish data protection commission invades their office and takes docs. Facebook stops the roll-out. What a shot across the bow.

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