So happy when companies do all they can to keep my personal information private. Like by masking it. In some places.

It's been 15 years of Project VRM ("Vendor Relationship Management): Here's a collection of use cases and requirements identified over the years

When your backyard produce a few pounds of eggplant, it must be moussaka night. In the oven. I’m impatient!

Sci-Fi Author @DavidBrin thinks half of the world's public debts could be eliminated by requiring owners to publicly own-up to their ownership.

When you wrote what was only supposed to be a technology preview demo and suddenly find yourself using it for reals because it's better than anything else that exists for a need you have right now ...

Great post by Richard Whitt on the Mozilla site on the importance of having the legal right to delegate what you can do on-line to somebody you trust, in danger of being left out by federal legislation. How do we lobby them?

Just realized a big reason for Spanish settlement in California was to establish a reliable provisioning stop after crossing the pacific for the Manila Galleon, transporting highly valuable goods from Manila to Acapulco, and then Spain, once a year.

In today's lesson about the difference between theory and practice: in theory, there is no need to put a resistor in front of a FET's gate. In practice, as it turns out, if your pump gets flooded and essentially shorts a car battery via your poor transitor, it will melt, causing the gate to short to ground, which will drag your ESP32 into hell with it. So. Added gate resistor, and a poly fuse. Hope that help saving at least the ESP32 next time.

Today I heard "unique" and "brilliant". Demo'ing can be fun!

The price for "most intriguing corporate website seen in a long time" goes to Yamauchi No. 10 Family Office.

"Facebook advanced matching". Didn't even know this existed. Hashing is all nice, but no salt? So there is full correlation with e-mail address etc that Facebook has about me already. So what's the point of the hashing?

Benefit No 47 of having no hair on your head: you can sneak off to the pool, splash your heart out, then put on a dry shirt and show up on a video call without anybody having noticed.

"Fantastic demo" today. Last Friday, somebody else said "This is golden". We're doing something about capitalism, and it seems to resonate.

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