Excellent first meeting in San Francisco this evening. People from lots of countries and background are here. Can we convince that the age of taking our data and doing stuff we don't like and doesn't benefit is is over?

Is there a browser plugin to auto-fill support chat's "how are you doing today?" chit chat?

‪Watching @DunbarArmored people getting the money out of a vending machine. They actually walked away 15ft+ back to their truck from the containers with the money waiting in the middle of the train station all by themselves. Im not in security, but ...‬

Attempting to fix bug leads to better test setup. Better test setup needs somebody else's daemon to test against. Daemon has unsuitable, hard-coded constant. Making it configurable requires some refactoring. Which requires learning a new language. Where did the time go, again?

And it worked during the demo at @indiewebcamp. I showed deploying @withknown first, and then @WordPress plus @Nextclouders on the same site, with @letsencrypt. You can try, too, using the templates at github.com/uboslinux/ubos… and a UBOS instance on EC2 or your or PC.

@windley wins the best quote award: “People often use ‘decentralized’ as an unalloyed gilt and just assume that it means everything is going to be great. That could be what they are doing here – just using ‘decentralized’ as a synonym for ‘awesome.’” coindesk.com/buried-in-faceboo

Driving to San Francisco yesterday, I saw two billboard ads for "get a home mortgage with no money down". Different companies I believe. The plot repeats, it appears.

Them: "We are doing X, and it will be great!" Me, carefully: "Hmm, it sounds like the laws of physics won't permit it". Them: "Yea, you may be right and it's impossible. But it will be great!" I had about 3 conversations like that in the past few months. How do I deal with this?

‪When they talk about habitat loss and declining insect populations, I hope they don’t mean me wanting to eat my beautiful basil myself. I’m not sharing it with caterpillars! No way!‬

"Cookies must be enabled ... to embrace privacy and security related issues regarding your visit to this site." ... "By enabling cookie support on your browser ... to prevent leakage of your privacy information." Hmm. icstation.com/

Are there any IP-based systems that are specifically made to work without a connection to the public internet?

My bank is sending e-mail advising how to secure my home devices. That was unexpected. Something must have happened that prompted this?

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