@aboutKP does not let me use a semicolon in a message on their web form. Should I ask them about Unicode support?

‪Interview question: I give you two x-ray images of the same person/location/... but 10 years different. Construct an algorithm that returns the diff. (Beats the manhole covers in NYC question imho)‬

Tech question: I give you two hash tables, tell me the difference. I expect: a bunch of questions, and a white board implementation that progresses from simple values to something recursive. Bonus: discussion of structure of appropriate return values.

Nextcloud 16, and new versions of Mediawiki, Wordpress, others, now available on UBOS. ubos.net/blog/2019/05/09/apps-

‪@google is kicking their “partners” out of their plans. Hope nobody is surprised. engadget.com/2019/05/07/google

My talk on Paradux -- project to recover from maximum personal data disaster -- I gave at Linuxfest NorthWest this past weekend is on YouTube! youtube.com/watch?v=Ld85wTh9uZ

Bye, Diamond! June, 2007 – May 2, 2019.

‪Hosted a session on recovering from personal data disaster with Paradux at . Those guys asked some hard questions! I think Paradux remained unscathed, and some new ideas popped up. Great!!‬

‪How many flights? Rental cars? Hotel rooms? Sometimes I wish I would have kept count. ‬

‪I have a basic question about my @Hertz rental car. Why did I get two identical keys for it, connected by a steel wire? Maybe two simultaneous drivers?‬

Paradux V0.1 is here! Software for how to prepare for and recover from catastrophic personal data loss. Just in time for my talk about it at Northwest this weekend: Sunday 10:45. github.com/paradux/paradux/

...in which our protagonist remembers that it is quite easy to write less code than seemed possible, that consumes less memory and even runs faster than expected, and not does do what it needs to do.

Attempting to recycle a Laser printer cartridge. Following the instructions to get a package to ship with. @HP sends this box with instructions to “fill the box completely”. WITH WHAT?

Usually I write the code before the slides. There are exceptions.

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