Intel support is unclear about the meaning of "programming". Checking URL ... it is the processor company indeed that supposedly has thousands of programmers working for it.

9 out of 49: That's how many people wore a mask when I took a jog today. I counted everybody I saw where I could clearly distinguish mask or not. I didn't count...

A cleantech resurgence? Silicon Valley bank is speculating based on Amazon's latest moves.

Congratulations, world: There are now 10 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, world-wide. Growing faster again. Source: thebaselab.

We need best practice templates for tech governance (just like we have a library of open-source licenses)

Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning: Important that orgs like this exist. Assuming it's not just window dressing.

"Precision Public Health". Interesting idea. (not?) included.

San Francisco Fed releases paper on data rights: Not something I expected from the Federal Reserve. But good to see. They are explicit about this not being just about money, too.

Yay, my Pull Request for was merged today. Only problem: it was submitted Nov 16, 2015.

Even the optimists have doubts now: Farhad Manjoo feels "the coronavirus and our disastrous national response has smashed optimists like me in the head." Wondering what ...

@J12t this is excellent! I'm going to check it out:)

Project Springtime live demonstration at Virtually Maker Faire tomorrow, 4pm pacific. See how we grow delicious veggies in our backyard with a -source system that takes very little room. It's free!

We need to rethink our value systems: Indeed we must, on housing, on food, and many other things thrown into focus by COVID-19 and climate breakdown. It's also the title of a piece by my friends Kaliya Young ...

According to this U Chicago working paper, 42% percent of jobs lost in the US due to COVID-19 will not come back.

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