Unix geeks: I never understood the logic of "cmd > out 2>&1" vs "cmd 2>&1 > out". Why the first?

It's quite amazing we don't have a visual for "data". Some kind of universal icon that represents data and everybody knows it. Best we have are icons for files, for databases, and the strangely surviving floppy disk icon for saving your work.

antipattern: let user select their cookie choices but artificially slow down the user interface. This site just now said "saving your preferences will take a few minutes".

"a person in the U.S. has their online activity and location exposed 747 times every day" through real-time ad bidding, Irish Council on Civil Liberties reports. That is quite a number. iccl.ie/digital-data/iccl-repo

Somebody at @theverge is ... not happy. "obfuscating" ... "bad" ... "hilariously stupid". I sure would like to know who shills what point of view. theverge.com/press-room/227721

Putin’s biggest strategic error was to invade after @realdonaldtrump was out of office. Imagine how things would be right now if the US president sympathized with him. Chances are would be effectively dead by now, Ukraine swallowed already and on to the Baltics.

Unpopular opinion: on environmental grounds, I'd like us to permit e-mail spam again, but ban physical spam mail, in particular the one that has "things" in it that aren't merely paper.

Been listening to the Stanford Symposium. Most interesting tidbit so far in an off-hand comment by a lawyer, rephrased: DAO-based governance might eventually be added to all sorts of other corporate structures.

I know somebody whose demo is working. And it’s not even past midnight yet.

"Staatsangehörigkeitsfeststellungsverfahren". German bureaucracy is the best.

“You will never hear a venture capitalist sound more like a communist than when they are talking about .” Funny but true. Antonio García Martínez as quoted by The Economist economist.com/finance-and-econ

“Free speech absolutist” Elon Musk must never have blocked anybody on Twitter then?

Has there ever been a consumer who intentionally said "Yes, please sell my data"? (Instead of "Do not sell"). Can you think of an actual situation where this might be true?

Should the world’s “free speech platform” be owned by the worlds richest person, or as widely distributed by as many people as possible? Whose free speech are you optimizing for, Elon Musk?

Pondering: why is there a single rating for products/movies/… on a given site? Why not calculate the rating dynamically based on the raters *I* trust, instead of a global average? Also: recommender systems -- probably on the same site! -- have sth like this already anyway!?!

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