Face recognition everwhere, yay! "Police are using facial recognition for minor crimes because they can." CNET. cnet.com/news/police-are-using

Amazon will pay you for your shopping data: When you bought from somewhere else than Amazon. Interesting (and, overall, bad for privacy). reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20201

Piloting an alternate economy: Grace Rachmany is connecting intentional communities and ecovillages via economics that are not based on money. Interesting experiment. reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20201

No more misleading language in California: At least be honest about the mischief you are about to do.

UBOS was updated over the weekend. Now supports #ODROID XU4 and HC2 home cloud devices for self-hosting, and more. ubos.net/blog/2020/09/26/updat

Mozilla VPN. $4.99/mo unlimited. I have many questions not answered on their site, like "where are your exit nodes" and "which ports". And: is this just a reselling deal? What's Mozilla's part in this other than the brand? vpn.mozilla.org/

"We got tired of admiring the problem". I relate. Wired: One Data Scientist’s Quest to Quash Misinformation. reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

So "edge cloud". Is that a thing? Well, maybe closer to a wild idea at this point than reality. But could it be a thing?

Know more about COVID-19 than your public health authority: Hack a large symptom dataset and win $50k ...

goto(("FOO", "BAR", "GLARCH")[$i]);

What a language.

The weather has already gone crazy at 1 degree warming: Denver is under a winter storm watch two days after the city hit 101 degrees. Now imagine if we ... reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

Crowdsourced symptom data for faster COVID-19 diagnosis? There's a big data challenge going on. $50,000 first prize. Seems like a good idea. Intro webinar on Tuesday. reb00ted.org/quick-notes/20200

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