The "Google Cemetery" lists abandoned Google products. Would be funny if it weren't so awful: they are real users whose life was majorly disrupted in every case. We need more open-source, self-hosting and cut the SaaS-only companies out of our lives

@lufthans is providing an excellent overview over Debian package management at .

When you have to give a talk and the projector (that you tested 2 hours before) suddenly doesn't want to work any more. Can you say "hold up this laptop"?

@mako: "The firms developing and deploying get freedom. The end-users do not."

$12.95/mo is too high, dear I pay $2.99/mo to for a mastodon account, and that sounds much better.

A new UBOS apps update is available. #Nextcloud #mediawiki #Wordpress and more. As usual, "ubos-admin update" will upgrade your entire machine, top to bottom, regardless how many apps you have installed.

Updated my talk summary for next week on @PSpringtime, DIY open-souce hydroponics for your backyard.

The main difference between domain-specific and general-purpose programming languages is that DSLs look simple and are impossible to understand, while GPLs look complicated and are easy to understand.

‪YouTube TOS change summary says “Better alignment between the Terms and how YouTube works today.” ... is that newspeak for “we have been breaking our own terms, so let’s update the terms so you can’t complain?”‬

Much is broken in software development. But build systems, all of them, are the worst of the lot.

I want somebody to correlate the mindless running of TVs in public places (say, doctors' waiting rooms) with the mindlessness of the general population. I feel my brain dying as I sit here.

"Builders Ditch Nest After Google Ties Devices to Digital Assistant" ... that Google would do that surprises exactly nobody. We need an . Want to help?

‪We have better of across the web for advertising and tracking purposes, than for any other purpose, including making life easier for the user. Talk about getting it backwards. proves that one dude can do much better than a big utility like @PGE4Me at keeping a website up. @PowerOutage_us

Now that and stores have both closed in my neighborhood, only Fedex remains as a print shop. Do they need more competition!

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