Are most Facebook users cost centers, rather than profit centers? And another strategy to unseat Facebook. Blogged.

Hal Plotkin asks for the government to build equity in the technology it uses, and not just rent it: In these times: revolutionary. Fifty years ago it would have been ...

Bitcoin is above USD 40,000: I did not think that would happen. At least not for many years.

Update on Whatsapp vs Signal: Now consenting to let your data be shipped off is becoming mandatory for Whatsapp users.

Singaporan COVID-19 contact tracing data not private after all: The police now take the right to access the data for "authorized purposes" ...

Roaring 20s? Seeing another prediction. I'm having some difficulties envisioning this for anybody than the, say, top-10% of the population in countries such as the US. Family balance sheets are wiped out across the board. How can you roar?

Pro tip: Yeast dough, like for bread, rises extremely will on top of the server rack.

When Uber spent $100 million on fraudulent ads: Rather incredible story. Also highly interesting to see how aggressive, high-growth companies look at advertising and conversion.

Let’s start building a better future this year.

Facebook doesn't believe in its own ads either: "internal Facebook communications ... ads reached the intended audience less than half of the time and that data behind a targeting criterion was 'all crap.'"

Is the number of ads on social media much higher than it used to be? Maybe they are desparate to make their numbers during the pandemic? Anybody tracking this somewhere?

Idea: a pandemic transportation tax: When a pandemic is declared, all transportation costs double. The money raised is used to support patients and essential workers. What's not to like? Prompted by the horrible TSA transportation numbers for this week.

Is it work if I'm having fun? Is it leisure if I have less fun? Am I on vacation or what is this?

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