I wonder if it's gonna fall over?

*no trees were harmed in the making of this photo*

This is Poppy. Poppy is very proud of her stick.

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This is a beautiful statement.

#Bitcoin is made from ashes, and if ashes were legal tender, humanity would burn everything in sight and call it progress.

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What ways could First Tech Federal Credit Union and cooperate?

- 2nd financial institution in the world to perform secure internet transactions.
- Biggest credit union investment advisor.
- 456k members
- 11.4$ billion in assets.

could organize members to take part in FTFCU board elections. I will put 50$ to their campaign!

In 2017 FTFCU contributed 30,000 hours volunteering and 3.1$ million in charity. Even 5% going to would be a huge deal!

How am I just finding out about this?


I know what I'll be listening to for the next year or so...

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I'm looking for a recording of this session, from OPEN 2018, if anyone knows where to find it. I'm not seeing it on the website.
I assume it would be here somewhere: open.coop/2018/08/30/open-2018

Don't know if it was coincidental or not, but this started happening as soon as I upgraded to UbuntuMATE 18.04.

Anybody here using the Evolution email client connected to a gmail account? I keep getting a "Google does not support OAuth 2.0 authorization" message and am wondering if there's any work around.

I don't really use that account any more, but still...

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Social.Coop is a de facto collection of platforms: Mastodon, Loomio, Matrix, Disroot (etherpads), Git.Coop, Zoom, sometimes Google Docs/Chat, Open Collective, Internet of Ownership, in a larger network of platforms...

We also bring many interests, skills, projects and needs to these spaces, but that is another issue...

A cooperatively owned, governed & operated portal, with a neat UI sounds like a good way to organize/present this...

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Potential opportunity to convert an 11 unit apartment building into a in ...

Now, where to find $2 million... 🤔

Looks like a useful, free :
Video Production for Journalists in the Digital Age

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Hey Mastodon. I'm looking for a #FOSS app for #android to edit photos.

I would like to do basic editing such has cut and paste part of the image, filters ...
Light curve and cloning tool would be a nice extra.

I found nothing on #fdroid but maybe some of you know something !

Boost appreciated 😃

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