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Hey @cadwellsocialcoop , glad to see you made it. I was just talking you up and trying to compose the introduction of the podcast idea. Maybe we can tag team it...

So, we've got a new member in GEO who's got some real podcasting chops. His name is Cadwell. Here's a series he did while studying linguistics:

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Hello Mastodon! I'm a techy programmer-type person hoping to help build a better world (direct democracy, solidarity economy, etc.). I also happen to live in a vehicle on wild, public lands, moving every couple weeks, foraging, practicing survival skills and helping people where we can. I know a lot about radio, solar, 12v DC power and nature/wildlife as a result. Nice to meet you all! Hope to see familiar and new faces.

So I met this guy a couple of years ago who was super techy and interested by co-ops. After he finished his CS degree, he moved to Atlanta to take a job with Dell doing cyber-security. Just got a text from him telling me he's now working for the South East Data Co-op. He's psyched to finally be in the co-op world, and I'm psyched to have played some small part in wrangling him in. Always nice to start out the day with some warm fuzzies.

Also super annoying (not to say downright maddening) is seeing f'n Citibank's name on all their reports. You'd think maybe that spot would be better occupied by CUNA. I brought this up at a USFWC conf. and was told by the person in charge that they accepted Citi's money because "all money is blood money" and the people who work at Citi Community Development are nice. Citi's (very recent) history or racial discrimination didn't seem to be a problem...again, WTF?

It REALLY annoys me that DAWI asks for a bunch of personal information before they allow you to read their reports. Seriously, WTF?

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Had a great time meeting and talking (forever!) about co-ops with Cath from Leeds. Cath is on a worker co-op learning tour of the US. Heads up to all you co-op geeks. She may be headed your way.

Deep bow to @emily for connecting us!

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I am writing a series of articles for to get people up to speed with Linux admin aimed at beginners and mid-level users. These are things I struggled with myself and would have appreciated some help with back in the day.

The first one maps the Linux filesystem, explains what all those weird directory names mean and why bin/ isn't really a trash can. Check it out at

Any folks actually working with Cooperation Jackson on this instance? Heard through the grapevine that things have gone seriously sideways. Whole board resigned, from what I hear....😧

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Somewhat puzzled whether the handful of new accounts following me from are legitimate followers or some sort of porn spam, I read this, and conclude it might not be spam, but perhaps a rise of interest in counterantidisintermediation in the sex industry:

I assume I am not the only one?

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I got my blog/site back up with new domain name ( I hope to start posting more regularly in the future. I am thinking of using chapters from my first attempt at a dissertation as the meat for several posts, but as always, I welcome anyone who would like to post on the site on the topic of worker co-ops and worker control.

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@spudboy I asked myself a similar question some time ago.

I learned that "profit" isn't a top concern in a cooperative. "Surplus" is used to refer to money left over after expenses. It is typical to focus on some social goals rather than an internal aspect like profit. Not to say that coops ignore internal stuff, but that it's not the top priority.

It's difficult to shift thinking from "profitable company" to "sustainable cooperative", but this is the core of cooperative thinking IMO.

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i've been on this job about a month and haven't been paid and i'm not sure how normal that is.

Quote of the day:
"Should we fuck capitalism? And if so, how should we fuck capitalism?"

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Hello and fediverse! If all is working correctly, this bot account will start mirroring soon (sans RTs), unofficial but with permission. As you can see from the Twitter feed, expect updates regarding and the . If you notice any problems, please let @eloquence know :)