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Finished a first draft of the English version of "Chapter 9 - The Road of Women and the Family." Roughest first draft yet, lots to change, interesting chapter -- not what I expected. Big old Hegel quote -- didn't see that coming. Should be interesting to people familiar with extra-economic activity in household and informal sectors.


Getting evicted from your apartment for no reason sucks, but knowing that your landlord runs an international nonprofit surely takes the sting off, a little bit. I bet she's super-woke too, and I'm sure that also, somehow.

Meanwhile, if anybody in Atlanta's got someplace for this healthcare worker and her kids to live, sounds like they could really use some new digs.

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“Switch don’t Bitch” : a cooperative campaign to get Australians to switch from banks to credits and mutuals!

This video about the Arizmendi bakeries is so great! Man alive, those guys are cool.

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Neat wooden sofa that a chainsaw sculptor has been making in my friends yard

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@GuerillaOntologist As someone who's not meeting this expectation, I think it's exactly right.

I'm very interested in hearing feedback on this wild idea I got the other day about development and :

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The NYC "Bad Old Days" seemed pretty great Show more

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on the myth that peer-to-peer self-organizing can be conflict-free and inclusive because the people involved are reasonable, good and rational.
Dr Jedediah Walls, our activist collective and I write about designing community guidelines and Codes-of-Conduct here

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Is there a hashtag for mutual aid ideas? Something with suggestions for mutual aid things and stories of people giving and receiving?

Cause I think that'd be real cool!


Just posted Chapter 8 of Solidarity Economy Roads by @luisrazeto on GEO!

This chapter is about how and why a does a better job of serving ecology, as well as humanity, than the current system.

As always, thanks to @Matt_Noyes for providing the translation.

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Pro tip for the coming : the most important survival skill is how to grow trust.

The ICA Group also has recently gone through a site upgrade that broke all links to the old version of the site...I really hope this doesn't happen with GEO's forthcoming upgrade...

The Univ. of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives did a website upgrade that has resulted in breaking every link to their resources that we used on ... and it appears as though they simply removed a bunch of their older resources (many of which were very useful) 😡

The St. Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament is not being very kind to Magnus (or, contrariwise, Magnus is being very kind to the other competitors).

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@socalledunitedstates anarchism in everything but name is far preferable to anarchism in name only, which is partly why I say that teaching values independent of ideology is appealing to me. Telling a kid, "hey, we're anarchists, and this is what that means" teaches that the primary concern is the term "anarchism." I'm more inclined to teach "these are the things we believe in, and that's why we're called anarchists," not the least because it offers adaptability and the freedom to choose whatever label fits best (or none at all) rather than assigning "anarchism" inextricably.

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