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Anybody here knows Kurdish and wanna have a low intensity chat going or something? Specifically interested in Sorani.

I was in Hewlêr for a few weeks a year ago. I was there with two classmates as part our education, having classes with 15-year olds in an art school. It was an amazing time wearing the hat of mamosta (teacher) with them.

It was an amazing place, and I want more of it. Also the students didn't know much English, so it would be nice to know some more Kurdish if I meet them again.

Dest xosh!

#askfedi #languagelearning

:TwinPines: not Cops: A Conversation on the Impact of Co-ops in Abolition Work :TwinPines: (webinar starts at 01:10)

The video from GEO's " not Cops" webinar is up 12% uploaded and counting...

Someone on r/cooperatives is looking for pointers to nonprofit or cooperative IT businesses in Australia. Anybody?

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Call to get prisoner released 

Rebel Elder and political prisoner #RussellShoatz aka #MaroonShoatz is 77, has colon cancer and just tested positive for covid-19. He's in a cubicle in a prison gym, being denied medication and surgery for his cancer and is in dire need of release. Call PA Gov. Wolf and demand Maroon's release today: +1 717 787 2500

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"J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" (Documentary. Sandy K. Boone, 2019)





1:00AM Greenwich Mean Time

Live commentary by director Sandy K. Boone, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, writer Jason Wheling and others.


Anyone with experience forming a worker co-op in Ireland?

us pol / covid / scientism 

Steven Thrasher, writing in Scientific American does a good job of explaining what's wrong with the whole "just listen to science" narrative. You can only say that if you don't know how science actually works...

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Love it. Weekly English chat with a Japanese union leader (low level leader) who reported that they blocked a company attempt to make the workers pay for Covid losses by reducing staff. The key to their success was developing a good relationship with the other, larger, union in their workplace. (Like Europe, it is possible in Japan to have more than one union represent workers in the same company.) It reminded me of the excellent film "Human Resources" by Laurent Cantet:

Activists Win Control of Vacant Philadelphia Buildings: Now What? 

Then you could have a worker co-op created after you're done remodeling the reclaimed housing -- a crew that could then start getting work in the larger economy, and be around to provide repairs to the collective housing as well.

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Activists Win Control of Vacant Philadelphia Buildings: Now What?

Remodeling abandoned buildings is no joke. The building trades, like anything, take a long time to get good at, and the skills require practice to do well, which is something the activists should not underestimate.

I'd think it would be much more efficient to intensively train a crew to do all the work for everybody, rather than try to train everybody to do a portion of the work that needs done 1/2

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