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How am I only finding out about this now? Did I accidentally unsubscribe from the Joshes listerv or something?

This is a great discussion about Socialist history in Canada that I was totally unaware of: the "Hall Socialism" of Finnish and Ukranian migrant workers. peeps, I'd like to put together a discussion session sometime on the California bill to create a rather odd kind of worker co-op federation (and odd worker co-ops along with it).

I got a conversation about it going on :birdsite: that blew up a little, so I think some people from SELC, VAWC, and A Slice of NY might be into joining a convo. Anybody interested?

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Are any cooperators on here from California? If so, what do you know about this bill?

Because I'm having an awfully hard time reconciling this bit with cooperative autonomy and independence:

"The FCWC would be charged with setting the labor policy of the members including policies for hiring, firing, promotion, discipline, compensation, and assignment of work."

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It apparently may come as a surprise to some, but not all of us are well versed and/or living in Western culture/countries here. We inevitably (have to) learn and know a lot about it just to be able to participate here or on the rest of the Internet platforms (and I do not resent that as the more one knows the better), but it's unfair to expect (near-)perfect knowledge of it all. We have overlapping but different troubles, structures of power, and political/religious/ethnoracial/sex&gender issues where we live and as who we are, and may not be aware and/or capable of noticing every detail, telltale sign, linguistic pattern, 'dogwhistle', etc. that's trivial to pick out for you. Please be careful as to not reifying the global west / global east power dynamic here, whether inadvertently or not. It's deeply unwelcoming to be called names just because one lacks native-level familiarity with the dominant, explicitly (and at times, 'excludingly') Western culture of fediverse.

P.S: this subtoot is not an apologia for or a justification of the cowardly people that bring forward their non-westernness or non-western descent when they are caught acting harmfully and/or in bad faith.

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Trump made a lot of terrible senior appointments, but few so bad as Ajit Pai, the Verizon lawyer turned FCC Chairman who presided over a grossly, lavishly fraudulent repeal of his predecessor's Net Neutrality order.

The public comments docket for the 2017 Net Neutrality repeal attracted a record number of responses - 22 million! - and the vast majority of them were obviously fraudulent.


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Virgin unorganized brain worker vs. the chad organized manual worker.

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Thank you to our 488 new co-owners! A golden jubilee is a rare milestone for an independent media outlet. But, with the support of our reader-owners, we can help pave the way to the next 50 years of New Internationalist and #SaveOurStories. Visit

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Can someone please start making smartphones with integrated hardware keyboards again? Pretty please?

macro-econ / us pol 

Heterodox economists finally having (a bit of) a moment in the sun:

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Nice article on Meet.Coop from @coopnews

"The Online Meeting Cooperative use open source software, with hardware powered by renewable energy"

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@luisrazeto Inferno Update: George Soros ends up in hell not in spite of his philanthropy but because of it. Corporate Social Responsibility also earns you a place down below...

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When people become fixated upon “scaling up” this is a problem.

Instead consider how what you have can be independently duplicated and federated.

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

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'Twas the night before May Day, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The gasmasks were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that Kropotkin soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of revolution danced in their heads;
And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,
marked off the targets on our direct action map.

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For reference, calling Discordianism strictly a joke religion is like saying Buddhism is "nihilist," it's completely wrong and it's also really obvious how someone could come to that conclusion if they make a very casual scan of it without really trying, and then work based off of that.

The problem is when people make a very casual scan, and then they love that casual scan, but instead of doing a deep dive, they just proudly present the results of their casual scan to all & sundry.

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