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I remember MEC locking out its members from a vote intended to cease selling goods made by an Irsaeli military contractor.

It became clear to me then, that MEC aren't interested in democracy and simply weren't a solidarity enterprise. For that reason, I never considered them part of the cooperative movement. This recent sale to a private firm only confirms this.

Has anybody else been unable to access DuckDuckGo for the last couple days? Connection keeps timing out for me. 🤔

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The GEO Weekly Newsletter is out:

Marcelo Vieta goes in-depth on Argentine worker-recuperated enterprises and Laird Schaub gives some pro-tips for working productively with proposals in large group meetings + a bunch of goodness from around the web! :TwinPines:

Things I hate about the "sharing economy" 

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Last year a record number of mobile home communities (often known as "trailer parks") converted into resident owned cooperatives.

Not a single resident owned cooperatives has ever gone insolvent and research shows the model can provide many benefits.

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Not providing/removing power user features because "most users won't need it" is having causality *backwards*. Power user features are a space for your users to grow better in using your software (and more invested in it). Your users will never grow if you don't give them space in which to do so.

#UI / #UX

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Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

bad takes on birdsite 

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Corporations love to talk about empowering people of colour, while crushing their attempts to unionise.

Unionisation reduces racist sentiments, but the elites prefer cosmetic changes that blame the workers.

New article: "Corporations love minorities – unless we try to unionise" on Mutual Interest, a free online media owned by readers & writers.

Become a member here, members distribute our funds using participatory budgeting:

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