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I would love to teach a class one day on the politics of recordkeeping where the assignment is students file a FOI/open records request in the first week or two of the course. Someone make me their co-teacher!

First day using the big labeling machine for Back to the Mother Kombucha. :TwinPines:

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Cecosesola is an amazing 'educational process' based in Venezuela. Picture the Utopian anarchists of Anarres from The Dispossessed in a community on Earth.

With 23000 members, 1300 full time employees, a turnover of ~$100 million USD annually, they supply food, healthcare, funeral and financial services for 55,000 families in the states of Lara and Trujillo.

I'm hosting a reading group session during office hours on the following paper on 3/3/2021!

For those who have read Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower/Parable of the Talents books: any thoughts about "the Destiny"?
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I did find this one with a quick google search, but want to confirm my choice is reasonable before going through the trouble of a transfer.

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If I wanted to make a calendar with dates like "Soul Fire Farm delivers its first CSA shares to Albany residents" or "Philadelphia, responding to months of agitation by freedom fighters, hands over 50 vacant properties to homeless folks", is there a good place with uplifting and somewhat up-to-date leftist dates online?

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Next Friday, the Union-Coop Council of the US Federation of Worker Co-ops presents a webinar on the Union-Coop model (unionized worker co-ops). Register today! It also happens to be the 10th anniversary of Act 10 in Wisconsin which eliminated collective bargaining rights for state workers.

"Struggling with time management in meetings, and curious what has to offer? This webinar gives an overview!"

A sampling:

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This is simultaneously the most interesting and most baffling thing I've seen on youtube in awhile. Nonsensical, apparently randomly generated comments from lots of accounts (most of them recently created, some not) all following a specific pattern. 🤔

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Drupal troubleshooting 

For some reason, insists on putting a bunch of whitespace after any iframe embed, *except youtube embeds*, and I have no idea why.

Any time I embed from soundcloud or libsyn, drupal renders the page with a ridiculous amount of whitespace between the embed and the following text. Anybody have any idea why? It's driving me fucking crazy.

Now they're on to the Arizmedi co-ops in SF, where everyone gets paid the same wage. 😍

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