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"Has anyone's co-op had success getting any funds from the PPP or EIDL programs?"

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"If groups plan ahead for making hard decisions and defining roles, they have a better chance of weathering the challenges sure to come." ~ @ntnsndr

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Check out this bilingual (EN/ES), international panel from the USFWC! We will hear from cooperators from Latin America, Europe and the U.S. about how this global Covid-19 crisis is affecting worker cooperatives in other countries. We will talk about how the worker cooperative movement could articulate emergent strategies to face this health and economic crisis. I'll be there!

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Friday, April 10 at NOON (EDT)
Share stories and tell your own.
Introduce us to your scalable startup ideas responding to COVID-19.
>Register in advance:
Email us if you'd like to share a story or idea.

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Via Commons Transition.

"A wonderful vignette by Miguel Brieva (, translated into English by Guerrilla Translation."

The blackbirds were rather talkative around the garden yesterday.


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The person who is not wrong is always wicked. #proverbs

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I was able to contact the Coronavirus Queen on the ethereal plane last night. According to her, the virus will flee the planet immediately if we throw enough billionaires into volcanoes.

I asked how many billionaires, but she said "Don't worry about that. Just start throwing 'em in and we'll let you know when you can stop".

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Hide your true nature!... Wear it long enough and YOU will believe it's you.

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Hypothesis: the most effective social change movements of 2021 will mobilise around relationships + conceptual frames that don't exist today.

The biggest obstacle to postpandemic social change is prepandemic foregone conclusions.

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Anybody in the fediverse part of the Open Food Network and willing to talk about the experience?

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