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The only real downside is that it ships in October; that's 4 months from now. I want to make lifestyle changes NOW dangit :P

I'm really considering getting this phone (thanks for the tip @ink_slinger ):

Super small, latest Android, waterproof (!!!).

I hope to use it less than I use my current phone (far too large phone, maybe I'm just pendulum swinging too far to the other side?) for being present in my life reasons.

First world problem:

When your landowners switch to a property management company and the grounds people (lawn mowing etc) are way less efficient/quick and way more noisy.

Got an email from AT&T today with a subject line of "What's better than 1 new iPhone?"

Zero, zero new iPhones.

uspol, militarism Show more Suggests the Toolbar does this but I don't want that :)

I just want a extension that saves to disk for use by a local (or whatever) search engine.

The rest of the first page of results in are all about deleting your search history from Google et al :P

Social media was a mistake. Let's revert to web 1.0: forums, blogs and email newsletters. I'm only half joking.

I really wish I had a local proxy for my browser that cached all page hits (maybe have a file size limit to not cache big videos) that I could easily against eg:

"find the word 'lawn' in pages I read in the last month"

That way I could get that one article I'm thinking about right now. I have no clue where it was or what network shared it.

Does do this?

"Although Microsoft has captured the publicโ€™s attention, itโ€™s far from the only big tech company currently working with ICE. Public records show tens of millions of dollars in contracts with branches of Dell, Motorola and HP, providing crucial hardware and other infrastructure for the agency."

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I'm on a school trip to Italy and Greece, with a focus on interviewing migrants and refugees, conducting interviews, documenting their situation, and gaining real world reporting experience.

My first two blog posts are up: and

More to come hopefully.

Doing the garage sale thing today. We've (mostly Carrie) been working on it all week sorting and all that.

So far so good.

I *really* don't want to put all this stuff back in the garage.

(Hangouts replacement) was working for me in since last Monday until this morning. Video worked but not audio no matter which audio source I selected.

But of course it works in .

Google, you promised you would make this work with Firefox and I believed. For the last time.