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The ACLU is hiring for two senior software engineer positions. These are both remote friendly positions. Working here has been the best professional experience of my life. Come work with me and build awesome stuff!

The first role is focused on backend and data engineering:

This one is focused on devops for our web platform:

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Did those six sigma people stop there, or did they ever find the seventh sigma

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From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

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(and yes, we shoveled it all back into the truck and returned/exchanged it for the 3/4" size.)

Sharing my mistakes...

So, we got some stone pavers at a great deal from a business that's closing.

We're going to put them in the space that would normally be a sidewalk so when we park there we don't walk in mud.

First, we dug a big long hole. LOTS of dirt moved.

Then, with 30 minutes before the hardware store closed, I drove to get gravel for the first layer.

I got 3/8" gravel, spread it all out the next day.

Realized it won't work, too small. Needed the 3/4" size.

"Learning tax" :(

A new BLACK YO)))GA mix.

BLACK YO)))GA is a yoga studio in Philly that specializes in dark/heavy music as accompaniment. Usually with live performances.

(sharing because I was excited to see it!)

It's fun having an early morning call with other people in your timezone but at very different latitudes (in this case: Southern California, Northern California, and Seattle) and watching the gradient of outside brightness change over the meeting.

Tons of people were already giving up on getting in when I arrived at the start time. And still more are arriving late.

I think we're upset.

Beyond capacity for the town hall on the water lawsuit the city of Ventura brought against all Ojai valley residents.

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Day 1 progress. 25'x2.5' about 4 inches down. Well, that's the goal, not level nor ready for gravel, but that's tomorrow. Then sand. Then pavers.

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none of y'all can subtoot as hard as my mom just did by sharing a webmd slideshow about how gross your sheets get if you don't wash them enough

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Seeing Google AMP artifacts in URLs about the danger of a Chrome mono-culture, feels both incestuous and a bit telling about the state of that battle for the open web.

About 2 inches of clearance in the wheel wells.

Well, my wife is coming home with another truck load of stone. A pallet of some kind of tile.

Tuesday it was 3/4 of a pallet of slate tile. Today another pallet. I think there is one more pallet left to pick up.

The people who sell it load it with a forklift, we unload a tile at a time (the last was 12"x12" square).

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after realizing how much my web browser was spying on me, even before I visited any website at all, I said #NoToChrome and switched back to #firefox happy to see I am not alone

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