This rain the past day is really nice.

The 5 gallon buckets and one 64 gallon (I believe) (mostly clean) compost bin are overflowing.

I really want new gutters and rain barrels...


Thank you, @inkscape for printing this pdf (one page at a time, but still) that Evince couldn't!

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OK, I admit it. I miss , the email client. I've been using web clients for the past... many months. for work and from for personal.

I'm just way more efficient with mutt, I believe.

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"This will be far from the last we hear about Zoom’s security and privacy troubles.

In fact, while writing this article over the last 48 hours, we had to add six additional exploits, [..]."

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Zoom's response to privacy failures - 

Home office chair recommendations, please!

I need to get a real chair. I've been using this hand-me-down (from my partner) for the past 8 years and my back isn't doing so hot. Posture is horrible in it.

Context: I have an adjustable standing desk that I've basically only been sitting at for the past year.

What if I get one of these?

I can find one used for ~$700. That's about my price range max.

The coyotes are loving this darkness. Me too buddies, me too.

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Power outage, right when I was in the middle of my pre bed st:tng episode. Goodnight.

A big day. First, a trampoline was built. Then, we found an Afghan tortoise in the front yard.

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Spare a thought, in this difficult time, for our conservative politicians. It must be tough spending your life stumping for party that thinks government just gets in the way, that the market can solve the world's problems, that working people don't need health care or minimum wage, only to find out that when the chips are down none of that's true at all, that all this time what your money-god had sold you as justice and fairness was just shortsighted selfishness and cruelty.

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Zoom says they take their users' privacy seriously. I'd like to get mine back and not have taken away again.

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In these unprecedented times, it's important to start every paragraph with "In these unprecedented times".

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COVID 19 predictions by state. 

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