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slack salesforce 

27.7 billion "megadeal" for Slack.

"Toss in net losses of $147.6 million during the two quarters ending July 31, 2020, Slack’s uninspiring public valuation and its winding path to profitability and it was a sitting target for a takeover like this one. The only surprise here is the price."

Yeah, pretty sure that the days of free accounts are at an end.

Time to get your community eggs in order.

(Note: suggest alternatives at you own peril).

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The Arecibo radio telescope, the largest observatory in the world for 50 years, collapsed today. Here’s a latch-hook rug I made of the message it broadcast in 1974 and the globular cluster that was the target of that message. Rip you big ass telephone

holidays, SAD (or something), mh(-) 

And now begins the season where holding onto stability (sanity?) gets harder and harder until you just break and end up a smelly pile of goo until the third week of January.

Vacation, family things, camping 

Back in the land of cell service, but still camping.

Wednesday thru Friday morning we were at ~7500 feet; really cold at night.

Yesterday through tomorrow morning we're back down at Ojai level (~1200 feet).

Thanksgiving was great even though the propane regulator is leaking. We're now out of it while still "dry camping". We'll be fine; we have a camp stove and a dutch oven (and a generator).

Be well!

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Vacation, family things 

Took today off to pack up the trailer. We're going up into the mountains until Sunday. I hope no service.

Tomorrow is cornish hens in the little propane oven.

The boys are bringing Lightning and Pikachu (the guinea pigs). I hope the are ok with the bumpy ride in the trailer.

See y'all later!

Still rocking out to this remix that my buddy Eric Steuer did of the's hold music.

(We used that service at Creative Comons way back in the day, circa 2009.)

Me: Writes regex to use with /usr/bin/rename . Tries a dry run.

Computer: ...

Me: "Why isn't my regex working?! Something weird with how `rename` works? Am I just bad a regexes still?"

Computer: ...

Me: *adds the `*` as the second argument (first is the regex)*

Computer: Done!

Me: It's time for bed.

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Every job has _core work_ and it also has _care work_. Core work can be done safely without much consideration. Care work requires consideration to be performed safely.

Sometimes work we think of as core work others need to be done as care work.

When teams distribute care work in a way that preserves or generates trust, they cultivate psychological safety.


they went to bed 10 minutes later

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When the boys are just quietly paging through books you let them even though it's past bed time.

At least the oldest has already brushed his teeth (proof in the picture).

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This is the death of the unbridled scientific hope we had when I was young.

This is the result of wanton abandonment of infrastructure.

This is not political.

This is lazy.

A person born with little knows to maintain things as long as you can.

When only the super wealthy have power, everything is an incidental expense.

I hate you for what you’ve done.

Making a circus so grand that dreams die within.

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apple, user privacy, louis rossmann

I came across Louis a long time ago, probably like many others, he's gotten very ranty and probably has issues, but this rant is legit.

vision correction, success!, parenting/kids 

Found them!

They were on the bedside table b/c I took them off while playing "Daddy tiger, baby tiger" (aka: rolling around the bed pretending to hunt animals and mostly just cuddling) with Terran.

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vision correction 

this is getting harder....

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tech question - git hosting "frontends" 

i wonder what the minimal setup is for sharing git repos from your own server. yes i know about gitlab, forgefed, etc, but is there anything at the simpler end of the space that's floss and easy to install? i'm interested to hear about things with basically any featureset, partially because i'm interested in thinking about what features are truly essential for what cases.

vision correction 

I've lost my glasses!

It's minor, they're just for reading/computer work. But oh boy are my eyes feeling it already after just an hour.

typical dad shit 

My wife uses our thermostat (which only controls the heater) as though it were just an "on/off" switch. If she wants heat, she sets it to 80. If she doesn't, she sets it to 50.

I joked about it with her this morning and her response is "I just turn it off when I'm hot!"

You don't need to heat the house to "hot"!

/me mumbles something about heating costs and money growing on trees.

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americans celebrating Thanksgiving by spreading disease is super authentic

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The real trolley problem is that we removed them for cars

Why did we do that?

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