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I'm a long-time advocate of and sharing (in so many contexts) and have worked professionally in university libraries (UMich), at Creative Commons, and now (for a long time) at the Wikimedia Foundation.

I'm also co- two unique children and we're doing our best to meet their needs where they are.

I like to engage with fun topics and CW everything political and most things re parenting. I also about work sometimes.

The band Morphine. Good stuff. That's all.

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There was a time when people like me referred to content tagging as “folksonomy,” in case you were wondering how far up our own asses we used to be

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The first union in a AAA studio (by Vice's counting) has just won the NLRB vote to bring itself into existence, after announcing an intent to form back around January.

The union in question is not big— about 28 members, comprising the QA team of a sub-studio of Activision Blizzard that does overflow work on Call of Duty titles— but unionization is so rare in games it's still a milestone. Interestingly I guess this means it will also be a rare union within Microsoft?

medical, subtype surgery(minor) 

I need a growth removed from my lip. Really simple small incision operation.

My primary physician recommended a couple plastic surgeons to do it.

Looking at their websites today and.... I am not the target patient. These websites are almost NSFW with their images representing breast augmentation and liposuction.

I kinda miss using the HMO plan vs this PPO plan.

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Scully completely wrecks a entomologist with a single stare. Mulder hallucinates sasquatches in his apartment.

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vimwiki release proposal, input welcome 

this may interest a few of you:

if this doesn't work, i think i'm forking it and doing violence to all the parts i have no desire or capacity to maintain.

:boost_requested: :vim:

Trying to get to my end of day:

* No longer relevant *archive email*
* Don't care *archive email*
* Ugh *archive email*
* Whatever *archive email*

Setting vacation responder now. I'm out until the 31st.


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i don't really wanna do anything but i really don't wanna do nothing

covid, cont 

And now the oldest tested positive after being super tired with a fever this morning. Almost two weeks since we were exposed at the high school play, and about 10 days since Carrie and I fell ill, and a week after his younger brother succumbed.

Mask up and boost. This crap ain't worth it.


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vague work-tooting 


Not the worst news, but ugggh another thing on the pile.

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boy are u a carbon offset because you seemed like a good idea until I heard more about you

Rain? Really? Neat!

(It's not much but things are wet at least)

I think it's time to go back to the athletic club, post covid infection, if only for the sauna and hot tub.

tech (sub-type linux) 

"Why is my computer so slow today and last night? I don't have as many gdocs open as normal!"

*looks at top*

"What is gvfs doing?! Oh right, GNOME's file browser hung after trying to connect to my NAS last night and I forgot about it"

*kill -9*

*CPU is happy again*

(I don't even own an EV yet, I know I know...)

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OK, I'll get off my fully-customizable acceleration sounds for EVs soap-box. But for real, we should have them. The future is now.

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