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In Reno, trying to leave.

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When are we going to have a computer that focuses the window I'm looking at?

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I was DISTINCTLY TOLD, in the 1990s, that if we put computers into all the things it would make us all super-smart and super-sexy and super-kind and we would all live in houses made of translucent plastic and acid dance and rainforests and we would specifically NOT become a society of giant raging dumbass jerks selling fake nutritional supplements to Nazis.

There were RECEIPTS. Money changed HANDS.

I wish to complain to the MANAGEMENT.

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one mastodon feature I'd like to see is the ability to customize your own timeline by selecting instances, so it's not either just local or the whole fediverse.

It'd be like building your own little neighborhood.

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Steven Seagal will act as US envoy to Russia, while in Venezuela, Maduro survives a drone-bomb attack.

This truly IS the cyberpunk dystopia we were promised.

Cleaning our '83 motorhome. Going to sell it. Kinda sad.

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When people say "You're doing Agile/etc. wrong," they're often right, but only if they include management and the organizational hierarchy among the blamed.

Agile methodologies, even SCRUM (as intended by the creators), are inherently incompatible with the power dynamics of most organizations, especially corporate ones.

More developer co-ops. More unionizing.

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Of course my (laser) printer decides to need it's drum replaced when I go to print my temporary insurance cards for the new vehicle last night.

Hopefully the pdf on my phone will satiate any cop.

Context: when you buy a car in CA you don't get "temp plates" from the dealer, you have the old plates with (like mine) expired tags and then this little piece of paper (the temp registration info) tapped to your windshield. Super please-pull-me-over qualities.

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I don't understand the enthusiasm for Open Collective, they are a for-profit, VC-backed, private company that take 10% of your money (+ 2.9% + 0.30c fee from stripe). (specifically the "Teams" bit), seems like a great alternative to this - and fees can be as low as 0.6% / €0.59.

Liberapay is just missing the startup-style hubris :/ (and the sexy website)

And now we bought it (got the price down a bit more).

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i love this fucken thing called mastodon because everyone is a communist and hacks 'puters

We were super close to buying a used truck tonight. Ended up walking out over a few thousand dollars.

So close.

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Starting a new data analysis. The DCCC is preparing to abandon socialist primary winners in the general election. Ian Russell told This American Life that these decisions are based not on ideology but purely on money (as if that made it better). Ocasio-Cortez's double digit win despite an 18-fold spending gap begs the question: are corporate checks really worth the same as small donation dollars come election day?

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