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TFW Your default of "end of month" due date for tasks not due now but due soon-ish switches to "oh crap, I guess middle of next month".

Re last boost:

"As one worker put it, “We’re basically Whole Foods but with more bourgeois prices.”"

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This article lays out the argument against the NCG/CDS food co-op model in great detail. Worth a read for anyone interested in what's been going on with food co-ops:

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Also we didn’t just observe the supermassive black hole once and were fine with that; we viewed the black hole over several days of observation, so we watched the gas/dust disk’s dynamics change quite rapidly. The disk is orbiting at about 1000km/sec [~600mi/sec] and nearly 90 Earth masses of material falls in every day. Early data is even suggesting the jet of material escaping before the event horizon may be pushing the black hole, moving it away from the center of M87.

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Things that are happening at work: the Wikimedia medium-term plan. Feedback is desired from anyone who cares about the future of Wikipedia and related sites. (Feedback directly to the discussion page of that wiki page. I'm afraid I don't have the bandwidth to relay it.)

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Oooo, it looks like my airporter bus now has QR codes for tickets. No longer need to print them (at least, as long as my tiny tiny phone is big enough for their scanner).

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according to google maps that time frame is "the busiest it gets" :/

I take a bus to the airport when I travel. It only runs every hour-ish (I'm 50ish miles away).

I have a flight at 10:55. Bus arrives at 10:15. Do I do it or do the 9:15 arrival?

Airport == SFO.

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the stackoverflow "homage to the 90s" being so femme just reinforces to me how much of a coded-"neutral male" the space is, and reads to me that the feminine is meant to be a source of ridicule

There's a group of 3 boys using the library computers to play a group game (something FPS, dunno) and they're just talking to each other like they're the only ones here ("who killed me?!" "I killed you!").

It's kinda cool and reminds me of LAN parties. Also tinges my grumpy old man nerves. But I have headphones, I'll be OK.

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To get your first page of toots ever just append ?min_id=0 to your public profile page address

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