I have a fever and feel like crud. I want to do some relaxing things on my computer.

I also have my work Firefox profile open with god knows how many google docs.

Decided to close it.

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These "but commutes are good actually!" articles are really cheesing me off. They all boil down to people enjoying dedicated break time where they have no work or personal responsibilities. You don't need a commute for that, you need boundaries.

building fire 

Maybe now I should get that business loan to buy the place and turn it into a public pool with arcade and burger place.

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building fire 

Well, the old bowling alley in Ojai that's been closed down/boarded up for years just burned down.

Photo is the view from the backside, where a subdivision backs up to the old building.

Most of the glow was from the emergency vehicle lights, not the fire anymore at that point.

It's about half a mile as the crow flies from our house. We could hear the chain saws the firefighters were (and still are!) using.

face injuries 

When someone gets hurt I immediately go to first aid mode. Stop bleeding. Clean wound. Reduce swelling. Etc.

I have two kids who are very anti any intervention for the first hour ish (really) after they get hurt.

It takes so much self control to not ask even simple things like "can I get you anything?" for the first 30 minutes.

Yes, my youngest face planted tonight while biking. Nothing broken and the lip is only slightly bleeding and swollen.

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So if a CDN got taken down because they didn't pay on ransomware would that be...

(fuck, I'm sorry for this y'all)


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There are only five "computers" on earth. turn them off and the internet breaks

1 Akamai
2 Fastly
3 Cloudflare
4 AwsCloud
5 Azure

2007: As the sea of business and scientific data rises, computing power turns into a strategic resource, a form of capital. "In a sense," says Yahoo Research Chief Prabhakar Raghavan, "there are only five computers on earth." He lists Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. "Few others can turn electricity into computing power with comparable efficiency."

Oh gosh the jack hammers are starting again.

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reading: Quantifying Technical Debt – by Chelsea Troy 

this is partially about lack of skill, but it’s not about lack of any skill. It’s about the lack of a specific skill (code stewardship) among a group of people who are probably much better at the skill they’re taught and hired for, which is feature development.


this series is one of the best things on software maintenance I've ever read

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"There's a place up on the mountain," her dad said, "where you can see the whole world."
"Take me there!"
"When you're older."
She couldn't wait, so climbed it herself. At last, up in the mist and clouds, she saw the warm lights of a house. She knocked.
"Welcome to the library."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

You know that soundtrack I loved as a kid: The Saint.

I just want to waste hours playing Total Annihilation on a crt monitor all afternoon, but I have stupid adult shit to deal with instead.

The first time a media company has actually done the healthy thing for me and encouraged me to stop (or don't start) using it.

It's late but I was going to watch an episode of ST:TNG but netflix complained my browser was too old, so I upgrade to Fx 89. Same error. Tried Chromium and I don't think it has all the necessary DRM bits.

tl;dr: goodnight

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I miss the bygone era of very internety things, geocities-style scavenger hunts, easter eggs. So, I made thing. Hope you like it!


#scavengerhunt #easteregg #eastereggs #textadventure #treasurehunt #nostalgia #geocities #geek

Amazon, Alexa 

So, I have 2 Alexa devices in my house (neither of which I bought, even though they're on my account, I'll note).

But I can't seem to find the setting to disable the new "sidewalk"/"share your wifi with other devices" setting.

I've read the Amazon FAQ and at least 3 articles mentioning the steps. I just don't have the sidewalk option in my app.

I guess I'll just have to burn them.

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Richard Dawkins: "Here's my pop science book The Selfish Gene, in which I use anecdotal evidence to argue that being a selfish asshole makes me more evolutionarily fit."
EO Wilson: "Here are several peer-reviewed articles citing decades of empirical evidence demonstrating that altruism is selected for among social animals."
Richard Dawkins: >:(

Also, gee willagee, that's a bougie thing to want right now.

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It's part of why I want to move back to the Midwest. So I can listen to music, via speakers, when my family is asleep. Down in the basement while they're on the second floor.

Very hard to do in a 1000 sqft 2 bedroom house with 2 kids and working from home since forever.

But hey the weather is nice.

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