I don't know where I saw this originally, but this live set is mesmerizing:

Makes me miss live shows. And dancing.

Thanks if I found this via you.

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week-long boycott of Amazon and virtual picket line starts this Sunday, March 7

support your fcomrades and their efforts to organize against a corporate juggernaut - don't use Amazon next week



My Sennheiser HD555 headphones just broke :(

Thank you for your 10 years of excellent sounding service ($9/month).

corporate social media, feelings of belonging 

I just had a strong desire to cross post a thing from here to the bird site or the book of faces.

I have been reading both of those (and sometimes leaving behind a trail of faves/likes) lately and I feel bad about it.

But dang I still have desires of belonging.

Writing some dang professional sounding emails today, interspersed by ones with a lot of exclamation points.

I contain multitudes!

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A friend of mine has proposed an empirical measure of software complexity, which I sort of love. It is: starting from a clean install of your operating system, how many package managers do you need to install to make this software build?

That number is your project’s Fuckit Number.

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What is my computer doing when I type my login (GNOME) password incorrectly?

It takes longer for it to come back from the spinning thingy with a wrong password than it does to log me in with the right one.

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A book in the spirit of "Is Gwyneth Paltrow wrong about everything?"

But it's called "Is Elon Musk wrong about everything?"

parenting, sleep schedules 

Long story, but the boys are going to a new school tomorrow and it starts at 8am. It'll be for 2 days/week.

The school the oldest goes to now (also 2 days/week) starts at 9am and they routinely show up around 9:10.

We got them to sleep earlier and earlier this week and, can I tell you how amazing it is to have them in bed at 7:30pm?!

We'll see how often we can get this timing.

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How often are you supposed to water you're kids?

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What should I use as the default branch name in #Git?

I really want a cold and rainy (or snowy or whatever) day to just read a book or watch a couple movies.

Success! I now have all of the splinters out of my hands after this weekend's projects!

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