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want a good web browsing experience? go into the woods and look for spiders

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<insert rant on synchronous vs asynchronous communication choices and the impact on collaboration and inclusion in a distributed workforce>

That time of day where I just consumed some chemicals to help brain work more gooder and now it's racking up idea after idea of good things to do but I can't keep up and just sitting in my note-taking/todo app doesn't feel like work...

OK, pomodoro time for the last few of the day to give these some space...

slack, newbie question 

So, when you click on a link to eg: the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's slack, er, server(?) you are presented with a login/register and it says:

"We suggest using the email account you use for work."


They want my engagement with a community to be tied to my employment? What if I change jobs? I won't be able to seamlessly migrate right?

Am I completely dumb or is the world?

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It’s here! ISSUE 02: Inoculate, hot off the distributed press. This issue contains eight creative pieces—(non)fiction, interactive media, and stories from the front lines of alternative networks built on care & solidarity.

Read it on the World Wide Web:

I'll admit it, I have Jolene stuck in my head now.


also, it's pretty clear that trying to answer these ice-breaker questions for a thing tomorrow is part of what is causing so much mental anguish.

"Write 2 things about something that happened to you in your life and write 1 thing you regret not doing. Try to keep it short (e.g. married in Hawaii, eating contest, Phd)."

Right in the effing feels, bro!

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How do you know you're completely burnt out? When you try to reply to a simple message from a friend and in doing so you start to go down a path best left for a therapist.

ctrl-a, DEL that shit

parenting, vaguetoot, negative 

Backing yourself into a corner of pain isn't a great long term solution.

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I wrote a blohpost clearing out any confusion around libadwaita and the recoloring api and addressing all the fud spread from people that should have known better.

#gnome #gtk

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Went back to visit Slashdot after years away and

yeah nah I think I'm good

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going to become an anti-faxxer, it's 2021 please use email, nobody has a fax machine

Watch out mouth, I have ginger candy again!

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work, vague post 

ok, edited (thank $diety for wikis) for tone and clarity

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work, vague post 

Welp, left a comment on a document that may not read like I'm a Director of Engineering.

parenting, banal 

Contents of my hoodie pockets include:
* a rubber grippy thing you put on a pencil for small hands to use
* a foosball to our foosball table that's in our driveway (free from one of the schools, it's in bad but usable shape)
* headphones, for doing dishes at night

Usually there's also:
* random trash I've picked up off the floor but haven't put it in the trash yet.

weather, banal, socal softness 

We sleep with the house windows open, especially during "summer" (aka, most of the year here) when it's hot. But it got down to 55F last night and it's only 62F now. Probably about 60 in the office I work in. I'm about to turn on my space heater in here!

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