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I'm a long-time advocate of and sharing (in so many contexts) and have worked professionally in university libraries (UMich), at Creative Commons, and now (for a long time) at the Wikimedia Foundation.

I'm also co- two unique children and we're doing our best to meet their needs where they are.

I like to engage with fun topics and CW everything political and most things re parenting. I also about work sometimes.

I feel like I've locked myself into a garden I can't escape by my choice of using ZimWiki all those years ago.

I want to give Logseq a try (cc @randomgeek ) but after importing my zimwiki export (into markdown) I'm lost without the directory hierarchy. :(

Company finances meta question, re layoffs 

Context: I've never (prof/ly) worked for a company w/ stock. Universities and non profits.

Layoffs are happening in the tech industry.

My question is about how it's communicated and what it means.

Reasoning normally given right now is "market trends".

Do businesses borrow against their stock more than I realize and thus are being margin called with lower stock prices?

Or is it really just a euphemism for "our business isn't profitable".


Ok, apparently I needed to restart instead of just logout/login. Simple fix. Radio is now programmed.

Thanks to @liw for forcing me to check the simple things.

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I'm not able to get my Baofeng UV-9G to communicate with Chirp[0]. Specifically, I can't get Chirp to download from the UV-9G. I'm getting the "error 13: permission denied" error.

I've added myself to the `dialout` group (and logged out/back in) per [1].

Still getting the same error.

What am I missing?



Come work with me/us!

We're hiring a Senior Product Manager to join the Fundraising Technology team (my team).

We build the tech that allows the Wikimedia Foundation to raise funds globally all while respecting our donors privacy.

All of the software we write and maintain is Free/Open Source and self-hosted.

The role is 100% remote friendly in the UTC-7 to UTC+2 timezones (there would be late meetings in UTC+2).

Any other users our there experience epubs that work on your laptop but when copied to your reMarkable they look like they were redacted by the CIA? Paragraphs are all black blocks even though I can see the chapter titles.

Which version of "Which Side Are You On?" do you prefer?

1. Florence's (the original):

2. Pete Seeger's:

3. Dropkick Murphys:

Last week GitLab announced and released (simultaneously) a critical security fix shortly before a long weekend (in the US).

Can we convince them to do better with their security release practices?

(Edit: reposted as public to enable sharing)

I already enabled follow requests. I'm about to lock down my toots to followers only as well.

I gave up on being a personality about a decade ago.

When you pack up to go work from the library (that is open until 8pm on Wednesdays!) because you have some stuff you need to close up before going on vacation next week and time is running out.... but you forgot your headphones and bluetooth mouse because they were taken out of your "work bag" at some point over the last x months so now you pout a little bit and try to force the stuff you didn't want to do anyway.

radios, the handheld kind 

I did get my gmrs license though, which was a horrible UX time.

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radios, the handheld kind 

Ok, I'm in a deep (for me, shallow for those with knowledge in the area) hole trying to figure out which gmrs radios to buy.

music, reggae 

I always come back to this song/video when I'm in a certain mood.

Good song, and that syncopated syllable-by-syllable build up is pretty effing epic.




My oldest has been playing that White Stripes song (you know the one) constantly the last week or so. And now that's the only bass line my brain let's me hear throughout the day.

youtube, sailboats 

I'll admit, yt's algo really worked last night after I watched one "basics of sailing" video.

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insomnia, sailboats 

Luckily my morning starts later than normal today. Drinking coffee at the small coffee shop now listening to their hits of the 90s playlist (currently Sublime).

I watched sailing videos last night. Some "here's the basics of sailing" and a bit of someone doing a cross Atlantic solo in a small ish boat.

We'll see how today goes.

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