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And guess what: it appears it is PGE's fault for the deaths of 17 people and the destruction of 2000 homes.

All because PGE doesn't maintain their power lines in accordance with the law.

Dissolve PGE and have Sonoma Clean Power take over the duties. They already provide lower rates for 100% renewable energy.

Change of plans. The air quality is decent up here now, so we're just going to get Rowan out now for some outdoor play. Maybe tomorrow!

@forteller it's a pretty disingenuous opening. The University of Michigan has been making use of 108(h) for a while (since I was there in 2009).

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Thread explaining the legal tactics the neo-Nazis are employing against antifascist activist DeAndre Harris.

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We plan to go to the city (SF) to the Cal Academy of Sciences today to escape the smoke. They're doing free admission for Sonoma/Napa residents fleeing the fire/smoke all week.

So much community support around here it's amazing. Still sad, but amazing.

@Antanicus luckily I'm 100% work-from-home now, so I'm safe in Petaluma. Just a bit smokey (better than yesterday).

@cstanhope we're good, but lots of people lost their homes last night :(

@maiki they are just stand-alone ones. We have one for a bedroom that we use all the time, another for when I burn incense in the office, and then this huge one Carrie just happens to have in the garage (le sigh)

Fires in Sonoma County (where I live), pretty close by. Windows closed with air filters going.

The second worst part of having a day-long migraine: the insomnia when it finally breaks at 9:30pm

@maiki I get so physically amped up from just the interaction my hands shake for the next 20 minutes.

One of those days you really appreciate your coworkers.

I was yelled at, pretty intensely, by a driver just now because I didn't signal my right hand turn onto a side street (ie: I didn't have a stop sign). They were facing me turning left onto the same street.

The best part is that he yelled, as he drove away, "cut off that beard, it looks like shit!".

Newsflash: "Looks" is not why I'm growing this beard, buddy.

reminder: Next Friday is Friday the 13th, and it's in October. Plan accordingly.

@noelle that "knowing" is also a sure fire way of not having an enjoyable conversation with others.

@Canvasian stupid algorithms shouldn't be used for copyright enforcement (he shouts to the choir).

I think you would like this interview, @mattcropp :

This is Hell is a great live radio long form interview show + podcast. I can't recommend it highly enough.