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Re last boost, I recommend reading The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State. A great collection of essays about this very thing.

The Tragedy of Commons was a thought experiment made by a proponent of unregulated capitalism, how ever several sociologist have shown it to hold no real truth in real systems. A sociologist/economist Elinor Ostrom got a Nobel prize for her work on looking at cases of commons in the real world.

I still get nervous whenever I see helicopters over head in a small town. Not even near the highway.

I'm back on 57 again. Doing my split profile/windows instead of the Containers add-on. And just dealing with the fact that I have to have Chromium open to do Hangouts for work (le sigh).

Still getting weird errors about cookies from eg: (won't let me login) and etherpad (complains about not being able to set a cookie). In both cases I can watch the cookies being touched/updated in Storage Inspector.

Ugh. My ESR is gradually losing all of it's extensions :( NoScript was just lost to the "no longer compatible with Fx 52" fate.

Egg yolk + sriracha sauce is one of the best flavor combos we have. Discuss.

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BTW, I never watch TV shows anymore, this was a first in... 6 years? Aside from the occasional last week tonight segment.

Last weekend I had a really bad migraine for a day and a half. I finished up Stranger Things season 1 then.

This weekend I've had a bad cold (I don't think my body was strong enough post migraine last week, which are very physical for me) and I've now completed season 2.

Great show. Will watch season 3.

Really want to get back to my family/duties soon. There's a boy's 6th birthday coming up. And xmas!

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Hi pals, I have a Linux build of my game (hooray), but none of my test environments are cooperating (boo).

Who'd like an Itch key (to keep and cherish forever), to help me test on wild Linuxes?


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The joy of closing 20 tabs after ordering the xmas present for your son.

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Hooray! The beta version of my game is now public on It's a $5 download, but I'm pretty easy going right now if you'd like a download key!


"This tool allows you to make a backup of your statuses, your favourites and the media in both your statuses and your favourites."

I need more time to read and learn!

The apt pinning Wiki page is horrible.

Including 5 or so people just leaving rants and well actually's at the bottom.