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Hey #FreeSotfware lovers!

We need you to help us grow #PeerTube into the YouTube alternative it can become.

Spread the word about #JoinPeertube, and fund the development of important features on

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After listening to the latest episode of the Upstream Podcast about you can download the first section of 'The Cooperative Man: Arizmendiarrieta's Thought,' translated by @Steve

(Making a donation with your download is greatly appreciated!)

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I mean literally their own instance. Agent-centric architecture. You are always communicating from your own AP.

Groups can be agents, too, and have their own AP, which you can federate with.

"Your own AP" could be hosted by somebody else, but you are always you in the whole fediverse, if you want to be. And you can move your own AP to a different host or host it yourself if you want.

@lynnfoster has been writing about this:

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Facebook confirms that it tracks how you move mouse on the computer screen

The social networking platform also admitted that it collects information about operating systems, hardware, software versions, battery levels, signal strength, available storage space, Bluetooth signals, file names and types, device Ids, browser and browser plugins (which is almost all of the information available on and about your device), from the users' phones, TV and other connected devices.

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@ntnsndr @scholzt_newschooledu @samtoland going to look into those. What has been missing since the very beginning (2104) is a pool of high risk non debt-investment that can go towards early stage Platform Coop start ups that have scale potential.

Also missing is an incubator to standardize and vet Platform Coops.

Basically we need what makes Silicon Valley start-ups successful while leaving behind what has made them awful.

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"we're not just trying to build cooperatives for cooperatives' sake. We're trying to build vehicles, very explicitly and very intentionally, of social transformation."

Nice Q&A with Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson.

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@alcinnz @Antanicus @Graham_Mitchell
> If you want, for example, to have a cooperative economic system, it better use a protocol so all the cooperatives can interact with each other.

We're actually working on that at (slowly) looking at ActivityPub for the protocol.

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@Graham_Mitchell @Antanicus @alcinnz

The big diff of protocol vs platform is that several different platforms (as in different apps using the same protocol) are now federated right here using the same protocol.

If you want, for example, to have a cooperative economic system, it better use a protocol so all the cooperatives can interact with each other.

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I'm very much "protocols over platforms". As the protocols empower people, especially if they're unaware of them, whereas platforms end up locking them in.

Though it is sad the hype is the other way around.

Wondering whether the mvmt should be looking hard at as a potential chunk of digital infrastructure on which to build fair work platforms?

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Some good reads. "Cooperative Economy in Rojava and Bakur"

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Do you use #GoogleForms, #SurveyMonkey or similar services?

Are you happy with your data, and your users' data, being exploited by third parties for commercial purposes such as shadow profiling?

There are #Free #OpenSource alternatives which let you control your data and offer your users privacy, which you can self-host or use online as a service:



#Privacy #DeleteGoogle #Google

This is a great initiative. An important intervention and an invaluable piece of digital infrastructure to support worker cooperatives and

The collaborative work on the project is starting - slowly - to bear some fruit. We had a great meeting yesterday at the offices of Cooperatives UK to discuss and plan next practical steps to building our operational . Today the cooperative is legally registered, and I'm looking forward to begin building out some basic alpha MVP functionality over the next week.

I don't know where is with respect to its relationship with opencollective, but I spotted the other day that they are incentivising the creation of 'chapters'. Not sure yet how this differs from 'hosts'. is looking to use opencollective, and wondering whether there might be scope for cooperation?

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life is short, spray paint your own bike lanes

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Since I'm posting today, here's an interesting fact:

In , cooperative law strictly dictates the uses of profits (called exelentes):
- 20% for member education
- 20% for national public education
- 20% for internal capital accounts
- 10% for member solidarity (basically a member slush fund for personal emergencies. Like patronage refund, but based on need instead of contribution)
- 30% determined by membership

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TFW you realize all of your co-workers still think capitalism is in their best interest.

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Will the future of movement rely more on co-ops with globally spread or locally clustered membership?

Here's an image of a Kialo debate I made about the subject.

Kialo seeks to allow engaging and diving into constructive debate by having:
- Statement
- Pro's and cons (5 currently)
- Pro's and con's of the pros and cons (3 currently)

You can register and rate the pro's and con's by 1 -5 and add new ones.

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