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@icefox Oh, when you referred to ideology it reminded me of Emma Goldman's views, who you should also read. Goldman argued that anarchism isn't so much a political end-goal as it is the persistent force of the human will to be liberated from oppressive institutions. (paraphrasing) So, it's less of an ideology and more of a way of approaching political issues. The prescription is always something else, whether it be mutualism, communism, socialism, syndicalism, communalism, etc.

I went through such a traumatic experience at the embassy today. With only 3 months left until my passport expires, the Spanish embassy refuses to reissue me a passport: first because I don't have a job contract (I'm a student), then because I don't have a rental contract in my name, now because I need a notarised letter to confirm who I'm living with... What most people think as 'rude' when dealing with Spanish authorities is actually just fascist remnants

I have academic paper access for two more months - ask me what you need

An open letter to Minister Pro.P., the Chief of Police from residents of Exarcheia about the use of by police forces: "the use of chemicals in narrow and densely populated streets constitutes a direct attack on the population, irresponsible and extremely dangerous ... at every occasion the Ministry of Citizen Protection chooses to spray us like cockroaches." -ΓΟΥΡΟΥΝΙΑ-ΔΟΛΟΦΟΝΟΙ

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I came up with a life today for period : use your laptop adapter as a heating pad! Works really well :D

The documentary 'No Gods, No Masters' about the history of is stunning:

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You're still for some reasons using #google docs? Or at least know someone who does?
There are many reasons one shouldn't. The consequences of mass-#surveillance just one upon many.

One other reason just came out today. google just stops you from having access to your own files when ever they want.

That just happend today to some:

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@mayel For empirically confirming that anyone can get along after adequate recreational activity, you are awarded this Gargy Award!

If you call the , you can't claim . You outsource your - Nicole Deane.

^ My cat tooted that

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Unlike what power-hungry nerds with small boners for Lenin and big plans to save the world tell ya, hierarchy is detrimental for human cooperation. Well no shit!

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This we've named Molo has recently moved in. 😀 He's already an internet fanatic. Wonder how long until he has his own account! 😆

Today @mayel and I launched our copy-editing and translating co-operative, The Copy Team. If any of our wordsmith friends are interested in joining please let us know!

Amazing about how survived the peak oil crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union, and transitioned from a highly industrial society to a sustainable one: that is, from large farms and reliance on fossil-fuel-based pesticides and fertilizers, to small and urban gardens.