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Loving the logical fallacy referee meme 😁

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@h @mayel @Stoori I love back-translating poetry using google translate haha! - the more you go back and forth the more the poem starts to shift in surprising new directions

Today @mayel and I launched our copy-editing and translating co-operative, The Copy Team. If any of our wordsmith friends are interested in joining please let us know!

@ewankeep Glad you liked it! I totally agree, there is so much to learn and model from Cuba. I'm off to visit Cuba early next year so I'll be able to report directly how the urban gardens are going!

Amazing about how survived the peak oil crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union, and transitioned from a highly industrial society to a sustainable one: that is, from large farms and reliance on fossil-fuel-based pesticides and fertilizers, to small and urban gardens.

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'If we normalize what happened during the #CatalanReferendum we all lose. Democracy loses'
#AdaColau, Major of #Barcelona.

On the voting day after massiv police violence broke out, she spoke to the public, that it's now not longer about a split between #spain and #catalonia, but a split between spain and #Rojoy's goverment

and #EU like: violence is sometimes nessasary to protect the institution.

She's even not in favour of indipendence, and critical about Puigdemont gov.
her last statement:

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Map of Catalonian polling stations open vs successfully closed by Spanish state police. Green = open. Red = closed.

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Spain's National Police brutalize voters in Catalonia polling center (a school) today in an attempt to suppress…

Firefighters protecting people from the thug cops in Hell yeah!

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Peaceful resistance in one of the polling stations in Barcelona, Spanish police dragging people out
#catalonia #1Oct #ACABRO

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@StuC @Antanicus No, the paper's argument is stated pretty clearly, 'that macrolevel inequality and violence were associated with greater individual-level support of group hegemony.' In other words, it's more to do with systemic issues, rather than individual choices (i.e., you might be 'interested' in figuring out why 'other' people often seem so willing to be fucked over, but if this paper's findings are right, your question is irrelevant, or at the very least, not that interesting)

Hey @StuC @Antanicus . Here's a good research study on why some people are more likely to abdicate their power: "Individuals differ in the degree to which they endorse group-based hierarchies in which some social groups dominate others. Much research demonstrates that among individuals this preference robustly predicts ideologies and behaviors enhancing and sustaining social hierarchies (e.g., racism, sexism, and prejudice)."

@paulfree14 @Antanicus Originally from Euskal Herria (the basque country), but have been to Catalonia a lot and have friends living there updating me on goings on

wheel - friends don't let friends be emotionally basic bitches

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@Antanicus This article seems to sum up the happenings on the ground pretty well:

There are some coop structures already in place in Catalonia, one initiative I know about is the Catalan integral coop:

As for echoes, seeing footage of Madrid's heavy-handed militaristic response so far (with numerous tanks being brought in by train), it certainly feels like it. Only time will tell what shit's about to go down, though it doesn't feel good

@Antanicus Totally agree - if you look at the authorities pushing for independence in Catalonia they are the same power-happy, austerity-happy, xenophobia-happy folks wanting to place down invisible lines for their own benefit. Have you seen this article?

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Spain sending paramilitary to barcelona by ship, Dockworkers boykott Show more

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What's happening in this week just shows to the world the joke Spaniards have had to endure since Franco's death - the fascist underbelly still exposing itself whenever dissidents threaten the status quo.