That virtue we appreciate is as much ours as another's. We see so much only as we possess.
-- Henry David Thoreau

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The first event at Radix #hacklab will be a #Tor #meetup and #workshop, on the 25th of January at 19:00, 1st Floor, Kaniggos 34 & Stournari, Exarcheia, Athens, Greece.

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Hasta los titulares de derechos más grandes de Europa piensan que el #Artículo13 de la Directiva #copyright es un desastre y hacen un llamamiento para el cese inmediato en las negociaciones.
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@yala @mayel Hi Jon! The HAHA Academy wiki is now integrated into the main site, so if you're looking to add/edit the taxonomy you can do so here:
"Do not impose one's own standard on the work of others. Mutual moderation and cooperation will profer better results."

- Hsing Yun

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Roman History. Stabbing. 

I had never heard this translation before but it is now my favorite thing.

When there are many captains in the boat, the catch is always small.

Txalupan nagusi asko daudenean, arrantza gutxi.

The good thing about uncooperative people is that you needn't fear making an enemy of them, because they won't help you any less than they did before.

Facebook permitió a Microsoft y Netflix leer los datos y mensajes privados de sus usuarios sin su permiso.

Establecieron alianzas a la carta, permitiendo que cada tecnológica accediera a los datos más interesantes para ellos, incluidos los mensajes privados y datos personales de los usuarios de Facebook.
"By exposing the shortcomings of authoritarian pseudo-solutions to social problems, anarchists can hope by precept and action to strike the same spark of protest off in those who long since gave up hope. When enough people have seen through the swindle of authoritarian systems clearly enough to feel cheated themselves, then it won't matter whether they vote with their hands or their feet. One way or another society will just have to move in an anarchist direction." - Bob Green
"The most effective anarchists have either been propagandists, like Kropotkin, or pioneers in the educational field like Homer Lane and A. S. Neill.. In the industrial field neither syndicalism nor mutual aid has fired the imagination of any significant proportion of the population. So far from being interested in workers' control, the average worker cannot be bothered to take an active part in Union activities." - Bob Green.
"There are no short cuts to the free society. The problem is basically educational, and the process is inevitably a long one. The most that can be hoped and worked for is that the next generation will be less authoritarian in outlook than the present one."
"In attempting to analyse the value systems of anarchists it is not suggested that they can be sorted into three neat piles, egotistic, humanitarian and hard core. Many anarchists, possibly most, have never bothered to consider to what extent their anarchism is based on self interest, a love of mankind, or an article of faith concerning the nature of man. Elements of all three may probably be found in various proportions in all anarchists." Bob Green.
My paper "Towards a Cross-Cultural Conceptual Framework for Researching Social and Emotional Education" was just published in The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) Journal of Education.

The central aim of this study was to investigate how different countries practice social and emotional education (SEE) using a comparative research design to create a cross-cultural conceptual framework. The study used a sequential quantitative-qualitative analysis with a comparative design that included 750 teachers. Cross-cultural differences were found in the research sample regarding teachers’ self-perceived role in socialising emotion: specifically, the teachers’ openness to emotional expression in the classroom, and what social and emotional aptitudes were more likely to be included as part of SEE provision. More variation was found in these variables internationally compared to intranationally. A conceptual framework using two dimensions was created in order to aid future cross-cultural research regarding SEE provision and the study of emotional rules in the teaching profession: the Ideal Affect (likelihood of suppressing rather than expressing emotion) and the Ideal Self (likelihood of developing skills for independence versus interdependence).

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So many of the bad uses of computing - surveillance capital, the centralized cloud, the NSA, etc - could all come under the general heading of "oppression".
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What they're trying to protect is not humanity, but their gardens, houses and lands.

Rather, if anyone dares threaten their authority,

they'll be extinguished, whoever they are.

Mental health coping strategies 

I was watching a 'Rachel and Jun' video on youtube the other day - if you don't know them, they are a very cute couple who create infotainment videos about Japan and the culture clashes in their marriage (she's American, and he's Japanese). I found a comment on one of their videos where someone confessed to 'saving' Rachel and Jun videos for when they are dealing with severe anxiety.

That made perfect sense to me. Jun is pretty much the Bob Ross of cooking, here he is making blueberry cheesecake with homemade yogurt:

And Rachel is a badass. Her translating Japanese women's tweets with the hashtag 'let's be angry together' after the exam-fixing scandal was an amazing video (definitely for the more high energy days though):

❝I don’t believe our species can survive unless we fix this (social media).
We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it’s financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.❞
— Jaron Lanier

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