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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

Here is a trailer for a documentary about my high school days --- I got free of the school in 1971 but was there for this... and the text of it all with images: -
It is Rock and Roll History.

This needs some light.. I could find little in mainstream news and even Minneapolis local news about the situation there right now. Our friends at UnicornRiot have it covered.

HEADLINE: "Old person uses the Internet in the wrong way 😂 causing spam to be sent to friends..."

I inadvertently spammed about 100 of my contacts with an invitation to join a mailing list for some events I am planning... It sent before I was ready to send.

There is no "Sorry I spammed you" or "Undo everything I did today" button on my keyboard

I guess this is why I never had an office administrator job.

Cool domain trick using the TLD .whoswho: if you add .whoswho to the most common domains TLDs, you can see the whois + some dns info e.g. try it out: or

@GuerillaOntologist On the Movie Night thing - I would love to talk with you about an idea I have to get more viewers on - let me know when you have a few minutes to chat.


DisCOs replicate through a standard federation protocol that allows critical mass without regimenting all parts.

Get your free copy of the DisCO Elements here:

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@tobiasfdl contribute to then use a supported player to use them automatically

What does this mean on the LAPD website? Is this a cruel joke? "Entertainment Trademark Unit" found on this page:

Movie Night on - Tuesday January
26th at 7pm ET - Please pass it on!

Title: "When white supremacists overthrew a government" - The hidden
history of an American coup in 1898. (12 mins.)

This could be the year we say NO to the Corporations that oppress us by not using their software or products.
Here is a great site to find free software alternatives:

Nothing to do tonight?
Informal New years Eve party on at 9PM ET
Come and take control! be a presenter or a viewer - we have no specific plans, just music and good people.

How is it that many blue collar workers across America can cite advanced statistics on sports figures and sports teams, yet they know not how our government works and who is in office to help or harm them? How is this possible?

What is Technology for Liberation?

Palantir, for example, produces software for ICE agents to profile and arrest families of undocumented status, playing a direct role in taking migrant children away from their
parents and caging them in privately run detention facilities.75

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