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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

Halloween party idea - If you are having a Halloween party you can test out face makeup to avoid facial recognition. I thought people may like this as an activity for a party --

Watch a few videos, apply the face makeup and then use free software to see if you are recognized.



site with free software webcam:

What do you think?

"Searching for an alternative to platform capitalism? Join us at Who Owns the World? November 7-9, 2019 @thenewschool Register now and find the others. @PCC_Global @platformcoop"

Still fits the times... basement recording of my old punk band from 1993 playing our song titled: Guilty but Insane

Soon you will be able to completely ignore all lifeforms in your surroundings, like in your home, with a reality mat...

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USA... Give us FREE COMMUNITY RADIO or FREE INTERNET. That is my demand.


Immigration activist Bryan MacCormack explains how he stopped Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from arresting two undocumented immigrants in his car.
The thing to notice is how the ICE men try to trick him with a bogus warrant... How many people would see that one?

What is Sociocracy and how do you use sociocratic methods in your organization or with other developers?
For those seeking to form a cooperative, do you plan on using the principles of Sociocracy in your cooperative?

Chat with us - Wednesday, September 25th at 11am ET.

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If you want to seriously change inequality there is a small thing you can do. Support a small southern US black owned coop so they can pasteurize their awesome pecan milk to have a longer shelf life so they can ship it. This coop must survive but they are in a catch-22 where they do not make enough to qualify for a loan. Their product is so good that it will be a sustainable coop venture. Without us they have no real way out. Ideas are welcomed.

New Hampshire. Border Patrol checkpoints. This is from last year. When I went to Montreal 2 years ago they wanted me to say I was a journalist and asked several times.

I got a phone call from a man saying "I am Officer Mike Williams will you donate to the police benevolent society because... Police do not feel SAFE.

I asked him, when do they not feel safe, before or after they shoot me?

He said I can go to the website for more info and hung up before I could ask him to repeat the URL. I called the number back and was greeted with a recording saying "You have reached the political campaign office, no one is here right now, call back later"

I suspect that Reality TV shows have not only made voyeurism more acceptable but they also make video surveillance a mode of entertainment. Watching people in their homes is not just acceptable but highly desired. Now people pay a monthly fee to have their private lives streamed.

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