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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

Give today to propel the free software movement to new frontiers

UjimaBoston does it!! We are launching the first democratically governed investment fund in the country.

@mattcropp Trying to add you to RetroShare as @carbonpenguin

Would love to see some people join the IRC channel for Platform Cooperativism:

We are on the Freenode server

NERDsummit is coming up - CFP
SUBMIT A SESSION PROPOSAL. Submission deadline is January 13th, 2019, at 11:59pm

This kind of says it all. The moment was captured by Russian journalist and photographer Ilya Varlamov. © Ilya Varlamov

Come find out about the status of the Platform Coop ToolKit - Today I will speak about the importance of free software for the platform co-op movement. We will start on Zoom at 5pm ET and you can join us directly here:

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You can now watch my keynote (edited w/ slides) about how firms and markets have coopted the free culture and free software movement's most powerful weapon (mass collaboration) and where that leaves us.

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This is a great talk by @mako if you're interested in peer-production and open source.

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In my keynote ( I argued that online collaborative production is shifting from social to market-based arrangements. This paper explores the implications. (As is clear in the talk, part of this paper's results motivated the whole argument!)

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, a replacement for Reddit, has got a 680£ from UnFound (the worlds first platform coop accelerator) to recruit users.

We won't use it to buy ads from big corporations, but by funding projects like . We offer SC members different "mini tasks" individual members and existing Social Coop working groups can do that WeCo will reward by donating to Social Coop.

Here's a link and a screenshot about the post on Loomio:

4. No full grasp of cooperative development environments and lack of
heirarchy/boss and coNtRoL. Get over naming all your files with your
"name" in it, write a README

5. No knowledge of how cooperative communities thrive and how they die.

6. No centralized discussion on what a Code of Conduct means and what it does not include and if it is needed.

1. Agreement on Code of 1. Conduct - What is it? Do we need one? Who writes
it? Who enforces it? Q's go on and on...

2. Benevolent Dictator for life status - Does absolute power corrupt?

3. Misunderstood communications written in plain text without receiver's
input from a facial expression or body language.

Show more is a a coop-run corner of the fediverse, a cooperative and transparent approach to operating a social platform. We are currently closed to new memberships while we improve our internal processes and policies, and plan to re-open to new folks when that work is complete. [9/2/2018]