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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

Ooh, looks like Big Blue Button is getting an interpretation tool like the cool slider in Jitsi...

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Some friends are in areas where there are wildfires. This is disaster as most people do not realize the smoke is as dangerous as the fire itself.

Here is a link to build your own defense:

Doing my best to keep CommunityBridge floating, out of my pocket. Please share our link to anyone that could possibly contribute and keep it flying with even $5... or by letting me know you can contribute TIME by joining a few strategy meetings,

Even just sharing the link will help to amplify our mission to protect privacy for people in times of surveillance and prosecution for people.


Polk Free Teacher Market invites teachers to shop for much-needed classroom supplies for free. They are asking for donations from the community and retired teachers.


If you’re a U.S citizen and browsed through websites with a Like button during that time, the lawsuit can include you.

@emi @Matt_Noyes I do not see an email from emi at all... Please resend ASAP.

Co-op Data Club exists to grow the co-operative economy by helping co-ops support other co-ops. Co-ops often lack the required investment capital to spend on customer acquisition in order to reach scale and financial sustainability. Co-op Data Club is one idea to help solve this issue by providing cheaper – and free – ways for co-ops to acquire new members and customers by leveraging Principle 6 - cooperation between co-ops.

"Would you like to support the birth of a free software based
information technology program in public schools in the capital of
Liberia? Visit and
chip in a few bucks."

My friend Jeff Elkner has already bought his ticket, and is prepared to fund the whole trip himself, but it would be most gratifying to support what he is doing.

Privacy Workshop: BigBlueButton Admin Features

BBB video chat platform respects and protects our privacy while proprietary platforms collect our information.

Join us at 3pm - Wednesday the 16th of March

See more detail here

Come interact with us next Saturday the 19th at LibrePlanet 2022

Be on the lookout in your neighborhood for ShotSpotter microphones that are collecting data that can be used by police and courts. Usually placed in minority communities.

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Journalism Competition & Preservation Act (JCPA), a legislative proposal to allow publishers to collectively bargain for payment from Google and Facebook for linking to news stories,

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