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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

Join Agaric at DrupalCon Minneapolis to learn how non-coders can migrate Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 9 without all the tech babble!!!!

We need to take responsibility for the tools that we use because they have POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS.
To encrypt or not to encrypt...

This is a key time of year to talk to your legislators about civil asset forfeiture reform (S. 899,, and pressing pause on face surveillance (S. 1385,

- We'll also be discussing school surveillance, MSP acquisition of bodycams, and the newly revealed Amazon Ring agreements with law enforcement in Lowell, Westfield, Quincy, Malden, Haverhill, Needham, Wellesley, Dartmouth and Mattapoisett. Join the talk -

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If anyone is interested, here's a draft of the mechanisms is using to operate as a multi-stakeholder cooperative

We're a worker-only cooperative at the moment ("directors") but I'm hoping to figure out the legal bits aorund contributor and community owners once I have a bit more bandwidth.

What could this be about? Could it really be about loving Google so much that I offended their sensibilities? If this person is a friend of anyone that I know, please reach out to them. I do not know them, but they seem to be hurting.

Is this how we want to see our neighbourhoods? Are you a suspicious Stranger? I bet you might be - to someone. Happy Amazon ring doorbell company is being sued.

Agaric partnered with @350
to improve their Climate Justice Action Map in the lead up to the so that activists could better mobilize their communities.

Here's a deep dive into the design and development behind that effort. is dead... long live ETHERPAD.

In case you missed it... Some of the companies that collect and trade your GPS information

Some of the companies that collect and trade your GPS information
This data originated from a location data company, one of dozens quietly collecting precise movements using software slipped onto mobile phone apps. Your life is an open book. They can see the places you go every moment of the day, whom you meet with or spend the night with, where you pray, whether you visit a methadone clinic, a psychiatrist’s office or a massage parlor.

Twitter suspends 10,000 anti-government/activist accounts:

Corporations will market their approach showing how easy it is to have one account for everything - Gmail, Google-docs etc. What this really means is that they only have to hit one switch to silence you and they have all of your contacts. Do you know the email address of all of your Facebook friends that respond to your event postings? I thought not.

What exactly is "political discord"?

A MeshNet goes up at Culture House, thanks to MassMesh!

The old newsstand at the Harvard Square red-line stop will have a 50Mbps Internet connection until it becomes a historical site in April.

The world we now live in: “I do recall one incident where a prisoner set fire within his cell, he was locked inside.” Instead of letting the guy out or calling from help, held the door shut so he couldn’t get out. Basically just left him in there to burn.
Amazon’s ever-expanding surveillance empire threatens our privacy and civil liberties, especially in brown and black communities already vulnerable to racial profiling and heightened surveillance.

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