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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

From - Hospitals need to repair ventilators. Manufacturers are making that impossible
Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) on medical equipment is a threat to human health and lives learn more about the fight against DRM at

Agaric is reaching out to cities and communities about our platform Resource Locator. Groups are using the Find It platform for COVID-19 resources and for programs that aggregate resources. You can write to us to get a site up quickly.

Again it is shown that rich people in my home-town of Westport, CT can be cruelly ignorant - This is exactly the type of behavior I spoke to in my keynote at MIT

Agaric's awesome client, The National Institute of Children's Health Quality (NICHq) thanks us for the work we have done on their website. They have been helping to stop a lot of diseases from spreading rapidly. We thank them for their work!

If you are looking for alternatives to meeting face to face, MayFirst has several of them for you to use.

Need to Know webinar on Free software in the age of Corona Virus on Thursday March 26th, 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm ET - Register for free -

If you're working from home and using Zoom, you probably want to read this. Zoom talks to your BOSS.

NERDsummit 2020 is happening tomorrow (3/21) too! Support your developer friends by showing up for the online event!

Encrypt your communications. See for a list of tools you can use. Under the motto 'connecting solidarity,' it allows people to search for co-op providers of goods and services. Co-ops in Argentina can now connect with customers and other social and solidarity economy businesses

LibrePlanet is FREE and ONLINE this weekend - The conference will be streamed online at starting at 9:30am ET. Agaric hosts a discussion at 4:20 ET on 3/14 - Platform Cooperativism, Surveillance Capitalism, Predictive Analysis and YOU.

LibrePlanet is coming up and Agaric will be hosting a lecture /discussion on Platform cooperativism, surveillance capitalism, predictive analysis, and you, Saturday March 14th - AWWWWW, Come to Boston in the winter for a good reason!

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The only times I've seen Bloomberg ads have been in public places. I'm grateful I can prevent people like him from hijacking my attention, no matter how much of his $60B he spends on blanketing the airwaves.

Especially recommend uBlock Origin, which does an amazing job preventing garbage from coming through the pipes of the Internet, and is fully open source:

JOB ALERT! From Trebor Scholz:
Come and work with me at the PCC at The New School in New York City!
This is a rare professional opportunity to help build a democratic Internet and advance the cooperative movement.
Please spread the word!

MS - Right-Wing 'Review Boards' Would Pave Way for Arresting Librarians Over Books Deemed 'Inappropriate:
"Every reader and writer in the country should be horrified, absolutely horrified, at this bill."

Many people have watched The Twilight Zone or know of it. Not many people know about the activism of Rod Serling during the civil rights movement, or the price he paid for it.

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