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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

Here is a short video that explains what the 4th of July holiday means to some Americans:
"What to the Slave is the 4th of July" Frederick Douglass Speech

Free Drupal 9 webinars on site building, migrations, and upgrades!

On Tuesday, July 7, Agaric will host 3 free online webinars about Drupal 9. We invite the community to join us to learn more about the latest version of our favorite CMS. We will leave time at the end of each presentation for questions from the audience. All webinars will be presented online. Fill out the form at the end of the post to reserve your seat. We look forward to seeing you.

Are you using Zoom? I have found some pretty disturbing info on the platform and wonder why activists are still using it... I posted some links to news items that you should see...

Zoom shuts down activists' accounts: source China in Focus - NTD and
A perfect example of why we need free software like

Look at the HUGE change ONE person can make by sending an email...
My love goes out to Kennedy Mitchum

A few weeks ago, I got a call from the police union asking for donation. I asked if they were not paid enough? they started to say "officers are scared..." I interrupted and said , "wait, wait.. dont they have the guns? they hung up the phone.
How gullible is the public? Why would someone give $ to an org that is funded with billions while communities starve?


This is progress!!!

A group of 60 unidentified MBTA workers even sent a letter Friday to General Manager Steve Poftak, arguing that the practice contributed to escalating tensions at the mostly peaceful protests.

Many have been arrested while peacefully protesting under our First Amendment rights. Please give what you can to the National Lawyers Guild -
Know someone that was arrested?
NLG Phone: (212) 679-5100

Who are the truly offensive looters that harm us all? The GOV bailing out banks or the person taking a TV from a Corporate Target franchise that has looted the pockets of anyone who shops there? Where did looting come from and who is the source?

New info for me... the guy temporarily in the white house wants US troops deployed to our streets to be outfitted with bayonets... yes BAYONETS please ignore the host ad consume the info and do your own research - if I find another source I will post -

What if I or someone I know gets arrested?
Call the National Lawyers Guild!
Write this number on your body, somewhere that is covered by clothing:


NOW is the time for anyone working for the police or military to strip off their uniform and re-join HUMANITY.

It is also time to ask - Why do I have such a glorious uniform to wear and a nurse has to wear a garbage bag to do their work?

Monday, June 1st at 6 PM EST
There will be breakout groups for Black people, non-Black POC, and white people.

Tuesday, June 2nd at 7-9 PM EST [Community Care Clinic: Chronically Ill and Disabled People]

Wednesday, June 3rd at 6 PM EST
There will be breakout groups for Black people, non-Black POC, and white people.

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