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Call to dialogue Encuentro Mexico City 2018
Novembre 8-10th 2018
Social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

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Just posted Chapter 8 of Solidarity Economy Roads by @luisrazeto on GEO!

This chapter is about how and why a does a better job of serving ecology, as well as humanity, than the current system.

As always, thanks to @Matt_Noyes for providing the translation.

From my friend @limako
Steven D. Brewer = "If corporations are "people", why are other "people" allowed to own them? We should emancipate all corporations & declare their ownerships null and void. And then free of ownership, let the corporations do what they want — free at last!"

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Link is from vice (Motherboard) The Secret Scripts Amazon Gives to Cops to Promote Ring Surveillance Cameras

From the Digital 4th mailing list... So Google bought your face for five bucks and you don't know what they're going to do with it?"

I would like to open up the discussion about the Amazon cameras and facial recognition. Awareness needs to be raised and this needs to stop.

I host a monthly webinar on cyber security and could change the focus a bit to discuss this whole "CamAzon" disaster. - 1,721 members

Let me know if you are interested in helping me host this on the 20th If interested please sign up for the group and I will make you an admin so we can work on a draft invite together. This interactive map shows where facial recognition surveillance is happening, where it's spreading to next, and where there are local and state efforts to rein it in. See something missing? Contact:

Anyone can sign up for the low-volume list serv to get info on Agaric’s weekly Show and Tell that happens every Wednesday at 11am ET -

I encourage everyone to start a show and tell with your friends and possibly we can merge them all at some point! Sharing is awesome!
More info:

@mlncn @cstanhope @GuerillaOntologist I just tested and a link is impossible to paste at the end of a message. Sorry for that but would love to know if anyone else has this issue when pasting a link that you want at the end or in the middle of a message. Will now format posts in a note pad first if a link is included.

I know the source is bad, but would like to know if anyone has input on the subject. Senior Google exec speaks out -- “Are we going to just let the biggest tech companies decide who wins every election from now on?”

Anyone can do this and now it is pretty easy --- Is there a place nearby you with an offensive name?
Request a name change using this form:

Do your neighbors have spying doorbells? In order to partner with Ring, police departments must also assign officers to Ring-specific roles that include a press coordinator, a social media manager, and a community relations coordinator.

Amazon has been granted a patent for surveillance-as-a-service. Police departments across the country have offered free or discounted Ring doorbells to citizens, sometimes using taxpayer funds to pay for Amazon's products.

From a friend:

Libra is no new global currency, it's a play by FB to suck up Western Union, make it's functionality part of FB's platform, and extract both data and transaction fees. Don't engage with it. Let it die. Hacked Border Surveillance Firm Wants To Profile Drivers, Passengers, and Their “Likely Trip Purpose” In New York City

Best thing I heard today 7.4.2019 - "Today is the day to assert your independence." I say - Today... and every day:)

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