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1 Million dollar grant! Fantastic news from @trebors for the Platform Cooperativism Movement - Google grant - bit.ly/2sTf9s6 - New School Announcement - bit.ly/2MkYd60 and platform.coop/consortium/new-i

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"Cooperative work structures promote ecologically sustainable farming and create sustainable livelihoods for farmworkers and their communities. Here's a general blueprint for starting a worker-owned cooperative farm" shareable.net/blog/how-to-star social.coop/media/SBFCnl5mdWm5

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As an admin of an instance: don’t put anything on here at any privacy level you wanna stay truly private. I won’t share anything, but don’t put that in my or anybody else’s hands. Use the Signal texting app for truly private correspondence.

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does anyone have an anticapitalist.party invite they'd be willing to give out to the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee?

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Counter-strategies to the fediverse


i.e. What Microsoft, Microsoft employees, and their unaware fans will be doing more frequently in the future, as Mastodon and the fediverse at large gain mainstream acceptance.

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What's the story behind the growth of ? Media, activism, and government support are a few factors named by E.D. : nonprofitquarterly.org/2018/08

Red Hat is hosting its first local conference dedicated to open source technologies - DevConf.US at Boston University on August 17-19. The conference has the following tracks: application development, containers & orchestration, ensuring software quality, machine learning / artificial intelligence / serverless, open source & process, systems engineering, and user experience & open source. Registration is free

Learn more about the conference and register at devconf.info/us

Anyone have a limit (number of items) on how many things you can learn in an 8hr day>? ... and retain the info?

Join Agaric for Show and Tell on Wednesday 8/15 from 11am - 11:30am EST - info and login is here:

Ben Melançon of Agaric presents on including Sass in
themes ("the Drutopia way")
@dinarcon presents a teaser for our training at Drupal Europe - what is
inside the box?

Weekly online skill sharing with Agaric on Wednesdays - hop on the invite list here >> lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/lis
On Tuesday we send out an invite and list the presentations people like you have sent in!

Is anyone familiar with or using civil.co/ It sez: "the decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism."

I finally got to writing down a list of free software tools that members of my web development cooperative use to run our business - Many thanks to those that helped me, bugged me and supported me with research on this one! agaric.com/blogs/daily-busines

Solidarity Research Center in partnership with Red Nation Coalition and US Solidarity Economy Network presents


A livestream panel discussion between Black, indigenous, and people of color organizing autonomous communities and liberated economies from Los Angeles to the Navajo Nation to Jackson, Mississippi.

Date: Saturday, 8/11/18
Time: 7:30-8:30 pm ET/5:30-6:30 pm CT/4:30-5:30 pm PT
Location: solidarityresearch.org (livestream)
RSVP: tiny.cc/thirdworldse

Drupal Europe is coming to Darmstadt Germany! Agaric is facilitating a day of Drupal Training - sign-up here - bit.ly/2vTDwqD

What: Cambridge City Council hearing on the surveillance oversight ordinance
When: Monday August 13th, 5:30pm
Where: City Hall, 2nd Floor Sullivan Chamber, 795 Mass Ave, Cambridge

One switch to SHUT YOU DOWN... Google has taken over our on-line lives and it is moving us toward disaster with a business plan that is complete control of your communications.