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Thursday, May 24, 2018...3:00 pm EST.
Join Stop LAPD Spying Coalitions's Hamid Khan; Myaisha Hayes, National Organizer on Criminal Justice and Technology for the Center for Media Justice; and Jude Ortiz of National Lawyers Guild's Mass Defense Steering Committee as they share information and converse with you on the government's use of technology to arrest, imprison and use arrest records to repress people and keep us from struggling.


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Asian American Solidarity Economies Project presents
2018 Solidarity Economy Webinar Series

In our third of five webinars, our speakers will introduce the steps involved in forming a cooperative including deciding on its legal entity, cooperative finances, and governance and decision making.

Date: Monday, May 21st 2018
Time: 10:00-11:00 am PT/1:00-2:00 pm ET
RSVP: tiny.cc/forming

They use OUR technology -- the technology we created -- to make bad things happen.

Three million people in jail with as many as 10 million lives battered by arrest, incarceration and parole. The absolutely worst, by far, in the world! All made possible by technology.

It's a major issue for our movement. What should we do? How bad is it? Can it be reversed?

We have three speakers who know these issues inside outThursday, May 24, 2018. At 3:00 pm Eastern U.S.A.

Who shot the sheriff?

Rock against Racism movement in the UK - late 70's
part 1 - vimeo.com/11494489
part 2 - vimeo.com/11501491
part 3 - vimeo.com/11503501

3 parts - all are excellent! The soundtrack kicks!!!

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The Sustainable Economies Law Center, which does great work on supporting the design and dissemination of structures, is having a spring fundraising drive with matching donations today. I just kicked them $25, and would encourage others to consider supporting their important work on the !


I just heard that AT&T was just caught paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, and the payments stop right after his FCC Chairman appointee Ajit Pai repealed net neutrality. Anyone got any more details on this one???


$25 bux a year for membership that includes use of AMAZING FREE TOOLS.

Live video streaming
Up until now, however, we have been dependent on the biggest corporations to access this service.

Today, MF/PL is launching a beta version of our own member live video streaming service. Do you have an existing MF/PL username and password? Then you are ready to stream!

You can just log in and hit the STREAM button - how easy and cool is that????????????


Almost free from Gmail - please do not send me anything at a gmail.com address - YAY

Have you read and signed the MayFirst Tech Statement? Here it is >>>


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Now hearing from the great @niloufar_s on how workers can transform tech at ! Imagine tech with trust at the center.

Just in from MayFirst --


> Apparently, Mexico has now passed a law allowing judges to order the removal any on-line content that the judge deems violate author's rights or copyright. There's now discussion if possible penalties which include
physical seizure and "detention" of equipment and servers.

Remember that these people try out stuff in Mexico before bringing it to the U.S. so this is important for ALL. Take a look at the piece if you can.

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and with the Industrial Workers of the World!.

🍔 ✊ 🏴 🌹 🍔 ✊ 🏴 🌹 🍔 ✊ 🏴 🌹



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More than 6000 videos on the public #PeerTube fediverse! \o/

Thanks to all instance admins and uploaders!



I am excited by the future but plagued by the present.

Unions have been trying to organize software engineers for decades, with little success. Here's a look at the organizing campaign that might turn things around. portside.org/2018-04-21/coding

I sometimes listen to a podcast while falling asleep... until I found the incredibly creative, politically driven interviews, podcasts at thisIsHell.com Do not listen if trying to relax *LOL I enjoyed this one - thisishell.com/interviews/999-

FRONTIERS IN BLOCKCHAIN: first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to from a mainstream scientific publisher

blog.frontiersin.org/2018/04/1 - collaboration between @theCCEG and @FrontBlockchain – the open-access scholarly academic research .

Founding Chief Editor Professor Olinga Taeed, Director of CCEG and set to become the ’s first Professor in Blockchain at Birmingham City loop.frontiersin.org/people/54