Morning lovely people. Before you do anything, get some food, slug some water and re-up on your meds.

Sure there is plenty of stuff to do today, but put taking care of you at the top of that list.

You’re worth it. And you’re awesome.

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Or is there value in keeping it a bit more arms-length? In the past, the mechanism was an elected credit committee before loan officers were regularly utilized.

Anyone looking for a job in the financial sector with a mission-driven organization in Durham, Oakland or DC? Both Self-Help CU and its policy think-tank, Center for Responsible Lending, are hiring:

@Greg The association's CEO is a former midwestern R politico who worked for Bush from 2007-9, so I assume there was a "favor to a buddy" dynamic.

Credit unions federation institutions tend to be somewhat conservative compared to the food and worker co-ops, but this is some electric co-op level ish... :(

is a simple tool for newcomers to find people who you follow on Twitter who are also on Mastodon:

@ElizabethMYLaBerge I have not, but mostly due to laziness. I need to make a few phone calls and actually get off my butt.

Where do you keep your money? If the answer ends with the word "bank," you're doing it wrong. Put your money into cooperatively owned financial institutions. You can find a credit union in your area here: If you want help identifying which credit unions you can join.... @ me.

Hello Social.Coop! 👋 I'm a 🇱🇷 Regulatory Compliance Attorney working for America's credit unions in Washington, DC. Excited to see passion about the and working towards a more Economy.



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