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Oh, we should actually update our profile and pin something better, but for now...

If it wasn't clear from what we toot, we are recently discovered plural
On top of that, came the dawning realisation that when forced to recognise the others within, that we were not male. In fact the fronting construct personality, was just playing the male role for protection of the group
So, we are currently lacking in spoons because of dysmorphia that once it came on, became relentless.


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Something by the way of a refreshed

Before this instance there was and before that

If you have come across those and see me here, you may or may not notice subtle changes.

I shared this with my OH 2 days ago.

It is not *exactly* me, but closer than I can articulate at the moment. Good enough.

My tribe is dysfunctional at the moment and in need of remediation.


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I need to step aside and let them breath.

So I may not be the person familiar when I post.

I could make alternative accounts, but that's fracturing us when we need to come together. Indeed it is something to an extent, reflecting, I have done in the past.

Because you have interacted with me before, you *do not* need to in the future. We have no expectation. Mute, unfollow, etc... There are tools. Use them.

We desire to cause no discomfort, but this is *new* to us.


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Equally, please continue if you like.

My language might change, be inconsistent and fluid. So do *not* stress or be precious about it in turn. No offence will be taken.

I need to write this all better, in a blog, not toots. But I feel an explanation is in order of sorts, here and elsewhere.

I used to describe myself as an anarchic socialist at heart. My tribe requires that of me now, or at least something better.

Maybe all of these decades we can find some semblance of lasting peace.

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Ageing hacker, remembers war dialling. Into wandering the hills, bodyweight fitness, yoga, meditation & heavy metal.

Upped and moved to North Scotland. Here to climb trees, swim in lochs and wander the mountains.

Twice broken by modern life. NDE by self direction, only here because of the actions of a soul mate.

Rebuilt the first time and discovered spirituality, meditation and chaos magic.

Rebuild 2 currently ongoing. Delving into animism and shamanic practice.

Handstand practice update...

Still going 😝

Sometimes it's good, other times comical. But always the young child looks more graceful.

was wondering when someone would respond to this shit-tier meme

Rhetorical question of the day...

Is writing a program to streamline the process of creating sigils* any less valid than completing the process by hand 🀷

Given that we are looking to shoal a large amount of sigils by carving them into a wooden staff, we would figure that enough time was given to the process physically when we carve. 😝

*Take a phrase, remove spaces/vowels, then duplicate letters, use what remains to make a symbol that looks aesthetically correct.

This is global: we are sharing this experience.

Most of us are going to make it; we will mourn those that don't.

Our deliverance will be thanks to normal people working hard for purpose, not profit.

We've seen money 'magically' appearing.

We've seen pollution 'magically' disappearing.

When this ends, and we can move freely again, we will reject the return to normal.

Use this time wisely my friends.

Still practicing.

Form is poor.
Duration is getting better though πŸ˜€πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

Youngest was set homework to go for a walk and take a picture of something interesting.
Here's a few of the pictures we ended up with πŸ˜€

Making progress.

Handstand without touching the wall.

Obviously we have edited out the various fails and this is the best at the moment. We are getting somewhere though on day 3.

Youngest child has been doing Physical Education homework. Some theory.

The practical part...

How many keepie uppies* can you do with a toilet roll?

It transpires that the limiting factor is the cat. Loki sees it as a target to destroy and shred 😺

*(Like a football, keeping it in the air with just your feet.)

Handstand practice part 1 day 2 done with our youngest child.

Aiming for two sessions a day, and see how we go.

Ho hum.

So on the basis that things are shut down for a bit. Ordering things is *potentially* less reliable.

I guess our need to figure out spore prints, syringes and all that for our mushroom supply is now a bit more pressing

No agar work here, as we never ordered any kit.

So, current thinking is to build a still air box for taking spore prints on foil. Getting them stored, but at the same time starting a new crop form the first print

We have *enough*, but margins of error could be a worry

Though, there is a picture in our head for a carving on that staff, which may come into actuality if we are stuck at home for the foreseeable.

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We have a quarterstaff (bo in other parlance) which is 6 feet long.

This is what the UK are recommending as physical separation.

There is a temptation (*tiny*) to use it as a way of nudging people back that get too close.
Assume you are about to get a whack on the head, now step back so it cannot happen. Good, now that is the right distance. 😝

Actually, people around here are mostly being good, mistakes are just because we are all figuring stuff out and correcting it good naturedly.

Covid-19, Facebook, annoyed 

Day 1 of handstand challenge with youngest child underway...

Setting our benchmarks today, and see what progress we can each make in a week.

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