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Oh, we should actually update our profile and pin something better, but for now...

If it wasn't clear from what we toot, we are recently discovered plural
On top of that, came the dawning realisation that when forced to recognise the others within, that we were not male. In fact the fronting construct personality, was just playing the male role for protection of the group
So, we are currently lacking in spoons because of dysmorphia that once it came on, became relentless.


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Something by the way of a refreshed

Before this instance there was and before that

If you have come across those and see me here, you may or may not notice subtle changes.

I shared this with my OH 2 days ago.

It is not *exactly* me, but closer than I can articulate at the moment. Good enough.

My tribe is dysfunctional at the moment and in need of remediation.


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I need to step aside and let them breath.

So I may not be the person familiar when I post.

I could make alternative accounts, but that's fracturing us when we need to come together. Indeed it is something to an extent, reflecting, I have done in the past.

Because you have interacted with me before, you *do not* need to in the future. We have no expectation. Mute, unfollow, etc... There are tools. Use them.

We desire to cause no discomfort, but this is *new* to us.


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Equally, please continue if you like.

My language might change, be inconsistent and fluid. So do *not* stress or be precious about it in turn. No offence will be taken.

I need to write this all better, in a blog, not toots. But I feel an explanation is in order of sorts, here and elsewhere.

I used to describe myself as an anarchic socialist at heart. My tribe requires that of me now, or at least something better.

Maybe all of these decades we can find some semblance of lasting peace.

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Ageing hacker, remembers war dialling. Into wandering the hills, bodyweight fitness, yoga, meditation & heavy metal.

Upped and moved to North Scotland. Here to climb trees, swim in lochs and wander the mountains.

Twice broken by modern life. NDE by self direction, only here because of the actions of a soul mate.

Rebuilt the first time and discovered spirituality, meditation and chaos magic.

Rebuild 2 currently ongoing. Delving into animism and shamanic practice.

Family has all been off for the two weeks of school holidays.

Which whilst lovely, has put a lot of extra *load* on us.

Routines are kicking back in this week, so hopefully we'll be around a bit more.

Positive side is, that despite some difficulties, hormones have completely changed our mental state.

Our levels of resilience are way up, we have a level of stability and alignment that is unprecedented.

Even a calf injury, wasn't doom laden.

(We are still not perfect, but massive progress 👍)

It's that time of year where paths become streams and streams become paths...

Unless you get high enough, and then you get snow 😀

Yesterday was rare for sun, but whenever it came, it brought rainbows.

Everything low down is turning that burning red that autumn brings.

Many years ago, we got married.
Not sure exactly when, as we were together for a long time before, so we count our 28 years rather than lesser married ones. 😉

Anyway, when we did get married, it was when we were presenting as singular and male.
Now, we know our wife always *knew* something of what we were, but not it all.

So, because ceremony is sometimes important, we asked her to marry us again. But all of us, in the future, when we have been through transition.

We each chose her a ring. 💍

trans, UK, GIC protest mural, discussion regarding suicide

We can think of several issues, but surely a positive move in the right direction 😀

(The irony of the cargo does not escape us, but one thing at a time)

"While the western thinker has coined environmental approaches like: green footprint, green infrastructure, green technology, green approaches, and the green new deal, they still have the tendency to ignore the oldest Nations of the world, Indigenous Peoples.

The greenest footprint, jurisprudence, infrastructure, and approaches in the world belong to Indigenous Peoples. In fact, Indigenous water governance, jurisprudence, and environmental approaches are the oldest in existence, and have been field tested since time immemorial, surviving colonialism and genocide. The resilience of Indigenous environmental approaches spans generations. Today, Indigenous Peoples have enabled 80 percent of the world’s richest and rarest biodiversity across land and water."

Outdoor diy cinema set up.

Just do not ask what the girls are going to be watching 😝
They are just turning into teenagers 😉

Got lucky with the weather. No rain or wind, so fire and blankets should keep them sorted.

That and endless marshmallows on sticks...

#UKpol #indy #sweary 

Does someone know on here if there is something like a gallery for Krita Brushes? I know that on the official website of krita, there are a few listed. And deviantArt has a few (which are now nearly impossible to find - thanks to the redesign a few month ago)
#krita :krita:

Ready for tomorrow.
Eldest child made youngest an Among Us birthday cake 😀

Tomorrow evening we are having an outdoor cinema and fire pit. Socially distanced outside party for three of them.

Cheap digital 720p projector, an aluminum pole, bicycle stand, sheet of tyvek and some dumbbells. Which will make a big outdoor screen. Given it is dark at 7:30pm it is remarkably effective for not much money. Just £60 for the projector, the rest was laying about...

Not Going Back To Normal is a group project by disabled Scottish artists and writers. After months of work it's finally online (a book will follow later this year). I'm really thrilled to have work in it and looking forward to reading *everything* in it.

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UK corruption....
Feels like we have read about this *many* times during the pandemic. Not even remotely surprised any more.

Government accused of ‘cronyism’ after Tory councillor wins £156m COVID contract

Stroud councillor Steve Dechan ran a small, loss-making firm distributing medical devices. Documents show it signed a £156m deal to import PPE from China

Something to make you smile: sheep learns how to use a trampoline

Thanks to @kyzh for sharing this with me


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