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@Matt_Noyes @mike_hales @hakanto @emi @idmyn @GuerillaOntologist @akshay @Analani @FreeScholar @michaelafisher just a heads up I'm with my kid and can't meet rn. Did I miss a poll or something for scheduling btw? I DMd Matt_Noyes about my schedule limitations whenever they reached out I think and didn't hear back. Sorry to miss this one.

@wetpaper @mike_hales @hakanto @emi @idmyn @GuerillaOntologist @akshay @Analani @FreeScholar @michaelafisher

Sorry I didn't get back to you! There was a time poll a while back. We will definitely be meeting again. I will be sure to notify you.

Community of #AutonomousFactoryRog has once again shown its courage in the fight for accessible city for all. The strong demonstrated solidarity of fellow-inhabitants of the city has once again proved the extra importance of the Autonomous Zone for many. Despite the excessive repression, people took to the streets together, against the elites, because the streets are ours! They've stolen from us again and that’s why we’re really really angry. This is just the beginning.

About Twitter and Mastodon: “instant, public, global messaging and conversation should, in fact, be global. Distributed between independent organizations and actors who can self-govern. A public utility, without incentives to exploit the conversations for profit" blog.joinmastodon.org/2018/03/

Today it is the 10th anniversary of SomEnergia, our Spanish renewable energy cooperative.

Impressive how we grew from 0 to 68.000 members and over 100k energy contracts.

We joined after 1 year, number 1100 or so, proud to have helped in the early years!

Herramientas para la investigación forense vecinal.

Aprende a utilizarlas y coordínate con tu vecindario.



Hola komuneras!. Hoy, gran hash: #ResistenciaRural 💪

«El Puig dels Eixuts es una masia del territorio del Lluçanès, en Catalunya, que ha dejado de ser un activo para la especulación bancaria. La Truja Negra es el grupo de jóvenes que la ha ocupado para poner en marcha un proyecto colectivizado de vida rural que reivindican en este texto».

Salud y Soberanía ✊


there is no boss in this family, we're a cooperative

The uprising is here! ✊ From 23 Sept to 15 Oct groups from all over Europe are coming together to demand politicians to stop spending our money to feed the greed of corporate climate criminals. Join the ! >> climatecareuprising.org/

es una de de entrega por . Gobernada democráticamente por las cooperativas, su fundamento es la entre ellas 🚴🏾‍♂️ coopcycle.org/es/

Aprovechaos la vuelta a las aulas para acercarnos al activismo que se realiza en las universidades.
Entrevistamos a Liberación animal UC3M para conocer su trayectoria, acciones y motivaciones para visibilizar la lucha por los demás animales en su campus universitario.
Además tendremos un “Chaparrón conceptual”, nuestra sección más gafotas y con la que seguir aprendiendo.
Hoy hablamos sobre los estudios críticos.

¡Salud y antiespecismo!


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