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"They are platforms forged in the fires of troll culture, founded and operated by techno-libertarians who didn’t understand why they had to care about any of this. They set out with no intention to moderate at all. Zuckerberg just wanted to rate hot girls, after all. But in 2018, the staggering effects of non-moderation are just starting to hit them, and they have little idea how to address or even intellectually engage with the idea. "


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‘The many deceptions of Mark Zuckerberg’

“With 2 billion users and counting, Facebook is unavoidable, and it’s growing more influential by the day. It’s vital that we understand what Zuck is actually up to, especially since he didn’t reveal it in his testimony. A number of media sources have helpfully corrected his inaccurate claims.”


Also on our radar: forum.ind.ie/t/the-many-decept

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This interview with the author of & has some interesting criticisms of :

"The W3C editors haven’t provided a level playing field and I truly believe the specification is now worthless as a unifying force for the free web. [...] Any opportunity for free web unification using a common stack has probably been lost. Ironically, I believe this was ActivityPub’s primary goal, and that makes the specifications [...] flawed — critically."

HT @strypey

Mastodon newbie question: I feel like this is in violation of the whole idea here, but is there a way to send a post to an entire instance to which you do not belong?

Use case: I see a post from someone in my instance that I know the members of another instance would be interested in. Is there a way to basically say "hey, everybody in [other.instance], check this" in a way that would cause my post to show up in their timeline?

As I write this out, I can kind of already feel how wrong it is.

I can't explain why this article about Philadelphia's last "great" clothing store makes me so happy, but it does: nytimes.com/2018/03/29/style/t

Love this, from @Danhon's 3/30 newsletter: "my intuition is that Facebook never *really* got good at saying why connecting people was good. They just double down, by saying things like "We connect people. Period." "

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I've updated my Brief Introduction to Mastodon to include alt-text on images and common Masto etiquette: gist.github.com/joyeusenoelle/

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DuckDuckGo's running a fundraiser until April 10, aiming to raise $500k for a slate of organisations committed to keep privacy strong, including Let's Encrypt, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and the Tor Project:


#privacy #DDG

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"In FOSS commons, groups of people act collectively to produce a public good (the software), rather than overappropriate the resource (e.g., Hardin 1968). In other words, the challenge
in FOSS commons is how to achieve collective action to create and maintain a commons or public good rather than the issue of protecting an existing commons from destruction (a public bad)"

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A question on etiquette from someone new to Mastodon. I'm about to go to a conference, which typically means I suddenly post a ton for about four days straight.

The posts will generally all be useful, but if you're only following a handful of people and I'm one of them, I'll be dominating your feed for those days.

Is there an accepted etiquette for doing this without driving others crazy?

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« #Wikipedia’s biggest asset is its willingness as a #community and website to “#delete” […] it might be time for major #platforms to get over their fear of the delete key »

#BigPlatforms are lazy and happy about their many #copyright infringements. Their #AI need not only data, but also training — by the unpaid #DigitalLabor of users signalling unwanted content.

#Wikipedia's not for #profit and democratoïd #community are unwanted features to those serial #FreeRider of the #commons

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Do you use ImageMagick for rote processing tasks? I'm collecting scripts to help #digipres folks by adding a new section to ffmprovisr! Do you have anything to share? (Or share this?)

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"We’ve adapted our entire culture around Facebook. That makes 'just quitting' easier said than done."

This is very true and it's actually fairly disturbing to know there are sites that require Facebook as the only way to register an account. Why would you tie your business model to a separate entity? Why would you not, at a minimum, allow normal email + password signups?



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"Back to the Blog" - a reflection on what those of us interested in "re-decentralizing" the web are up against.


#deletefacebook #blogging #openweb

Artnet: An Instagram-Baiting Museum in Indonesia Is Ripping Off Chris Burden and Yayoi Kusama: news.artnet.com/art-world/rabb

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