I'm an based software engineer who thinks co-operatives might be a better way to make a living, looking for like-minded collaborators.

Interested in P2P Foundation ideas, Rethinking Economics, member of

@wu_lee welcome! what are your specialities or favourite languages as a developer?

:) @mayel - Ok, my geek card.

Current day job langs: Java/Groovy, Javascript, Unix shell, embedded C. Also Linux sysadmin, Ansible. Applied to: telecoms, desktop/web/mobile UIs.

Previously (going way back) lots of Perl, C++, C# for web/sysadmin/devops etc...

Faves I would like to list but can't yet: Clojure, Nim, Julia, Haskell, many others.

Currently following the launch with interest. Would like to play around with it, can't yet find the time.

@wu_lee I can't seem to make a single post without typos. I'm sure there will be one in here somewhere. Anyway, welcome to this corner of the fediverse! o/

@wu_lee Fellow Edinburger, welcome! I just got back to the central belt for Christmas. I was thinking of dropping by the lab to do some micro soldering if I can't do it with what I have immediately available. Also, I'm taking at the shrub this Friday if you're interested:


Thanks! Can't make your Shrub talk tomorrow, sadly, however I will be at the Hacklab Xmas social next Monday (I ought to be, I organised it!)

Also, as a generally point, you might also find me at the Edinburgh coops meet-up, 8pm, 1st of each month at The Kilderkin Pub.

@wu_lee sadly I can't come on Monday! Looks like we'll be ships in the night this time ⛴ I'm only back for a couple weeks to reconnect you see.

I'm really glad you're interested in coops and tech btw. There's a lot of missing connections between these things IMHO. Best wishes!

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