Confused about how to use the Fediverse. Viewing someone's post on a different server I see:

> You can follow them or interact with them if you have an account anywhere in the fediverse

But there's no reply options or actions to take. I'm not seeing any way to interact even though I *do* have an account here.

If I search for the post here, I can interact, but there's no way to interact starting from viewing the other domain?


Right now you have to interact via the timelines of your instance. You can paste the address of an individual remote toot into the search bar to interact with it. See:

@wolftune I normally see your post and can hit the Reply button on the bottom of it to reply to it - which I just did.

You don't reply to people - you reply to toots.

Masto features, accessibility 

@wolftune if there was it would require additional tracking cookies, probably.

But you're definitely right, that it could be done better, there's a lot of things lacking from the UI when not logged in, or logged in but viewing external source.

@pettter that kind of defeats the purpose of making it accessible though.
And I just realized you probably didn't see that I had CWd it. 😊

@maloki @wolftune #cw something or other

Correct, I didn't. If they had been implemented as above, I would have, but that's all water under the bridge, I suppose (though if a concerted effort to switch things could be made, that'd be great imo).

I don't think tracking cookies would even work, honestly. At least it would require some kind of centralised server setting the cookies and distributing the information to the federated servers, which kind of defeats the point, as you say.

I do think that a plugin solution need not be too user-unfriendly, and it could either be distributed through the stores in a generic version (where you just set user@server), or you could download Your Own Personalized Plugin from your profile or settings page,

It would require quite a bit of work to keep up with even just the most common server implementations and CSSes though

@wolftune the reason for this is because you can have accounts on multiple instances so your browser can be logged into several at once, so it's only when in your homepage that you can interact as that identity, pasting toot urls into the search bar is hasslesome but I don't know how it could be made easier

@wolfie Yeah, but as the GitHub issue linked by @eloquence mentions, the expected behavior would be for the actions to be available but to prompt a choice of what instance to act from, and then it would just redirect to that instance in order to take the action. I hope that issue is addressed sometime.

Ya that's because u can only interact from the instance you have an account the only thing you can do is 'remote follow' and then you can find them from the website on your instance and interact :) you can interact with people on every instance, but you have to do it from your instance. Hope that makes sense

@wolftune I'm new too and having some of the same frustrations you are. Also frustrating is that viewing someone's profile doesn't actually show all their toots. It apparently helps to ise a mobile client rather than the web, although it's pretty lame that would be the case....

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