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trains beat the shit out of planes if you have the time

neville park @nev

@cwebber TRAINS
- no having to take off your shoes and pour out your bottled water and go through a metal detector
- stations located in the middle of town instead of way out in the middle of nowhere so you have to take a whole other train to get there
- better view
- more leg room

@nev @cwebber a cafe car just to socialize with other passengers (^_^)

@TipsyTentacle @nev Some trains have "observation deck" cars... we spent a lot of time in it when we took the train from Chicago->California (this one doesn't have one tho)

@TipsyTentacle @nev Also no diner cart on this one... but yeah there is a cafe car

- sexy mysteries (Strangers on a Train, The Lady Vanishes, North By Northwest...)

- snakes (Snakes On a Plane)

@catonano Boston -> Chicago (which is one continuous train ride). On my way back home with a pit stop to see friends :)