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neville park @nev

Tried and utterly failed to configure a fresh nano install in Termux. Copy-pasting from a web page didn't work :/ And I'm also not sure where to put configuration files? Help from any users would be welcome.

@nev are you just trying to copy/paste into nano?

@theZacAttacks yeah. Copied with standard Android long press thing, tried to paste with ˆU.

@nev ohhhh okay. yeah I don't think that ^U pulls from the system clipboard, I think it pulls from the terminal clipboard. you should be able to long-press on the app window and paste it though?

@theZacAttacks doesn't work in nano in Termux, but I bet using cat or something would work

@nev that's weird, I just tried it and it worked :/ maybe your version isn't up to date (I think the dev added in copy/paste in a later release?)

UPDATE: Used cat to put text into .nanorc, that worked.

The question remains where to put my dotfiles...I'll figure it out.

@nev I haven't tried to install #nano in #termux , but #emacs works just fine.