Hi all... Just wondering if anyone can recommend a dark mode word processor for Linux that allows you to type against a black background? Getting tired of staring at bright white screens. If there's anything similar for Windows (for my work PC) that would be awesome too.

@aadil @neil

All help appreciated!


@Flophouse_Sam Zettlr might be worth a peek (zettlr.com/)

I like LyX's WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) approach, so you're not faffing around too much thinking about formatting.

I use emacs for writing (as well as coding), but probably wouldn't recommend it off the bat. It took a wee bit of config to get it to be a nice word processing experience for me. But I do love it, so I persevered.

Kind of sad LibreOffice doesn't seem to have a dark mode.

@neil Thanks mate. I agree. Weird that! Will add your recommendations to the list.

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