I could use some suggestions about how to create a brand new Facebook account

There's this group devoted the refugees LGBT issues

As a first step to get acquainted to see if we could collaborate, they suggested me to join a Facebook group they have

I erased my Facebook account some time ago

So I should create a new one probably with a false name and an email address made on purpose

Is there any specific thing I should consider in creating such new account ?



@AbbieNormal FB spam controls are way more draconian than in the past.

Use a separate browser profile or wrapper app (e.g. Metal on Android) such that you are NOT using incognito mode or clearing the cookies each time.

The algo will be more suspicious of you if you have no profile photo, and if your profile photo is one of a different person or celebrity that is all over the web.

Once you have some friends who interact with you, and some usage history, it is more lenient.

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