I gotta be careful over the next week. The only way I know how to approach giant tasks like moving is to do it as a grueling deathmarch. I've been on one for 3+ days now. (Nobody said it had to be an *efficient* deathmarch, plus it's my last chance to prep gear in a large empty room without potentially bothering someone or getting interrupted.)

Anyway this did a very unequivocal Kool-Aid Man on my sleep cycle. That's sub-optimal for us bipolar types at the best of times, which this is not.


That sorting & prepping is a big deal. I'm splitting my stuff into what stays and what comes with; I want to be able to return to my city with nothing but what's in my backpack and rapidly reconstitute a minimal life, even if have $0 and for some reason need to live outdoors a while. Unlikely but not impossible.

When viewed in this context, suddenly the obsessive care I'm putting into prep becomes very understandable. Live outdoors once or twice and you develop an appreciation for preparedness.

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