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> Social media speaks directly to the most reactive, least reflective parts of our minds, demanding we pay attention even when our calmer selves might tell us not to. It is no surprise that this form of media is especially effective at promoting hate, white supremacy, and public humiliation.

I agree and I feel addicted to the rush social media gives. This was an indirect decision from companies to maximize engagement. :/

I am hopeful that will be different :3


> This domination of System 2 by System 1 thinking is the real social media “revolution.”

I disagree with this premise, I think it has more to do with the destruction of for hateful/fascist/reactionary views and the ability to form niche communities.

Eg, I have talked with more people politically align with me trough the internet than trough IRL events; and that is also something powerful.

@mayel it's a really interesting article. 🙇
The most used social platforms don't give enough power to users: power to access and consume data however they want.
This unbalanced distribution of power leads to an addomestication of the userbase.