Following the conversation on @tbeckett's announcement that he's deleting his account has been kinda fascinating.

There's almost an assumption of social death and feelings of abandonment, which demonstrates how deeply the mediated commodification of our relationships have gotten.

I plan of winding down my account and replacing it with a sockpuppet for unavoidable things following my big work conference in June, and am curious to see how it plays out for me...

@mattcropp @tbeckett before everyone drops their accounts I’d love to see an insidious coordinated effort to use the FB machine against them, enlist as many converts as possible before giving the Zuck (Et al.) the big FU with a mass exodus one one predetermined day. Something designed to generate as much PR as possible.

@rbenjamin I thought about that. But at this point I’ve just got to rip the bandaid off & be done with it. @mattcropp

@tbeckett @mattcropp I understand completely. The only 2 posts I've made in the last few months was one telling people how to change their app privacy settings and this one.

Thing is we won't actually need that many accounts to game FB algorithm for good, with crossposting, memes, etc.

Either way it would be a great story and a huge boost for Mastodon. Who's in?

@rbenjamin @mattcropp @tbeckett I would be except I deleted my account a few months ago. Good idea though.

@clhendricksbc @tbeckett @mattcropp @rbenjamin Yeah, me too, deleted already, so I can only join the campaign in spirit. :D

@rbenjamin @mattcropp @tbeckett I've currently suspended my FB account as a prelude to deleting it completely, so I'm up for co-ordinating with other people to do a

@frankpodmore I’m game for . May 1 seems to be a good date to me. “You have nothing to lose but you dopamine habit.” How do we publicize it? @mattcropp @rbenjamin

@tbeckett @rbenjamin @mattcropp Call me crazy, but - Facebook? We get as many people as possible to post 'Hey, I'm deleting Facebook and this is why:' then a link or pasted text. Given most people deleting Facebook will want to let people know, we're not asking people to do much they wouldn't do anyway, just at the same time as other people.

@mattcropp @tbeckett

As someone with no FB account, the assumptions of social death often leave me a bit bemused.

I made an early fairly private choice that I didn't like the nature of FB. It wasn't a particularly technical or privacy related choice, but a kind of hunch-y ethical one. Something about the way MZ talked about it alerted me to something.

Absolutely nothing bad has happened to me as a result. I'm socially connected and totally OK.


@katebowles @mattcropp @tbeckett I think it depends on what kind of network you have, and how well established that network is.

I deleted my facebook around the time I started studying at the university, and boy did I experience social death.
I lost contact with friends from earlier schools that lived within biking distance of me, and missed out on most gatherings and parties.

This was 2010-2013, though, and my early twenties, and in Denmark, so that's definitely got something to do with it.

@zatnosk @mattcropp @tbeckett

This is really how FB has been so effective: recruitment at socially formative times in life (now, primary school).

Genuinely complex to undo.

@katebowles @zatnosk @mattcropp @tbeckett

in England some primary schools have staff online and authorised groups/pages, and use the messaging facilities to contact parents (especially in rural areas where mobile signal is poor, but a place of employment provides wifi for staff and visitors). Not seen any child safety concerns about this, I suspect though data *is* gathered and used for advertising (such as making toy adverts or for school supplies appear on devices used by parents/kids)

@katebowles The social death aspect surprised me. But FB is a way to retain a social/emotional connection with a lot of people I’d never see otherwise. The benefit of social media is that it brings like-minded people together. But it is also engineered to foster that dopamine hit of connection. For me it became a choice to “be here now” and step aside from all that. @mattcropp

@mattcropp @tbeckett
I am in the same boat. Just didn't like the feel of Facebook or the junk that I heard about that came along with it. Never made an account and I'm perfectly happy and don't feel like I've missed out on anything. In fact I feel like fb users are the ones that have missed out on doing better things with their time.

@katebowles @tbeckett @mattcropp I think the problem is that a lot of people have let FB be their primary (or only) social connection, so they will lose out by disconnecting. People who made the early decision to opt-out have literally nothing to lose because they've been going without that avenue already.

@katebowles @mattcropp @tbeckett I phased out AIM as I moved into Facebook, and I'm realizing I've lost some friendships because of that (other reasons, too, and not amazing friendships, but ones that were important once.) Also wondering if leaving some online professional spaces (a FB group, a listerv) impacted a career move I made because I didn't have those support systems at a bad time. Not saying it was wrong for me to join or leave groups, but I need to be more thoughtful about it.

@mattcropp @tbeckett I am mostly sticking on FB, at least for now, do to my friends (many from High School) who aren't in the co-op world (or even in the same paradigm in terms of world view). I also need to manage our Center's page and the page of a few clients.

@johnnymac @tbeckett yeah, I've got to retain some vestigial connection as well for work and project purposes, but figure I'll nuke the existing account and create a very scaled back version that I will use just for professional organizing purposed until the FB death spiral reaches a critical mass where it's no longer necessary.

I want to start minimizing the value I contribute to the platform, and keep my eyes out for monkey-wrenching opportunities in the meantime... ;)

@mattcropp @tbeckett @johnnymac Sometimes, when I'm bored, I'll got to my FB account (which exists solely for work purposes) and start reporting all the ads in my newsfeed. Bank of America ad? Offensive. Wall Street Journal ad? Fake news. etc. I don't know if it does anything, but it makes me feel better.

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