re-set this flag automatically during the last update. If you don't want it scanning your computer and uploading that info to their servers, check your privacy settings.

This is awful.

@gdorn or just get off Discord and use Matrix, Mattermost, RocketChat, etc.

@thomaslewis I only use it for a handful of communities I can't force to uproot.

Network effects are a pain. So this is harm reduction, at least, until somebody release a working open-source client with privacy-first options.

I'm glad I don't use Discord. If anyone wants to use something else, there's Matrix, and I'm pretty sure there is a Discord bridge for Matrix.

@frostotron I went looking for the bridge, but I'm not familiar enough with Matrix to understand how to set it up. I assume I'd need to also run a Matrix server in order to run the bridge to Discord? These things need better documentation...

Yeah it looks like you have to run synapse for it, but I think someone else already runs one.

After reading their ToS I figured they were scum. This just proves it. The sad part is that so many gamers started using it without reading the ToS that the network effect protects them, at least for now.

@gdorn @riking I checked mine and it didn't seem to reactive on my end

@gdorn Or don't use proprietary programs that steal your data to begin with.

@er1n It's in User Settings > Connections. It's not in the privacy settings, where it belongs...

@gdorn what does that option even do? Like snoop for other programs running?

@smudge Since the client isn't open-source and I don't have wireshark running, I can't say for sure. The point appears to be to help you set up connections to other accounts on other services, but given what I have seen of payloads sent to the discord servers, everything that scan finds is almost certainly passed along whether you want to set up that connection or not.

@gdorn Thank you for the heads up, it's not highlight by their client.


Or delete #discord to prevent this from happening again in the future.
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