You gotta love it when you block an unwanted fool from the timeline and they just... disappear

bye bye, don't need you or your thoughts

Freedom of speech does not mean right to be listened to

@puffinus_puffinus What if I write a column in the NYT about how you silenced me?

Then there would be a column in the NYT about how I silenced you. I'm not trying to control what others do, I'm just saying people have no right to my time or headspace.

Also, if you're not just talking theoretically and I actually did silence you, it will have been because of something you said that I didn't like enough for me to take action to remove it. So, however you spun the article, it's based on "someone didn't want to listen to me!".


@puffinus_puffinus I was joking about the column the other day where that guy wrote an NYT column about how he'd been silenced!

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