getting to the point where i feel the most productive and least stressed when writing Go. i know if i'm honest with myself though, i'm still far far faster in javascript, but the maintenance burden just ain't worth it anymore.


Because, typesafety? Or?

(I didn't think Go had a massive amount of typesafety)

@wu_lee yes mostly because of interfaces and type safety, also an easy to use concurrency model.

it's true that go doesn't provide as much type safety as some languages, but it provides the right amount to me; i think it gets a bad rap because of the lack of generics, and people defeat the type system because of it. but: i just don't do that. (still, i would love to see generics added to the language.)

in total though, writing and refactoring go is a delightful experience.


I flirted with Go as a C/C++ replacement. Was discouraged because it allegedly leaks memory on 32 bit CPUs, with no plans of that being fixed. (I had 32bit ARM in mind).

And possibly Go felt a bit longwinded for my taste.

Rust looks promising in terms of a C killer - although about as complicated as C++.

My big hope of a general purpose C/C++/Python replacement is still Nim. Not had much chance of testing it out however.

But I see Go used in interesting places.

@wu_lee ah; i haven't heard about the memory leaking but for what it's worth i have code that runs on a 32-bit ARM for months without trouble. do you have a link on that?

it's definitely a bit verbose, but i think it strikes a good balance: it's convenient without too much syntax, a nice small language.

rust is an amazing language! but it's more low level than what I typically need; granted I use go mostly as a Node.js replacement: i write lots of network servers, and it's a great fit for it.


For example, a big thread here:

Links to a bug, possibly fixed now? (At least the maintainers added the label 'fixed;)

Have a look at Nim. Checks a lot of my boxes, but not well known. Pythonic/Pascal-like syntax. Appears to be simpler than Rust. Compiles to GNU C/ObjectiveC/Javascript and thence to metal/web/iOS/Android. GC'ed but can be non-GC. Lisp-style metaprogramming. Generics. FFI to call C/C++ simply. Therefore can run on arduinos, but also high-level.


@wu_lee cool, those are all things i'm interested in. i'll check it out!

@wu_lee interesting; yeah i've not experienced this, but will def read up on it further. would be surprised if it's still outstanding, since 32-bit arm seems like a common target.

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