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@datatitian @mattcropp i'm not sure i see the meaning of these emojos

@datatitian this is a surprisingly not-terrible article (the press normally struggles more explaining Mastodon). The other thing that stands out is the difference between #buytwitter (and Minds, for that matter) and Mastodon. #buytwitter just swaps one centralized tyranny for another, whereas Mastodon is a dynamic swarm of autonomous, cooperative cells.
The latter is more likely than the former to preserve freedom.

@jjg I agree that decentralization and federation are key to why the Mastodon model is best, but, honestly "tyranny"? Nobody is forced to tweet.

@datatitian without getting into a longer conversation about "force", I'll clarify by saying my response was within the context of participating in the twitter system. If you're willing to leave the system then yes, you are essentially unaffected (just like you could leave your school, family, country, etc.)

@maloki ๐Ÿ‘Œ the only acceptable use of the birb is dragging the birb ๐Ÿ˜†