I'm working on a new project to add "groups" functionality to the . It will work entirely via federation protocols, so you'll keep using your existing or other app account and join groups by following them.

Also apparently I'm writing the first implementation of because somehow that doesn't exist yet and hell no I'm not learning another language

@jmanumeza I think it will be similar, just reading about those now. These will be federated across servers and platforms and the syntax will still be "@" so that clients don't need to make changes to support them

@datatitian maybe with a new use of the "@" like, it's a great idea, I'll be waiting for...

@tchambers is there anywhere to learn more about gnusocial groups beyond this short blurb in the docs?

@datatitian That was the main site I was familiar with....Others may know more. Also I think @prismo was using that same groups tech for their work...

@datatitian @tchambers I think that it'll be great if any group has a "profile" with the most usually tags used by the members

@datatitian I have worked on such a project as well. It seems buggy right now, but you can have a look. - also

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