@christianbundy I got working and I really like it! The high-res images are a real treat 👌 Not sure it's for me though... I feel that the kind of bite-sized interactions I'd want to have with internet strangers are better mediated over mastodon, although perhaps it's just a case of finding the right people to share that richer content with 🤔

@idmyn @christianbundy hi, in my experience Scuttlebutt is better for long form discussions.

@fabianhjr @christianbundy That's the impression I was getting from looking around. Long form discussions often (but not always!) about scuttlebutt itself


@idmyn @fabianhjr

Yeah, one unfortunate side-effect of being a small network is that a lot of the most "central" users are also developers working on SSB. If you post to -people or follow me I'd be happy to see if I can help you get plugged into some other communities.

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