I haven't been active at all on for the past few weeks (months?) as I've been spending more time on , but it looks like things may have changed while I've been gone.

In case this instance doesn't survive, I'd love to remain friends with all of you.

Oops, I tried to make a line break but it send the post. No good.

Anyway, find me on Scuttlebutt[0] or shoot me an email[1]. Otherwise, I'll keep my fingers crossed that my account still exists in a few weeks.

[0]: scuttlebutt.nz
[1]: christianbundy@fraction.io

@christianbundy How is scuttlebutt? I remember adoring their introductory video and tried very briefly to get it up and running but hit some kind of obstacle and gave up/moved on... Worth a revisit?


@idmyn I love it, it's just that (currently) onboarding is a bit rough around the edges as you need to either be on the same wifi as another user or connect to a pub[0].

Patchwork is the slickest client it's great for posting, but other clients (like Patchbay) have fun stuff like chess and secret sharding with friends, although it's a bit more unstable.

What OS are you on? I'd be happy to help you get started if you hit any roadblocks.

[0]: github.com/ssbc/scuttlebot/wik

@christianbundy Nice! I'll revisit it tomorrow and see how I get on... Would I need to join a specific pub to find you?

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