Public ownership is a better term than nationalisation.

One reason being that we should think of public ownership at the local level, as well as the national.

@neil I actually prefer the model proposed by where a railway would be owned between passengers and workers. But yes municipalisation is also an important part of the debate. I wish there were a term which was a catch all for all these kinds of things (including public ownership). Maybe social ownership. And then something is better social ownership the closer the people who rely on it (either for use or work) are to owning it.


@neil e.g. the national grid being nationalised because it's something everyone in the country relies on is good social ownership. Nationalising your local bus service would mean actually those who are involved with it would have only a very slim degree of ownership of it, so that's bad. Co-op ownership or maybe municipalisation (co-municipalisation across councils?) would be more appropriate or a better example of social ownership. I want a more descriptive word than social. representational?

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