A worker’s coop is usually a mesh fenced area where you can scatter some corn out for workers to eat

A chicken co-op is a structure that allows the chickens to democratically govern their own egg production and profits thereof.

from: twitter.com/zylogram/status/11

My take on proper "co-op" usage:
- Cooperative (no hyphen)
- Co-op (hyphen, unless hashtagging )

The Brits will likely disagree. Their usage is (usually) flipped from ours. Hence Co-operative News reports on coops.

As an editor the lack of uniformity annoys me, but it seems there is, in fact, no wrong way to hyphenate co-op...or not to.


@GuerillaOntologist @mattcropp although as a Brit myself, I kind of want to drop the hyphen in all instances purely because it's not on my phone's keyboard's default screen

@captainbland @mattcropp

This is how we will all end up writing exclusively in emojis. "Co-op or coop? Nowadays we just say :TwinPines: "

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